The Christmas Truce 1914

On Holy eve 95 years ago, amidst the already entrenched armies of the British Expedition Forces and the germans, it happened. While the Brits had an extra ration of rum, the Germans received small trench fitting christmas trees. At this place near La Bassee, East Flanders the trenches were not 300ft. away from their enemies counterparts. German soldiers began to sing christmas carols and were heard by the Brits, who suddenly started to join in. The German troopers put up their lightened trees over their parapets and shouted Happy Christmas to the british parapets. So did the Brits and after a while the First Soldiers left their trenches on both sides and met in No mans land. They exchanged small presents like a can of beef or tobacco, showed each other their respective family pictures and some scottish soldier even produced a football, so the soldiers played a match, which the Germans won 3-2. This informal truce lived about a week, before the respective High Commands ordered them back to fight, the Brits removing the two involved regiments. The war continued. Have you all a merry Christmas! :-) Tadah Pilgrim


Strange Day

This morning at 11am CET we had the 6 - week mass for Sam, his parents asked me to hold a sermon obout him and his life and provided me w/input before, that I never knew before. I was stunned, not by the fact they handed me out his life before I had knoen him, but the sheer amount of stuff, i.e. his diary. ´Nuff said?! Anyway, it was a nice mass and prbly. the first ever with Eminem songs instead of organ and choir. Needlss to say the church was full, his akumni from lycée as well from uni, his family, my Gf. and me. And I was the least bit sad! :-) ...In other news, this weekend we have christmas vacations and I´m glad to see my family and friends in H.town again. It will take me some days to speak an agreable german, but fortunately they speak english, french, turkish or arabic, so a convo will not be that hard to lead! :-) In good mood...Tadah Pilgrim


Lost weekend

Hello world, I´m still alive! :-) But yesterday and today are like black holes in my mind. As for today I went to Sam´s grave on Cimétiere Montparnasse, where I sat on a bench like a homeless, talking to alternatly him or his neighbors, le Général Aupick, his wife and strpson Charles Baudelaire about this day, having a 3 ltr. bottlle w/a mix of Osbourne bramndy and Fanta with me as warmer and only nourishment.It was feeling temps. like -4C, but I sat there, clochard like, from like lunchtime till it was dark. My only chance since my Grandma´s grave is near H.town, 500 or so, miles away.No yummy christmas cake and coffee for me, but an exercitium. Bet my confession father would not approve such one. But as the saying is; chacun a sa facon! Laters Pilgrim...and I promise to post more often again. Take my word!


December 7, 1941

Y´all might be familiar wit this date, you might know the Memorial in the last and the burning, sinking pic but the middle pic shows USS Arizona in all her beauty and glory in New York Harbor ca. 1939-40.  Laters Pilgrim


A better day

 Was in mass today for the first time at St. Ignace, the jesuite church here. I had a nive talk w/a chaplain after and he told me, that it´s no big thing to enter the jesuite laicist brotherhood, just being catholic and a devout follower of our Lord! ´kay, a bit of evening or sunday school are unevitable, but not like 2 yrs., as I presumed. So I can make it witin a year! Yay! ...John, you must really have a different church calendar, if you still insist on a 9 weeks rememberance mass, here it is 6 wks.! So far for now, got no further news, exept a 20 -17 loss against ENA last day, but that is prbly. only interesting my dear New Zealand reader(you know who you are). Laters Pilgrim


me in a mirror

Actually it´s not a mirror, but my sadness. that comes up in this time where everybody should be joyful. It´s simply, that some of my most beloved persons in the world died tragically! And the nearer Dec. 14th comes, the sadder U get. Maybe I´ll share the story of the death of my Grandma then with you, But I trust noz many of you, to make jokes or take me for an attention seeker. I don´t blame you, you weren´t there. you hadn´t the call trom Dad the next day, you hadn´t the pain in your haert at Christmas, and no Chiístmas at all that year! I  only can hope you´ll understand me then! Thx in advance. Laters Pilgrim



Today we celebrate not only the beginning of the new year in the christian churches calendar but also the beginning of the christmas time. The 1. Advent(from latin "ad veniat" to come) is traditoinal the start of a lent time before the actual Birthday of Our Lord in medieval times, now it is down to a mere shopping season or should I say hunting for presents(?). ...We were attending mass in the morning, then our parishs Christmas market, where mainly women sell potholders, books, table cloths, coffee and cake, but we also had lunch there, a yummy chicken-noodle soup and a german thing named "Rote Gruetze", consisting of red berries and gelated juice, I can recommend it! :-),  All, exept the books, is selfmade and the incoming money goes to social Organisations or partner parishes. My families church has a partner parish in Peru, actually a benedictine sister, who works there for the good of the people and to follow Our Praised Lord. ...besides, anyone ever tasted Absinthe? To me it tastes like cough syrup with water! :-) May you all have a blessed Advent time! Tadah Pilgrim


Bleak November

After all the backlashes I needed distractio more than ever. So I study harder, work parttime in the skateshop again, hang out with friends who are fun or tweet. ...But then, there go special thx to a man, who on his post on sunday brought me to the conlusion, that life doesn´t end whn one dies, but our deceased live on, as long we have them on our minds. This doesn´t mean eternal grief for the rest of our miserable life, but every now and then to remember to good times we had with them, who are gone. In my honest belief, they become our Guardian Angels and to know this gives me a great relief! So, if you think, you have none, think again. Our Lord doesn´t leave us unprotected against the odds of live. As a saying goes"I saw two pairs of footsteps in the sand while all was fine. Where, o God was you when i was is sorrow? I´seen no footsteps anymore! God replied there upon: When you saw no footstep at all, I carried you."  Laters Pilgrim


I can´t believe it!

These suckers from Gaggle have disabled my old mail adr. and sort´a forced me to get a gmail adr.! I never wanted this! But anyway, I can access my old dashboard again and post...Those who still have my old mail adr. please stick to it, I won´t change it. So far, so bad!...Maybe I will close the blog, maybe not. I lost my impetus on what to blog when I can tweet, let alone my friends IRL! One could think, I´m just another asocial(in lexical meaning!)guy, who spends his days between pc/laptop and fridge. Nope! I have a soical life, only my studies prevent me from hanging out more often w/them. Btw., I now go regularly to a treadmill to stay fit and get lesser prone to rip another muscle, and have also heart-vascular training. ...Sorry to Davey, telling that he threw me off his blog.You are of couse free to do so if I offended you, but for now; Peace out Davey, I like you! Laters Pilgrim


What the heck...?

