Paul Celan - Todesfuge

Paul Celan - Todesfuge Sorry to give you another link instead of the full txt of Paul Celans "Todesfuge" - "Fugue des Mortes, thx to Martin, who sent me the link. It´s in german so not all of you will read, let alone understand it. Maybe you can use a translator to get the sense of thi great piece of a great poet, who died on April 20, 1970, thirty years ago! Propz Pilgrim ...and please give a note in the comments whether or not you could read or tranlate it, will you?! :-)


BBC NEWS | In Depth | Audio slideshow: Liberation of Belsen

BBC NEWS | In Depth | Audio slideshow: Liberation of Belsen This is better as what I could say on the liberation of Belsen on April, 15. 1945. Please click on the link and comment! Propz Pilgrim


What´s the secret?

Yesterday afternoon Val sorta crashed our Easter mondaily meeting w/the grandparents. He arrived by train, called me and I stupidly told him, where to go to.After he was here, he told me that he asked the cab driver for a lebanese family in ----street. It was well embarrassing and I sorta shrunk under the carpet when he introduced himself as my - friend -: Ouf! He was welcomed by my grandparents and parents, but my bro´s remained suspicious. Even the little one reasoned on him to me later that evening, asking me where he´s from, what he is, who he is, all the darn questions only 7yrs. old can ask! And I mean, what the heck had Val to do here? He was neither expected nor invited! But lebanese/arab tradition forces one to take guests as they come.How do kids always seem to know, what is so special about a visitor?*sigh*    Today we we ripping Expo Plaza encore, the weather is fine like 15C/62F.   And btw., in some days I´ll have my first anniversary in the blogosphere!   Hope, all my readers had a blessed and happy Easter! :-)  Tadah Pilgrim


A very short gun

Happ< Eastst! And the "Red Horses" are back! :-)