God save the Queen De Les Pays - Bas!

I just watched the news and saw/listened to that this "car accident just behind Her Majesty´s and her family´s bus was in fact an attentat! Shocking!!!

I´ll hang around

Joe, many thx for your sensitive comment and the tips, what to txt about. You must already have a lot of life experience. But no matter, how old you may be, you mke make ma sorta feeling home in this blogosphere. :-) ...Atm. it´s way difficult to divide my life from my studies. You must know that me is the youngest student in my year, and for the next yrs. to come while I do my doctorates. Maybe the upcoming holidays break (I mentioned it earlier) will give me an opportunity to go sort thing a bit out. Doomed but Cheerful had nice advices which I know, wouldn´t work w/me, since I´m a student more dedicated to his studies than to anything else. That doesn´t mean to miss out any given party or the hangout w/my posse of rollerbladers. On the other hand, my current main subject is, to have a really wonderful rememerance mass for Chris. Since my comments were barred out for the post I refer upon, I give the date and place again: May 6th at 6pm, Église de la Sorbonne, accomodation is provided. So far, I got 2 SMS from the UK, so whoever of the UK-bloggers want to paticipate, tell me immediately. Please! :-) Laters Pilgrim

What´s up w/you?

Well, first off, welcome Todd X; who apparently not (yet) has a blog, as my new follower. Thx guy :-) ...Why did no one comment on my last post, not even clicked the reaction thingy? Am I so boring or my posts? Then, plz. tell me what you guys want to read about. My life isn´t so exiting to txt whole novels about. Paris is always dubbed "the city of love", but love isn´t lurking around every corner in town, so not much from that front. Sexy or erotic connotations you can´t expect, because I´m not used to tell what I do in private. So please, give me some input on what topics else than those you m8 be interested in. Comment! :-) ...Laters, Pilgrim

Networks - Nuts work

It´s the 3rd consecutive time that my network failed for several hours, preferably at night. So Micky and another blogger aren´t alone w/th this prob. Or is it just, because I have german IP, that France Telecom won´t recognize? If anybody has an idea or a solution rather, then plz. tell me. :-) ...It wouldn´t bother me, if I had the time to txt throughout the day, but to me learning comes before the fun, especially since I´m in my master degree exams.*rants end* ...on a lighter note; have you seen my new gadget, where you can sorta rate each single post anonymysly?! Which, btw., is not meaning that you can comment, and like most here in our blogosphere, I appreciate comments. :-) Hope to post earlier next time. Tadah!


New Followers

Hey to Seth, Jay.Osa and Sebastian! Thx for following my little blog and make yourself comfy. :-) ...on another term, this post is sort of a balloon to see, if my comment thingy is working again, after I readjusted it. Again, thx to Seth and Joe for their helfol comments or post. :-)...so, let´s see!

Help needed

I somehow managed to move my comment post thingy to throw out. How can I reactivate it?! :-) ...we won the match against the École militaire 17 - 8! Yay the team of La Sorbonne! :-) Bonne nuit. Tadah!


Re. Joe

Thx, Joe, I don´t know about the US-rites, though I think, roman rites are the same all over the world. I appreciate your comment. :-) Anyway, for those bloggers, who are interested in the commemoration service on Wednesday, May 6th., I´ve set it for 6pm CET at the church de la Sorbonne, Place de la Sorbonne, 75005 Paris. Whoever in our community will join the service, is heartily welcome. Accomodation will be provided. ...Now I´ve to leave loveable peepz. for a math of rugby, where I play front receiver, though I´m rather slim. Laters, Pilgrim


Sc. D: ahead

I meant 6 weeks after, F.T.W,

Sc. D: ahead

Bon jour le monde! I had my term paper done in a record time of 4 hrs., as my prof. said. Yay me! And still I got a good feeling on it. In another 2 wks. I have the verbal part to defend my thesis, antithesis and conclusions.*blah!* ...On an online chat I found another boy of Paris, who wanted to meet me right on. Weird, huh? I mean, having a Gf. and a crush, who is cuter than this, should be enough. ... Oh, I still owe you the §rd part of meeting Chris. And just to let you know, Joe is a bit wrong, on catholic rites. We give the deceased a & weeks after ceremonial mass. I ordered on at La Église de la Sorbonne. If any of you could make it for May 6th., you´d be welcomed. Laters, Pilgrim



CLast nite I was sad, angered and pissed, not my usual mix to have. Impossible to explain. Last time s/thing similar happened when my Grandma died. And a month late my adoptive brother died. My Dad eventually called that year his "annus horribilis". The thoughts on and about Chris brought it all up again. ...On a happier note; thx to Jamsey and Lunario for following me too. :-) *hugs* to you. ...I was learning all day, after I killed my hangover, becuase tomoz I write my first master deegree. Wish me luck. Tadah!

S/thing about Chris 4

Bob, it was my event of the day! He was so angry on my my compagnie, so at first he shouted "Fro ggie" at me, I told him, I told him "I might be one, but who cares?" He laughed. ...tbc...
And those Aussies and Kiwis could answer as well, I´m not made of sugar! :-D


No title

Sorry, I ike them germs hanged!