All day I tried to log in at Facebook, but they don´t take me in! Ffs., do I have a hacker? If someone can help me out, he/she is welcomed! :-) ...saturday was the day of the year; we won vs. École Militaire 15 -11, 7 pts. by me, two penalty shots. ...Elsehow there is nothing of major importance that happened. So, a short update and my best wishes to you all! Tadah Pilgrim


A late contribution

Well, with all the partying and official commemoration I missed out to post s/thing. But since the german troops withdrew from belgian soil, it was not until around to Nov. 25. Anyway, here a nice monument in commemoration of our noble people, who gave their lives for the just side!  Laters Pilgrim


Three November 9th´s

November 9th, 1918, Philp Scheidemann declares the first german republic.                                                                                                  November 9th 1938, HerschelGrynszpan had killed a german Embassy employee, thus initiating the Reichskristallnacht.                                                                                                                                                   November 9th 1989, in an press conference a GDR official annouced accidentally, that all frontiers to the west are open. This became the end of the iron curtain. Laters Pilgrim


My first wake - Update

This morning at 10 I did, what Sam´s Mom asked, the first wake, as I was his best friend. Maybe some of my catholic friends might know the proceedings. It was a bit weird to sit at the side of the open coffin. I had taken my Biology papers w/me to have a bit of distraction, along w/a tablet of bromeazepame for my nerves.But I hardly came to read more than a couple of pages. Never I shook so many hands of mostly strangers attending the wake, or just briely visiting. Must depend on the family´s social status. Came home like half an hour ago, a bit bummed out, drowned by some Calvados and fed w/roastbeef sandwiches....Thx to all of you who gave me their condolences. Tomorrow at this time is the funeral at Cimétiére Montparnasse. Laters Pilgrim


Sam est decéde

earlier last morning I greceived an mail from his mom, that Sam died! He was 24, an aspirimg young man who once wanted to be a lawyer! May The Allmighty God have mercy to his soul. Don´t pity me, he never was in here. But please understand, that I will now abstain a while, exept for a post I owe s/body special to me!  Laters Pilgrim...sry Adi, not now!


Famous tombs for All Souls

While most catholics remember their deceased on All Saints, the official memorial day is Nov.2nd. For this reason I looked up some pics of reknown artists deceasesed and buried in Paris. Enjoy the beauty of their tombs. Laters Pilgrim...and please comment, my last post was oviously worth nothing.


Misunderstandings and a win

Well, yeah, Benni and Davey have deeply miinterpreted my las post in the comments. You both weren´t meant! The ones who were prbly noz noticed, Anyway, you both migh see you in the bull and me as the torero, executing the Pase de la Muerte! :-) I´m an afficionado of bullfighting. ...Tonight or rather late afternoon we have beaten Reims 35 - 18, with 15 pts. from me! YAY! ...So, that it´s in a nutshell, tomorrow I travel a bit to visit my family graves, since we have Tous Saints! Laters Pilgrim...@Merche, answer to you is included! :-) You are not too old!*hugs*


Best online friends

Is there s/thing like that? Yep! I found one, you would not believe I know him, then I found a lovely friend from our community, who is a really nice, lovely boy! He´s irish(sry.Jamsey) and goodlookingness on two legs! ...then a response to Doomed´s post, hope I get it under the txt! Well, I try!


Al hayat halwa

No, we lost against ENA 13 -24, though I had a dramatic run in the last minute to a down! :-)  Today I had a socalled homeday w/my Gf.,watching "Faux Confesseur", a german movie, on DVD, and later, we started cooking binner, Dessert at first to let it cool out, then we made Dolma, Kefta au boulgour and for dessert we had Icecubes. On special question, here the recipe; 4 blades of Youfka(very thin dough, you can buy it in all oriental groceries), Youfka blades, 4-6 egg whites, 3-3 teaspoons of powder sugar, 2 soup spoons of sesame. Beat the egg whitrs till stiff, add powder sugar, Meanwhile, roast the sesame in a hot dry pan(Iron recommended) for a minute, care not to burn them to black! Then add them to the egg whites sugar cream slightly. Bring the Youfka blades in a pyramidal form, fill in the cream. Preheat oven((Gas 4-5,E 160C), then put yout then pyramides in for not longer than 10 minutes, they must not take too much color. Let them cool off, cover with powder sugar, serve. A fitting drink would be a Cognac or Arrak.Bon appetit!  Laters Pilgrim


Why not?

First post in a week that didn´t mention Sam, but training routine, and what? Zero comment! ...excuse me, that my life doesn´t revolve around Sam, but is exactly what one calls thee life of the boy next door. ...So, today I received my doctorates theme: phisics et maladies d´un cerveau Alzheimer. But I still do my reseach at the institute Pasteur, pays the gas for my car. :-)  Laters Pilgrim...and please, comment! :-)


Strange day

We had another traning unit today, this time in plan rain and a bottom field that was so soggy, we almost sunk in! Then the organizers decided to close the roof they have! How funny!!! But it was worth it, since ENA is one of the best teams in the univesity-ligue! Adam is out toninite, so no online-chat. :-( But who remembrs "Lizzie McGuire" must kn ow him at least at a younger age! :-) Tadah Pilgrim


My life goes on

During the days since Sam´s attempt I had a bit of a hanger, but I found some new, cool friends online and irl. We talked, I went to hospital w/his mom, but all we saw was a vegetable w/breathmask and infusions, but in coma!  The fun today was, that my rugby-team learned, that our usual field was occupied by the organizers of a smaller inline contest on sunday. So we drove to the Stade de France to train there. So I´ll have a full w.e. with a match vs. ENA on sarurday and this contest on sunday. The other times I talk to Adam pm or dm, irl. w/my Gf., Rafiq and for tomorrow I have an appointment w/the psychologist, who helped me so well to cope my Grandma´death. Last, but not least thx for your advices on Sam. We´ll see what comes out of it, when(if) he wakes up. Laters Pilgrim...p.s., sorry that I didn´t comment much these days.


Bad news (not about me)

When I looked at my V9 at noon, I had an email to sms on it. I opened it and it read "Au révoir mon amour, jr te souhaite seulement le meilleur.Sam" At first I didnt realize what this could be about, and tried to call him on his celly,no response. Then I tried the homephone and got his mom. Sam has attempted suicicide by drinking 3(three!) bottles of Wild Turkey the other day. He is currently on the intensive care of La Salpétriére, in critical condition. The call was brief and since even my 98 of 100 result from the test become unimportant. It took me ages to txt this post, let alone to send it. Anyway, now it´s done. Here you go!  Laters Pilgrim


Update 2

Paety!!!! But I don´t deink that much! I love my liver! :-) Tadah  Pilgrim


I won my qualification run over Ali Hooi, my Bro. came in 3rd. More later. Tadah Pilgrim


Hi from Liverpool!

Yep, Iam in the non €-Land UK! Weather is rather ´kay, but hotel is is great, mini bar, free WiFi, room service. Only a citymap is not yet available. But the flight was fine and almost free, because I still had some forgotten freemiles! :-) ...Well, Ali Hooi is just arrived, so We will leave to find a decent bar, since Baz never reseponded on my pm. :-ppp ...@Merche, what questions? Plz., giv´em to me as one post! :-) Laters Pilgrim...enjoy your W.e.!


The test, upcoming

I made a group of  co-students learning w/me. It was a nice though weird time. This one guy stared at me in way evetrybody must have recognized. How painful! I feli like nude and nobody was helping me out. Only on girl made up her mind and asked him plainly, if he was gay, he said yes! She was shocked, it was her crush, I was the same, cuz I considered him straight. How weird can it get? I´ll concentrate on my zest in Microbiology tomorrow, not on possibly gay boas. My career is more important! Tadah Pilgrim...and then who knows Devon Sawa , or Adam Lamberg of "Lizzie McGuire"?


Que tal en los tiempos?

