God save the Queen De Les Pays - Bas!

I just watched the news and saw/listened to that this "car accident just behind Her Majesty´s and her family´s bus was in fact an attentat! Shocking!!!


Anonymous said...

hey! sorry! i tawt the question you asked about things to do in ireland was rhetorical! (i hav no idea y i thought that!)

i assume your mainly staying in dublin?

1) guinness brewry - never been but its suppose to be good.

2) Jimmy Chungs - if you like chinese food, you can eat as much as you want for 8-13euros! its on the "quays" in the direction of dublin port.

3) Bewleys cafe - also a good place to eat. a little expensive but there chorizo pizza is amazing!

4)viking splash tour - you get a tour of the city on the road and in the river liffey without lifting your bum from the seat! you wear viking hats too!

5) olympia theatre - its a fairly small theatre with quirky decor and a cosy atmosphere! whatever you do, dont go see brendan grace, he is not funny!

6) trinity college - you can walk around campus for free. sit around and enjoy college life or try and find some quirky paintings!

sorry i dont know more, im sure there a million more things to do there, i live so close so i havnt really gone exploring! how many of you are going and when? :)


Anonymous said...

oh and, the "luas" is the tram service that takes you to all the main areas around dublin, its really simple to follow and i think you can get tickets that last a couple of days!