Re,: Micky

I can´t help xa it´s too seerious!

Re.: Re.; joe

Jqe, I have many feelings, but cant help me to answer via my litttle blog.


Just you now, today was the liberation of Belsen+bein g evebn more sad!

Just s/thing on Chris

I see your eyes/ in a glass of gin. ...Why does he not just vanish off my head? My mind turns dark, remembering him, who was so bright, even after the "french wankers" post. I wasn´t involved, being on the other side of the place. We met accidentally, when he and his peepz. went off my group. We were there after visiting the Royal Societé, who invited my semester to a tour and referat on and about this old institution. I don´t know, what had ridden my group to be such assholes! None of them ever told me up to today. He asked me, so totally openminded, if I were one of them, too. I said "Ouai!" and "Whatcha want from me?" He was like "You seem to be the most reasonable of them suckers."(sob)... to be continued. Tchao for now

To Drew

Sry., buddy, that I read your blog so carelessly! I apolodize.

Re.: Micky

You are welcome, buddy! But next time please a french one. :-)

Re.: Sethy

Take your time to checkém out. It makes no sense to have like two dates at once. Or did I misread ya? :-)


Since I have many muslim buddies, some of them turkish, I raise my glass in memory of the german-turkish win of the battle at Anzac-Cove! Eventually it was not the Anzac, who led the battle, but this jerk of a general, Lord Hamilton, who considered landing tactics of the Crimean War would be appropriate at Canakkale too. So wrong!!! So, Anzacs, blame Hamilton for your defeat.

La route de Pilgrim - Pilgrim´s ways: No title in particular

Hey Micky, coul I get a glass of french red wine instead? Oh, I don´t know yet, how to comment to you.

No title in particular

Hello world! First off; a big thank you to torchy! for his promo of my little blog. :-)...Then, welcome to my new followers Sethy (RSA), Micky (UK), Drew (somewhere in the middle of nowhere,USofA), and Joe Naturgesetz (USA). Feel yourself home on my blog.:-) Also welcome to Dodger and Exalen as commenters. :-) ...new post to follow later today. So long, tadah!


Wonderful day

It´s been a day en plein soleil, so my roomie , some mutual friends and I went to skatepark near Porte d´Italie. It was a great session and I did my first ever wallride. Awesome! :-) After ripping it for like 3 hrs. we went over to the Samaritaine, shopped a little, then the 5 of us went to a café-brasserie for dinner. Now, home again, the guys ply pool, while txt here and later I have to reread a book for my next test, due early next week. I do basically everything beginning next week, because we have a break thru may 1st till may 10th, due to the two major holidays Jour du travail et Jour de la Victoire. All very pathétique, Workers Demonstrations on the 1st, Military columns at the 9th. Great fireworks are expected. I know, this post is pretty random, so what?! :-D ...Well, that´s it for now. Tadah!

Re.: Bridging the gap

As torchy! said, it would be of interest to know about my encounter w/Chris. I will give you, who are interested, a post about it, though not now. There is still s/thing in me, that needs to settle first.It would not easy to do it right away, when I still cope w/it. Plz., just gimme time.

An addition

Since I´m not to keen on this whole commenting/ comment answering, I´ll do it this way. @torchy!; Yep, I happened to meet C. in person, after the incident w/the french guys. 2. I´belgian, wallon to be exact. That means, my native language is french. 3. You can find several vids on youtube, my older bro has quite a collection, not only my roomie. :-)

C´est moi! (Part I)

Hello World! Isn´t it amazing, if you have no idea of what to txt? :-D Well, for starters, I introduce myself a bit. I´m a 19yr. old student of macrophysics and microbiology in Paris, right heading for master degrees in both subjects. Yes, I had my baccalauréat at the tender age of 14. My start into life was not so easy, according to my Dad. So, I never knew my real mother, she abandoned us when I was a toddler. Never heard of her again ever since. I was raised by my Dad and my Grandma, who sadly passed 2yrs. ago, a cause of a reckless car driver. On other terms, I live w/a roomie, who brought me to rollerblading. He is one of France´s best street-and parkskaters. Then there is my Gf., an algerian beauté and a boy, I would call my secret crush. Oh, I forgot to mention beeing a middle child, I have an older bro(by 17 months) and a younger gun age 7. So much for now. Tadah! ;-)

The first!

A heartily wellcome to Torchy, my first and prbly. one of the most prominent bloggers. :-)

Thx Chris!

Without the help of Razz a.k.a Chris I never would have had the courage to do my own blog. Thank you Chris! May the Allmighty always shield you from evil.


Hello world! I´m the - relatively - new kid in the blogosphere, as Torchy had put it. Hopefully I will find new friends and, at laest for me, a place, where I get accepted as confused as I am at times. If you want to ask me what ever, feel free to comment. It´s almost midnite, so I don´t bring the "heavy" stuff right along. Hope, you enjoy my new blog. *hugs* bye for now et bonne nuit.