A question, my trainer asked us teamers today. We did hardly knew answers. Does anyone know one? Next wek the training will be led by some algererian guy, because our Spaniard goes pro.Anyone wanna change w//me?Val met me after training and we had some late dinner at an algerian restaurant. ...I mean, I´m happy w/what I do, but isthis all in my life? I feel confused. Some advice? Laters Pilgrim


Home again!

It feel so good to sleep in my own bed again, having breakfast w/my roomie going to the institute, seeing all the familiar faces. All I miss are the Ibiza temperatures. Paris is a bit chilly in comparison. But then, cigarettes in Spain are cheaper than here. But there is one thing that will even you make wonder. While you pay 35€ for 200 cigarettes in Ibiza Villa, you pay 38.50€ at the airport duty free. Normally one thinks, they should be cheaper in the duty free, hmm? Anyway, it was fun to see peepz buying them there. :-) ...at the institute they saved my brain Emile in the freezer, so I could work from where I stopped before. It´s amazing how suisse cheese like Alzheimer brains look when you cut them in slices. At the same time I must think of how Alzheimer´s affects humans not only as beings, but the whole body in the end.  Laters Pilgrim...leaving you with a thought


This day in a shell

Early up. breakfast. boat over to Formentera w/lunchbox from my aunt in spe.  and off! then we had a great time at Formentera Beaches. We might be back!B :-)  ...@Merche, I could have told yu, but you wouldn´t have Laters Pilgrim...And thx to James and Lunario for keeping me down!How cheap! :-ppp


October, 8th

Today in 1953, Kathleen Ferrier died of incurable breast cancer, that also affected her bones. But not her great contralto, one of the best singers of her time. Her oevre ranged from Monteverdi to Mahler. She was 44 years old.                                                                                                                                                             On a lighter note we were in St. Eulalia for lunch. The plat du jour was Tomatosoup w/Sherry, Loup de mer en croute de sel aux legumes, Poulet aux ailes and Crema Catalan and a cortado. Very good and not too expensive at 60€ for two, wines included. So, dinner will be just some sandwich. Laters Pilgrim...P.S. I was almost sure, my little remeberance would bring my friend Martin to collaborate on the voal examples to my post on Mrs. Ferrier. Go to his site later to find out. ...PPSS: this is no affirmative action!*lol*


Gosh, how fast!

Bleah! Took me 1 1/2 pitchers of beer and some cigarettes to eventually arrive on my blog, like the same time in hours! Wtf.  does blogger think, what time one has!? It sucks, that ISDN and DSL are not going d´acorrd! Hmmmpf! ...´kay, rant over. ... I got someones mobileno. via Twitter, another follower(thx AEK :-) ). Today we wanted to jetski, but the wages per hour were ridicule, 120€ per hour, eqipment included though. Anywa, we took it and had a great late morning. :-) Tomorrow we´ll go to San Antonio, look if the Cafe del Mar is still open, since we are out of season. All the big discos are closed, even the Pacha, which belongs to a hotel. On the oher hand, there are still local bars/pubs that provide live music. ...Via sms I learnt, that for this trip I have to do reasearch during the french fall vacations, though I have nov.1st and nov 11th off, these are holidays. ...@Merche, 1934 was Greve géneral in Spain and the republik called out war law! You forgot that obviously. :-) ´kay. guys ´n´gals I´m tired and off, I guess.  Laterz Pilgrim


The connected world

I always said, I don´t own a Twitter or Facebook. Well, now I do, and you know what? I now have even Cristiano Ronaldo amongst my followers, as well as Dave Moffatt. YAY! ...on a heavier note, I still work at my uncle´s bar, it´s a bit like payback for lodging and food, but I still can spend more than enough of time w/my Gf. So we were in Figueretas for a bit of shopping for the day, just some bocadillas(bread w/olive oil, ham or salami, and tomatoes) at an alimentario where the proprietress knows me from previous vacations, and some wine. The weather was pretty fine again, so we went to the beach nearby, had lunch, then coffee at a hotel bar were they asked me, how my Dad is. ...This showed me, whatever you do whereever you are, you have to have connections to the world, at least more as when you sit only in front of your PC/laptop. :-) Tadah Pilgrim


Conversion ahead!

No, not me. My Gf. is muslima, a secular one though but nonetheless. After mass this morning she waited until the church emptied and we were alone with the priest. Then, in broken spanish, she asked him, how it is possible to convert to catholic. I was stunned! She never before mentioned this or hinted at it. It was a lengthy talk between the both, of which I was left out like totally. Of course! I already have the religion of my paternal ancestors.*g* But she could have told me before instead like telling me in front of the priest out of the blue. Too bad, John is away. But maybe, just maybe, some of you can give me some advice how to deal with it. Laters Pilgrim


Where is I, hmm?

Sorry, I still can´t arrange pics nicely, so a short explanation. No. 1- 3 are my Uncles restaurant from different angles, the last one is the view from Madrigal over the Yacht - and public harbor to the Castel and Barrio Alto(Dalt Villa as they say here)! ...@Merche; for obvious reasons I don´t put real names of private folks here in full, nor do I put on pics of my family as close-up´s, but most pics of them are close-up´s. ...For dinner we had carée d´agneau aux epices et sauce de port. Very good, my Uncle learnt his job at a former Michélin-star chef.  Tadah Pilgrim, still on location. :-)...p.s., Dave M. follows me on twitter, I am really exited!


What a day!

We´d been in the inferior island, gracies to my uncle leaving us his car. As a little thx we brought him a bottle of "Hierbas Ibiciensas", a yummy liqueur of rural herbs. Oops! He told us that he is a dry alcoholic for 10 yrs. now! If I had only known...Anyway, no big deal, we have it now, and we are even allowed to smoke,if we want to, in his presence. Gosh, he has changed so much thru the yrs. but still he keeps his way juvenile looks from what I remember in my youth. Only his hair recedes more than my Dad´s. And his bartender is an australian born girl, if they all look like her, Australia will have a new brain reaseach Sc.D. in no time! :-D ...Daniel was of course right, that all the places to go are closed now, but we can visit Barrio Alto by Night, a spectale sponsored by my uncle on behalf of the still ongoing celebrations of the 20th anniversary of his restaurant. Hastas luegos! Pilgrim...P.S., I have a lousy wifi, so times of my post will vary.


Ibiza again

Early this morning we(me and Gf.) arrived at Ibiza airport for a nice out of season holiday, no germs, no dutch, no brits so long. Only change, no hotel but my uncles house. Great! Maybe I send you some pics. And after a lengthy nap we were at his restaurant for a nice lunch, Now we  wait for dinner. Tadah Pilgrim...P.S., please comment an my Ittifadah- post!


...and the results


Al Ayrajat

A jordan series about the israeli terror assault on the palestine city of Jenin from 2002. You can find excerpts of it on youtoube. Recommended and Emmy awarded!

