me in a mirror

Actually it´s not a mirror, but my sadness. that comes up in this time where everybody should be joyful. It´s simply, that some of my most beloved persons in the world died tragically! And the nearer Dec. 14th comes, the sadder U get. Maybe I´ll share the story of the death of my Grandma then with you, But I trust noz many of you, to make jokes or take me for an attention seeker. I don´t blame you, you weren´t there. you hadn´t the call trom Dad the next day, you hadn´t the pain in your haert at Christmas, and no Chiístmas at all that year! I  only can hope you´ll understand me then! Thx in advance. Laters Pilgrim



Today we celebrate not only the beginning of the new year in the christian churches calendar but also the beginning of the christmas time. The 1. Advent(from latin "ad veniat" to come) is traditoinal the start of a lent time before the actual Birthday of Our Lord in medieval times, now it is down to a mere shopping season or should I say hunting for presents(?). ...We were attending mass in the morning, then our parishs Christmas market, where mainly women sell potholders, books, table cloths, coffee and cake, but we also had lunch there, a yummy chicken-noodle soup and a german thing named "Rote Gruetze", consisting of red berries and gelated juice, I can recommend it! :-),  All, exept the books, is selfmade and the incoming money goes to social Organisations or partner parishes. My families church has a partner parish in Peru, actually a benedictine sister, who works there for the good of the people and to follow Our Praised Lord. ...besides, anyone ever tasted Absinthe? To me it tastes like cough syrup with water! :-) May you all have a blessed Advent time! Tadah Pilgrim


Bleak November

After all the backlashes I needed distractio more than ever. So I study harder, work parttime in the skateshop again, hang out with friends who are fun or tweet. ...But then, there go special thx to a man, who on his post on sunday brought me to the conlusion, that life doesn´t end whn one dies, but our deceased live on, as long we have them on our minds. This doesn´t mean eternal grief for the rest of our miserable life, but every now and then to remember to good times we had with them, who are gone. In my honest belief, they become our Guardian Angels and to know this gives me a great relief! So, if you think, you have none, think again. Our Lord doesn´t leave us unprotected against the odds of live. As a saying goes"I saw two pairs of footsteps in the sand while all was fine. Where, o God was you when i was is sorrow? I´seen no footsteps anymore! God replied there upon: When you saw no footstep at all, I carried you."  Laters Pilgrim


I can´t believe it!

These suckers from Gaggle have disabled my old mail adr. and sort´a forced me to get a gmail adr.! I never wanted this! But anyway, I can access my old dashboard again and post...Those who still have my old mail adr. please stick to it, I won´t change it. So far, so bad!...Maybe I will close the blog, maybe not. I lost my impetus on what to blog when I can tweet, let alone my friends IRL! One could think, I´m just another asocial(in lexical meaning!)guy, who spends his days between pc/laptop and fridge. Nope! I have a soical life, only my studies prevent me from hanging out more often w/them. Btw., I now go regularly to a treadmill to stay fit and get lesser prone to rip another muscle, and have also heart-vascular training. ...Sorry to Davey, telling that he threw me off his blog.You are of couse free to do so if I offended you, but for now; Peace out Davey, I like you! Laters Pilgrim


What the heck...?

All day I tried to log in at Facebook, but they don´t take me in! Ffs., do I have a hacker? If someone can help me out, he/she is welcomed! :-) ...saturday was the day of the year; we won vs. École Militaire 15 -11, 7 pts. by me, two penalty shots. ...Elsehow there is nothing of major importance that happened. So, a short update and my best wishes to you all! Tadah Pilgrim


A late contribution

Well, with all the partying and official commemoration I missed out to post s/thing. But since the german troops withdrew from belgian soil, it was not until around to Nov. 25. Anyway, here a nice monument in commemoration of our noble people, who gave their lives for the just side!  Laters Pilgrim


Three November 9th´s

November 9th, 1918, Philp Scheidemann declares the first german republic.                                                                                                  November 9th 1938, HerschelGrynszpan had killed a german Embassy employee, thus initiating the Reichskristallnacht.                                                                                                                                                   November 9th 1989, in an press conference a GDR official annouced accidentally, that all frontiers to the west are open. This became the end of the iron curtain. Laters Pilgrim


My first wake - Update

This morning at 10 I did, what Sam´s Mom asked, the first wake, as I was his best friend. Maybe some of my catholic friends might know the proceedings. It was a bit weird to sit at the side of the open coffin. I had taken my Biology papers w/me to have a bit of distraction, along w/a tablet of bromeazepame for my nerves.But I hardly came to read more than a couple of pages. Never I shook so many hands of mostly strangers attending the wake, or just briely visiting. Must depend on the family´s social status. Came home like half an hour ago, a bit bummed out, drowned by some Calvados and fed w/roastbeef sandwiches....Thx to all of you who gave me their condolences. Tomorrow at this time is the funeral at Cimétiére Montparnasse. Laters Pilgrim


Sam est decéde

earlier last morning I greceived an mail from his mom, that Sam died! He was 24, an aspirimg young man who once wanted to be a lawyer! May The Allmighty God have mercy to his soul. Don´t pity me, he never was in here. But please understand, that I will now abstain a while, exept for a post I owe s/body special to me!  Laters Pilgrim...sry Adi, not now!


Famous tombs for All Souls

While most catholics remember their deceased on All Saints, the official memorial day is Nov.2nd. For this reason I looked up some pics of reknown artists deceasesed and buried in Paris. Enjoy the beauty of their tombs. Laters Pilgrim...and please comment, my last post was oviously worth nothing.