Weird day

So, last morning I got to the Instute, did my expeted research on our brain, we named it Émile, after asong from Jaques Bél, a compatriote, who lived in Paris like me. Lunch, more studies, then off to training. So far so good! When I returned home, there was a huge bouquet of fleur de Lys of the expensive kind in front of our appartments door. I looked for a dedication card for Fabrice, and found one for me! It´s been from Val. Now, how gay is that, sending flowers to another boy?! I would like to put up a new poll on this subject. That´s all for now. And please, some more comments as on my last post, it´s not that difficult! Laters Pilgrim


Fab´s. b-day

I took a day off for his birthday, we had another brunch of  the better kind.  We had some clams and cheese, baguette uux ailes etc. Then we did a little comp. which he won(I couldn´t let him loose)! ;-) For dinner we wemt w/my Gf and a girl he likes to Hélene Darrroze, my fave cook and restaurant ealier this eve,., it was a great day for him(as he said). Tadah Pilgrim


Nice day

It was a bright day, and we, Fab., my Gf. and me had an outdoor brunch. Then Fab. and I went a bit rolling, trying some new tricks or altered older ones. I mean, one has to be good because the SlammJamm will be a first qualifier for next years WRC in Tehachapi, Ca. and it´s the last big european contest this year. What comes later is all in skatehalls, where events are necessarily smaller, but you should see the afterparties!:-D                            So long for now, we let the day end watching Lord of the Rings, some chips and redwine. Tadah Pilgrim                      


Winners and an apology

Yep, so we´ve beaten St. Etienne 23 to 17. I had five goals. For me it was the first match of the season for me, after all. We had a little party in our locker room, baguette sandwiches and beer.
This brings me to the apology for the awful typos in my last post. Never have 3 Long Island Ice Teas at happy hour, if you didn´t eat s/thing before.:-) Thus this morning I wondered that I actually received two comments on that crap!Thx!
Well, Torchy tagged me for this game Tyler brought up, but I consider not to take part in it. Sorry peepz, no private info about me in such a condensed form, let alone that I still don´t know how to put txt over a pic or between pics. Laters Pilgrim


Rugby et Val

Val watched my training this afternoon, thuogh I didn´t see him. I was plyaxing rugby! When we finished he waited at the door. We went for a drink and then wen home, So easy, Merchrche! :Es nada de todo a fare!....and for my peepz, we can mae it, being gay, bi like me or whatever,Short one for you, I gotta skate...p.p.ps., Jamsey, if you read me, you might grt me! If noz, oct.16-17 is Rampworx contest at Liverpool! Won´t you come over, m< sweetie? Tadah Pilgrim

A last training

We have a last training for the game tomorrow. A hard gun. We play St. Etienne, who were last years champion. Uummpf!!! Elsehow I had a job to help to develop pics of our brain from last week, but in slices. So, next time, you have pineapple slices, think of me! :-D Bbl. Pilgrim...Anon. from Yugoslavia, thx1 I do not have a MSN nor Skype! Doswidanje!


Don´t congratulate too early

Thx to all who congtratulated me on my lover, but hey! Read, what I had to say about Val before. I´m still thinking about his sort´a proposal. ...Then, there is an interesting discussion on Jason Carwin´s blog, go, read it too. ...I have not much to say tonite, I am tired from a day of work at the institute, and in the skateshop. Laters Pilgrim

A late post - for me

I latelely read so many angry or sad post in our community, that I start to ask me, what the heck is going on. Blake in sheer rage, Torchy disappointed, Rapha gone. What else must happen to make us all, be we bi, gay or whatever, happy or at least calm on current situations, Of cours, I named only a few, but it´s more widespread as I thought. Level down, you w/the minor probs, keep cool you w/the harder probs! I presume you all deserve better, but one can´t have all, we know that, but what does it help? And if anyone who follows me and really reads my blog, may find out, where this rather erratic quote comes from! :-) ...on a much brighter note, I met Val after training, and we went over to him, which seemed quite a drag to me, again half across the city, from 17th Arr. to 8th, then home to 5th. But it was worth it. Now I have officially a lover! Wooah! Tadah Pilgrim...p.s., more tomorrow.


So much help & offers, thx!

It´s true, on behalf of this I want to thank Torchy, Baz and Wkboy! So, I will pm you, Baz a.s.a.p., Wkboy, Hotel was already booked yesterday, sorry, and last but not least Torchy, thx for the map, if you know how to enlarge it to print, I´d be grateful to know. Well, that´s it atm., gotta go to rugby training like every tuesday. Bbl. Pilgrim... oops, thx to Seth for the encouragement. :-)


Slammjamm XI 2009

That´s the name of the first big contest after my injury. It takes place at Rampworx skatepark in Liverpool, Oct. 16/17th. Can you give me some input about the city, because I usually stay a day or so longer to do a bit of sightseeing and as far as I know, there will be nobody from the Posse, exept my Bro., who in this case is only few help. And I need to know how far is it from John-Lennon-Airport to Aintree, wher my hotel is?! Thx in advance. Laters Pilgrim

An advice to Torchy and our part of the Blogosphere

Regarding the comment Torchy left me on "Eid al Fitr"(the only one), I have to admit, that I once read the qur´an for the purpose to gain arguments in religious disscussions. Since, there are peepz who regard me as a muslim. I´m far from it, but explaining a muslim where he goes wrong in his sight of Islam is always fun. :-) ...Torchy, you please never go w/your co-worker to the friday prayers, because there are some rather simple phrases and - bang - you are a muslim. It´s so simple and has nothing so prestigious as a baptism of even adults. On the other hand, if one cares a bit and avoids to go into a mosque, one is safe. But never ignore the others faith as it will only stir interreligious relations. Bbl. Pilgrim...P.S., this doesn´t mean to have muslim friends!


Eid al fitr - Ramadan´s end

On this occasion I have an invitation to this islamic feast for lunch and dinner. Ok, lunch is done, dinner at 8pm CET by Rafiq´s family. It´s the first day after Ramadan, when you can eat again in plain daylight and do what you want to do, smoking publicly again, sex, candy bars, and what not. One of Islam´s highest feasts, like our Christmas. Children get presents from family 3 days in a row. But due to our western culture the big day is mostly Eid al Fitr., since kids have to go to school, parents to work or occupation. And I feel really honored to be invited as a christian. :-) Tadah Pilgrim...tell me your experiences w/moslems since 9.11., will you?!


On frequent request, me skating 2008

Hope to fill your need w/this nightly shoot from a promo of BE-MAG in 2008 and deffo bye till tomorow!

Only winners are popular

As I txted the other day, today was a local streetcontest in various places. Like run the city!*lol* In 4 of 6 places Iwon and therefore became a total winner w/95.3 against Stephane Alfano! YAY! ...I want to thank you all for your comments on my last post, probs. never had so many comments. That doesn´t mean you shouldn´t comment anymore,:-) of course! ...and many thx to my new fan Merche for her(to me) absolute adoration. I´m just a normal human guy! My knowledge comes mostly from my Dad. ...To my german readers, do you like this saxonian language? I find it just bleah! My reason for this? One of the participants was from Dresden and though I can understand german, I couldn´t understand him. ...Well, I´m off to a last bbq. and the afterparty! Tadah Pilgrim


Ewww, real human brain

Today we had to dismember a human brain from a head we got from La Salpétriere for reseach on Alzheimers. It was awful to hear a saw cutting off the headplate to open. I mean it was my first encouter w/a body part, that might play a key role in my future scientific life. Anyway, I didn´t vomit, another girl(whoelse) fainted briefly, but asked for what had been up w/this brain of approximately 80 yrs. old, I remembered what I was told on brain plaques. And this was a severe case. Turned out, it was an unannounced first test and I got like 98%. Looks, I can make my settings in time that way. :-) ...on a lighter note; thx you all who commented on my last post. Be sure, I´ll take care! Tadah Pilgrim

Short update

The doc declared my leg offically as sound and in good shape. So no more driving across the city for physio, rugby training next week will be to the full extent and on Saturday I do a local street contest, where I will wear an elastic manchette for safety reasons. Tadah Pilgrim


The result of my little quiz

So, thx to Liam for nada! Anon was wrong, so was Jamsey. John was closest in this, mentioning either Bob or Dave. In fact Dave is it! And this is a pic I found in the net about Dave these days. I know they big in the nineties in Europe, I even attended a concert of them, sponsored and accomagnied by Dad. Shortly after they broke up, Today all I know is Dave was on Canadian Idol, but didn´t make it. Bob and Clint are still musicians, had some singles released in 2005 or so, Scott is a producer s/where in Asia. And I´m off to the doc now, last review of my injury. Yay! Laters Pilgrim...P.S. Dave has NO sock in his undies!


A little quiz

Who of the four is gay? :-)


Finally Gaggle has done s/thing good and changed the comment schemes on the blogs I wasn´t able to comment. Ain´t it great?!...Baz, thx but now your help is not needed anymore. Tadah Pilgrim


Can you serve?

On sunday I was at church, not unusual, but we had a substite priest celebrating mass. As it turned out, he is a Jesuite. So after mass I approached him and asked right away, how I could become a laicist brother SJ. He told me to come over today and talked w/me for like two hrs. this eve. And as it turned out, it´s easier as I or you supposed. I must finish my studies, then I can do evening courses to learn what it means to me to serve Him, to do my work in His name, to devote my life towards Him. ...on another term, I still have physio, so please don´t clap too early. Laters Pilgrim...please comment, esp. John.


I´m fortunate

The day was rather eventless exept that I rollerbladed the first time after ripping that muscle. Later I met w/Sam, and we had some coffee and I told him my decision, to be friends w/him, but nada else. It was an informal date, no big deal, just giving him the answers he seeked by his questions. ...Val mailed me he wants to see me, but I´m still somewhat hesitant. That´s it for now. Tadah Pilgrim...p.s-, just watching "The Enron Story".


9 - 11- 2001

We remember!

9 -11- 2001

I was an 11yrs. old freshman at boarding school. When we were informed what had happened, I shrugged my shoulders. It was not until a couple of yrs. later when I watched a french documentary that the authors made accidentally, while in Manhattan, and showed the full disaster, horror and heroism that was displayed by firefighters, police officers, Red Cross, Red Star of David and even Red Halfmoon units! It made me weep. And to those creeps who see a smoking gun everywhere behind WTC 7 are just nutcases! Laters Pilgrim


Rugby training started

Today was the first training. I was only a bystander coming right from physio. The coach has put up a new training schedule, so Val was not there watching me. I couldn´t help it, I missed him there. Later I smsed him our new times and he txted me back that he missed me since we parted in London. On the other hand the new times suck because I used to play cards on tuesdays, which is from now on impossible. Physio was cool w/the electric stimulation of my leg muscles. A great surplus, it reduces my nightly cramps. ...A correction of my last post; I meant of course a 9 to 5 job. :-) ...In terms of Sam, no decision yet, there is too much to consider. I keep you updated. ...it´s late now and I should already be in bed. Laters Pilgrim...and please comment.


What my Doctor means and my new courses

My doc means I´m too sensible for the massages, and I told him, wtf., I´m not sick! After all he gave me recipe for electric massages, even it was already more convenient already the first time. Now my leg seels well again! ...John, I gotta think about your most good questions. Sorry for another short post, but the Sam-thing is to be well overthought ²all... Wkboy, your comments are always welcome, and always welcome! :-) ...My new schedule looks like a 5to9 job, I have 2hrs. per week on mondays as conference class, to talk about my practice. That´s all! Laters Pilgrim


Date and a good laugh

Sam asked me out last evening, and we went to my café de choix, Les Deux Magots fot a lengthy talk, if I would take him back after all. He is clean and sober now and started his juristic studies now. It seemed, as if he was all of the guy I met some years ago. That makes it a bit difficult for me to decide. ...On a different note, I couldn´t sleep last nite because these dry massages(minds off the gutter!) on my leg always give me cramps like hell. I took magnesia pills but they worked only little better as bananas, as you paramedics told me. ...Then, before I fall asleep, I want you to thank David for his hilarious two posts. I coukdn´t hold me laughing! :-D Laters Pilgrim...and please comment, or do I have to carry you to comment!? :-)


132 € is enough per month!

This one is a german prob. It seems, that especially in Berlin they every now and then come up w/new ideas how to cut down the cost for jobless peepz. So, a german tabloid refers to some professor, who apparently said that the amount noted in the header is sufficient(Source:ArteTVlive/Bild) .I can´t help it, though I don´t have to live by the so called Hartz IV, which is officially 359€ per month. In my view it is not even near a minimum wage, even if the state pays the rent and health insurance. But this is Germany. In France there is a similar thing going, but not comparatible. As for the rest of EU or rest of the world I don´t know. And for you, living in Berlin, tonite there is a public? firework of the Pyronale, the european champioships of fireworkers. Have you all a nice We. ...Martin, thx for the comment...and David deleted his Blog Game post after being 11 comments behind Mboy!

You scare me

On the one hand no one commented on my last post, on the other I get 3 new followers. Or were you all busy to look at the race for comments between David and Mboy?*lol* ...However, if you comment, do it first on the last post, before you comment here. Please comment! :-) Laters Pilgrim...p.s., last standing Mboy 31 - David 20


Fail and first physio here

I slept in like 10am CET, when Rafiq rang on my celly to wake me up and remind me that it is friday. I was convinced it were saturday. So I sort of speed showered while having my morning coffee and darted towards PMU. The office closes at noon for the weekend and I needed my confirmation on my courses. Phew. ten minutes before they shut down I entered and got my papers. Later this afternoon I had my first appointment in the new physiotherapy and they explained to me very detailed, what they intend to do for my leg, at least nothing that will kill me immediately. Tadah Pilgrim


My Wish

...that David would aquire a a windoows comment scheme at least, same for James, Jason and Tyler(Forsaken03). But we can´t have always what we want! We know it, but we can´t do nothing about it.Translation Christa Wolf, german( to english).I find it disappointing. that I have to log in each time I enter me blog since recent.I can live with it, though it´s annoying. In the end we are one family, one blogosphere! Laters Pilgrim...please comment! :-)

Misunderstandings afoot

I found the sardonic tip of Martin where to look for more pejoratifs towards german, thx! :-p ...Lunario related my refal to speak german to the Great Famine and the englsh speaking Irish, epnymous fail! :-p ...Sammi has not the background on me to judge my decision. ...To make this clear; it was no decision, but the mere absence of possibilities to speak german. So I talk arabic to many of my friends, french is my native language, english first foreign language, spanish second, german third. And now I´d like to know who of you with mutilingual upbringing speaks permanently in a third language he/she harly knows correctly to spell a word in?! Think about it, before you hopefully answer me. ...My negative view on Germany is not just rooted in the two 4yrs. uninvited visits by the germans, but also by some things that happened especially during WW II to my paternal family. But I won´t go in to details. Be sure, it didn´t improve my image of germans when I learned those things. Laters Pilgrim


Not another war

Today is the 70th anniversary of the german assault on Poland. I can´t say which war was more cruel, since Belgium was visited by the Boches twice in the last century for each time 4yrs. So, we have no good meaning of germans still, my Dad even wasn´t allowed to speak german in Kindergarden until my Grandma moved back to Germany and he eventually learned the language, which I still refuse to speak though I can understand it and even speak(with a hard accent). Laters Pilgrim...sorry for the weird post last nite.


To David de la Cruz/ Another random post

Since I can´t comment on your comment scheme, I hope you read me here! You make a complete fool out of you, being jealous on M.boy. He has certainly mor guts than a lot of the other bloggers, and is a nice boy. As for pics, he is not so exhibitionist as you, but if you go back in his blog you find pics! Despite, many blogs in our part of the blogosphere are more or less txt-blogs like mine. You either accept it or you are deffo in the wrong place or time. ...Well, rant over, now to something completely different. I have a couple of theoretical lessons per week, I found out this morning, but 3/4 of the time I do research for the next 2 yrs. So I´ll be still much younger than most of you when I promote to Ph.D. ...I also was at my Doc here, to get some info on what shall happen now to my leg, and he told me that I don´t need no fitness studio but a reha, though it could be done in some special reha-fitness studio on a non clinical basis regarding the circumstances. He tagged a specialists studio for me, in the 19th. Thx Doc! That means an hours ride un the Métro or by car, depending on the traffic downtown, since it it across the city for me. Well, sometimes, life almost sucks! lLaters Pilgrim


Random stuff

Thx to those who wished me well for the upcoming college year, but I´m in my doctorates, so only a few day per month of colloquial sermon, technichally no uni at all, but praxis at the adjacent Institut Pierre et Marie Curie and Institut Louis Pasteur. Tomorrow I will go to find out what theoretical stuff PMU has to offer, that could be of interest to me. ...then I´ll look into yellow pages(did it already today) to find a good fitness center for fully recover my darn leg. ...Oh yeah, you will like this news! My Gf got an invitation to the Vogue Fashion Week 2009/2010 and guess who will be her company at the catwalk? Yay, right, it´s me! :-) I´d never been on such an event, so this will thrill me somewhat....and Sam called to make sure that I´m back. Maybe we meet next week. So long! Laters Pilgrim


Chez moi - At home

Landed at CDG early afternoon, the flight was allright, even with some lunch aboard. At the airport each of us picked a cab and headed home. My cab was already on Blvd. Raspail, when I suddenly felt like 5 persons were missing. Lonely, though relieved to be home. As expected the appartment was uninhabited, Fabrice on a tour d´Europe with a new sponsor. The concierge handed me our mail, helped me w/my luggage and told me, that my car is fine. In the appartment there was a half filled ashtray, but the concierge had been shopping, so there was already some food and s/thing to drink. Before I started to unpack my suitcases, I got me a coke, sat on rhe sofa in front of this ashtray, lighted a cigarrette. I am back home! :-) Tadah Pilgrim


Breakdown and return

First off, I´d like to thank the meaningful comments on my last post. Iam glad to have some of the more apt bloggers among my followers.(No offense!) :-) ...on monday eve. Mozilla had a networkprob., I tried to solve it by finding another non IE-server, but my driver crashed. So I was unable to connect anyhow and had to bring my laptop in to repair. Took them 3 (three)days to restore and update. ...Tomorrow we will return to Paris, schools and uni start next week. My therapist said that my leg is pretty fine and purposed me to join a treadmill a.ak.a. fitness studio to strengthen my muscles especially by ergometer and rowing, so both legs get the same treatment, the weaker somewhat more. She asked for my Doc in Paris to send him my dossier via snailmail, but then he which studio to go to and advise them what to do w/me or what I may do at their´s. Laters, packing Pilgrim...any idea how to barr(erase) this follower "F"?...p.p.s.s., please tell me in the usual anonymously way how you start your average day. Anything else doesn´t mean preference of coffee or tea but extraordinary morning usances. :-)...p.p.p.s.s.s, what did Courious Wolf really write? I was too late, his blog unfortunately was already deleted. :-(


As I am

you get more about me u obviously have no idea of me! Me is a a very coomplicated person. Maybe I you mo
re on on my 200 th post .For now it´s just another mystery about me. Iwill sty an eternal mystery!


It was a weird evening

When we met last evening Bilals eyes were literally falling out of his head. That alone was worth the dress up. :-D After he was breathing again I introduced Deniz to him as "my friend". Deniz gave my a short odd glance, but then he played along. But then Bilal adressed me in french and made it clear that he is in to me. I suddenly remembered, that when I was like ten yrs. old he used to come over to my Dad for extra lessons in french, he lived in our immediate neighborhood then. Anyway, we went to a turkish restaurant where Deniz sat at my side of the table, Bilal opposite us. I had Adana Kebab, Deniz chose Koefte and Bilal s/thing with liver and rice, forgot what is was called. While we were waiting to be served we talked a bit in our common language for the eve., but it was just conversation. Somehow I gathered that Bilal was jealous about Deniz*lol*, the only really straght one of us three. But Deniz made a convincing lover. Maybe because he plays theater in school. And looking at us, Bilals dark eyes went almost black as his face gave a rather grim expression. We dined in silence, and after Bilal had finished, he stood up, payed his meal and went out w/out a word nor looking back. I hope that was it, since after my call the other day he has my number. On the other hand I guess, I reached my goal to deffo get rid of him. Well, Deniz and I finished our meals, paid and left to go to the movies to watch this highly acclaimed "Iglourious Bastards". But we didn´t like it too well. After the movie we went to him, so I could redress myself, then had some drinks. At around dawn I left him for home even though he offered me a sleepover. Woke up well after noon, called Deniz to thank him again. Maybe we meet again for tonite w/my Gf., and Rafiq. Have a nice We. where ever you are. :-) Laters Pilgrim...I hope John´s question is answered within this post.


An appointment to me, a date to him

Since it´s friday, I eventually called Bilal,this turkish friend. I asked him out(not mentioning another turkish friend-friend would accompany me) to a turkish restaurant, to make it clear,what I want. Deniz will accompany me, after lending me a pair of real low-waist, that are so fashoinable in Germland. Unfortunately his size is 30, mine is 28(waistline, Lunario!). And I wanted to ask him for a low-waist jeans. Further on I´ll wear a pink Tee. If that doesn´t look gay, I have no idea. If you got some w/in the next two hrs. I´d be grateful! Laters Pilgrim


Long day

At like 8.30am CET I was at physio,it´s ´kay now, but when I left there, I got a call from my li´l Bro to pick him up from school, since they had already almost 30C/88F at 10 am! So I did and then we hung in at Mom´s and despite of three ventilators we still have like 27C/80F indoors. After 3 bottles of ice tea I stopped counting. At noon I made us sandwiches, s/thing light to not force us to transpire more than necessary. I mean, I´m not allergic on such temps., but it´s quite a difference to have it in the country or near the sea or on an island. I can bear w/it in Beyrout or Ibiza, but not in H-Town. Well, I´ll finish here. Comments?! Laters Pilgrim...p.s., do you like my backgroud pic?

My Laptop Backgroundpic

On Earth day, right before and after, left during the hour long power cut.


Hot day and a call

This morning I was at the physio and had a throughout massage of my gum-leg. After the yarn is removed, I really enjoy it! :-) We have a day my Dad only remembers from 2003, 30c/88F, and tomorrow we shall get like 35C/98F. My Dad already wears his tropical hat, like we were in the colonies. Maybe he´s right! ...late afternoon Sam called me to reassure himself that I still live. He wants me back, since he´s off the rehab, but I want him just as a friend. Do you get me?...my little bro and me were at the zoo to look for the li´l leopards. They were so cute! Sorry, no pics yet, but I´ll try, when my older Bro is back from a RFCC-Gontest in Birmingham. My Gf made a great bbq last eve., so I was so fed that I hain´t eaten since. :-) Tadah Pilgrim



This frieds connect friends is commrcial and virus infected and seemingly undeletebale! Laters Pilgrim


Physiotherapy and heat

Well, as told, today was my first Gum-leg therapy, a soft leg massage below the knee(take your minds out of the gutter!), then a bit of ergometric cycling, then I had a massive cramp in my leg, so I received a light electric massage which easened my pain. My first ever cramp, I always thought old peepz get cramps.*shrug* ...that was this morning ´round 10am CET, when I was home it was like 28C/84F out there. Now, as I write this, it´s still 23C/74F. List of drinks today: coffee, ice tea(almost frozen,forgot to take it out the freezer), water, water and more water. Had like 5 sms from Turkboy, didn´t respond him though. ...which reminds me...Sammi, thx for the french post, I understood it apart from some mistakes of time or relation. When will I be able to comment you en direct? :-( ...@Jamsey, mission accompli! :-) Did you get my mails? ...@Urs, I ain´t your canim, you got a wife and kids. :-p ...and please some more comments, you know, I like it and you! :-) Tadah Pilgrim


He checked me out

My new turkish friend and met last evening for pizza and ice tea. We mostly talked about random things until he started to name me Canim. My sweet one in english. I was like "what do you wanna tell me?" and he blushed. Maybe I was a bit too straight. But then, I usually act straight. When somebody falls for me, I can´t help it to be amused. Anyway, he then told me what I think of a friendship. I asked him back, what he meant by this. He felt a little uncomfy and dropped the subject. We left and I said I call him in the next days, knowing if I say so, I don´t it most prbly. ...on another note; from tomorrow I receive physio therapy for my gum-leg on a daily assignment. Hope to get fit before vacations end in about two weeks time. Tadah Pilgrim



This is probably the most underestimated church holiday, since nobody lesser than the mother of our Lord Jesus Chirist was taken to heaven by God for she was more than just your average mother. Ste. Mary led a life that brought her many adoration, even from the apostles. So she was in the early centuries seen as a teacher of the faith. In her assumption she received the insignias of a queen, and she is the first person ever to be sainted. So, thi is the day of worship to her. I wrote this post only to remind my catholic brethren of her importance. Laters Pilgrim


My weakness

Sure, I said I don´t need my crutches anymore. This is technically right, but after some wks. of lying on the chaise longue especially my left leg is pretty weak, it sometimes feel like caochuc when I stand straight up. And before I provoke another fall down, I take the right hand crutch as a walking aide. Don´t consider me to be a whining pimp now, I´m far from that, it´s a sheer physical thing. Nonetheless, we go to an exhibition in a nearby city about Otto II, german king, emperor of the holy roman empire of german nation 1000 years ago. You know it´s this empire, that Napoleon crushed in 1805, or the first reich. Anyway, now lunch, then we´re off. Laters Pilgrim...Wk., please read your comments! :-)...Oh, and before I forget it, don´t you take an example in Davids "Small Town Chat, never! To give up only because one doesn´t get the expected amount of comments, is ridicoulousy! But then, I can´t comment on a lot of blogs I follow, simply because they have this below the post page commenting system.


I may walk

Yay! The doc removed my bandage, inspected the stiches and just put a band aid over it. Then he told me I am recovering well, so I can skip the crutches and walk around like a sound Pilgrim. Only rollerblading is forbidden for another 4 wks, which sucks, because I´ll miss out on two major contests. At least I now can accompany my Gf. on her tours and take back my place from Rafiq. ...In other news, Sam is free again, after 2 months in detox in Bretangne. He sms-ed me, asking if I where anywhere near to end my vacations. I return sms-ed him, that we won´t be in Paris before school/uni starts. In the next days I prbly. will txt later in the evenings, due to some day travels we wanna take.This evening Mom cooks s/thing special, then we´ll have some Limoncello w/Mineral water on ice.It´s new to me so I don´t know how it wll taste, but Mom says, it tastes like summer. Tadah Pilgrim...welcome back in the Blogosphere, Jamsey!


A call

Val called me around lunchtime, and I was really surprised. He actually only wanted to know when we come back to Paris. But as longer the convo went, the more he went in to phonesex!*lol* I was like arrgh and before he came or whatever, Ihung up. Ain´t it ridiculous what some peepz do at the phone? :-D Tadah Pilgrim

Un tip pour ce soir

Tonight at 9pm CET on Arte they show a classic/cult movie, "DIVA". You, how have either cable or rather Sat dishes should watch it, I only can highly recommend it! I won´t sound like Benji, but at times I might give you tips, what´s whorth to watch in Euroland, as long as it speaks english or rather francais. In case you live not in a french or german speaking country or overseas, you can try the net, or tomorrow. Laters Pilgrim



I have several themes in the pocket, but at appropriate time, not right now. ...Thx to those(you know who you are) to give me so positive comments on my last post. :-) ...@Michelle, I consider to post some recipes of lebanese origin soon. ...This morning I was at the hospital to let them change my bandage and asked the doc, how long recovery would take. He gave a pretty blank look as if had asked for an immediate wonder, then he said I would have to wait at least 4 more weeks. So, a bleak outlook on my further vacation plans. Anyway, Rafiq and my Gf. have a great time and my lil Bro enjoys them, while I spend my days in front of an almost broken TV(no picture, only sound). If you can cheer me up a little, be it here or on your blogs, d be grateful. Tadah Pilgrim...wow, looks as if it is a real post! :-D



This post should reflect on how I see myself in company of my friends, who are mostly muslims. I respect them fully as they do to me, though there are sometimes discussions on religious questions like why to eat halal these days, where everybody has a fridge or freezer, or how we see Taliban and Peoples Mujahiddin. Sometimes I end up lecture them about the differnces on the latter subject. And most of them never heard about the Satanic Verses by Sir Salman Rushdie, let alone about the Fatwa Khomeini ruled on Rushdie. So some of my friends like Rafiq(e.g.) consider me more muslimic than catholic, which is funny to me, since I argument strictly from a catholic piont of view, another one even aked me once, if I were a Sunnite! Of course not, I only read the Qur´an with the confidence of not becoming influenced by it. They, on the other hand, rarerly know the Bible nor the Qur´an, that they only read in their Mosques. They call my name in the arab version, I get invited to liberal as well to more conservative families on Bayram, while we also hang out toghether, blading, some even drink alcohol when I drink Coke. And only few of them take Ramadhan serious, while I take Lent as it was meant. You see, all in all we are not so different at all, when you have the chance to become real friends. In this sense Sala´am Aleikum, have all a nice weekend, Inch Allah! Laters Pilgrim

Met the turkish boy again

Yep,tonite I met him again! He looks good, has an unexplicable sexappeal and gave me his number after a quite a talk. I´happy! :-) Short one, Iknow. Tadah Pilgrim


Ugh! Siesta!

Yeah, I get spanish/SoCal habitudes when it´s like 90F/31C! Kiddo and my Gf. are at the zoo, they had free tickets, and they have a lot of beast kids, esp. Leopards, of which the li´l One is amazed. Meanwhile, I was in hospital to let them change my bandage, but this time they´ve put a sort of selfdiposable pad in my wound, gave me 5 stiches and an antibiotic injection for a week and the new, not yet blood-soaked bandage. Mom said I could take a Pernod a l´eau to kill the fucking itching in my leg and it works thou.gh the Pernod makes me sweat even in front of 3(three) ventilator. Depending where you live, have a cool day! :-) Tadah Pilgrim...P.S., and if you want more of today, comment now! :-)


Dog Day Afternoon

It´s all like li´l bugs under my bandage in this warmth, we have about 86F/29C atm., my li´l Bro had heat free right on his first day at school after summer vacations, so my Dad picked him up at school and brought the little darling over to let me babysit him. I was like get out of here, I´m a star!; the li´l gun always comes up w/crazy ideas, he wanted me to come along to a public pool. Imust add, atm I´m not even allowed to shower, just wash over the sink. As he insisted, I simply called a buddy, whose peepz have backyard pool, and know him. My Gf. drove him over there and will bring him back for dinner. ...On a heavier note; today is Hiroshima-Day. You all know what that means! Laters Pilgrim...P.S., don´t forget to comment!


Public Party, bad "Joke" and hospital

We were at the so called Maschsee-Fest, an almost monthlong public party around an artificial lake in the downtown area. It was much fun, music I like, though I was only on Sprite(unspiked!). On our way back to the parking some pretty blotted germ thought it was fun to kick my left crutch off so that I fell to the left, where my injured leg is. It was dry so my clothes weren´dirt soaked, but my leg was bleeding. My Bro drove me to hospital, where they put me to the E.R. again, unwrapped the bandage and stopped the bleeding, gave me a new bandage. gave me a dozen more bandages to go and my Bro drove me home. A turkish boy gave this germ a good one, helped me up and my Bro to bring me to the car. Too bad I couldnásk for his number, he was a real good looking boy my age. Anyway, still alive, though not kicking, Pilgrim


Fairly well

At the doc this morning, he took the drain tube off, plastered and bandaged my leg, gave me another prescription of antibiotics and Voltaren, then I was sent home to see him next week again. Don´t misunderstand me, I´m still on crutches. ...Last sunday my older Bro had his 21st b-day, so there was a party and all the shebang, I decided to cease my meds for that day, so I could have at least one drink. For the rest of the day I relayed on Sprite/Icetea, but not not for long, since the icetea bottle was open, Rafiq spiced it w/vodka, to the effect, that I got drunk, but not so much that I weren´t able to walk w/my crutches. Anyway, it was a fairly good day. ...Tomorrow my ´rents and li´l Bro arrive back from Sylt, and I can watch my Gf. running around, trying to clean Mom´s appartment, while I watch either her or TV.*g* ...I was a bit disappointed, that my last post found so little interest. So I´ve put up a new poll on the subject. Please vote, so I´ll know, whether to continue or leave you in ignorance. Tadah Pilgrim


The light in Europe

Today, 95 yrs. ago, the Btitish Empire Central, London, asked the german ambassador in to the Foreign Office, where Sir Edward Grey handed him over the Declaration of War, in duty to the british guarantees towards Belgium. Here the WW I really started. "Now the lights in Europe turn off" is his famous quote obout this day. Laters Pilgrim


...to end all wars

In case you guys and gals forgot why you had no Greatgrandfather or Grandfather(for the older ones of you), today marks the 95th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. ...too bad I don´t dig this layout stuff for txts, so no poem by Wystan H. Auden(+1916 at the Somme), but a pic of the belgian commander-in-chief, S.M. Albert I., Roi des Belges.



Last evening I sort´a lost balance on my way to bed and fell backwards at a doorframe in Mom´s appartment. Result: a hurting back. So I was driven by Bro to our beloved doc and had a X-ray, which proved that my back ain´t so bad, just a little pression on it. Luucky me. Laters, still allive Pilgrim


It got worse

So, this morning my Doc here sent me as urgent to a hospital. I have an abcess at my injured leg, which had to be opened, amd oh my...the Doc at the E.R. cut it open and the whole soup of reddish-greenish yellow jerked on his overall. What a stench! UUaahhrrgg! Then they cleaned the wound w/some antibiotic/antiseptic liquid, put a small drain tube w/a small bag on the outter end in it, plastered and bandaged my leg and wanted me on station. But we made an agreement, that I´ll take my antibiotics and call them, if whatever happens thru weekend, and show up on monday. ...That means 4 scheduled paties this weekend are cancelled and a ruined one as well.For now I´m laying on a chaise longue, but I´m still alive...Laters Pilgrim...P.S. @Torchy, what did you mean?


Just a quickie

@Sammi, to me nothing yet has changed, try Blogger. ...What did I want to say? Hmmm?! Oh yeah,@ Lu., small wonder you can´t understand my disgust, you don´t know much after a 3-4hrs. visit to Dull-City. There are some nice spots, I have to admit, but when it comes to the question of where in Germany to live, I´d rather say Hamburg or Bonn. So, have a nice morning, noon, afternoon, evening or night, where ever you live. Tadah Pilgrim


Hangover ain´t home

Let alone, that w/out my Gf. and later on my Bro I couldn´t have made it to Dull-City, because I need a crutch to walk, the voyage back was fine. I got upgraded in the plane because of the crutch, and my Dad has let me sit in the front seat of his Cheyenne. He likes old cars too. :-) ...@ Martin, my german is worse than your english, so forget it! Comprenden?! ...My Bro and some of our buddies are out blading, there will be a tour contest from Grindhouse the upcoming weekend, so they are training, sort´a. Though not me. ...@Torchy, if you sent me a pm, it didn´t work try again under my web.de now! :-) Tadah Pilgrim



Earlier this afternoon we(exept Val, who went directly to Paris) arrived at Dull-City, to see my family. Five minutes of hugging and happiness, then started the reasoning. Anyway, I´m used to it, so no big deal. Mom cooked a lebanese dinner, best meal in weeks. The brits can´t cook and it´s not a preoccupation, it´s a fact. Only those who were abroad for a while can do it. Next week my family goes on a short vacation, since school starts for my little Bro in like 2 1/2wks. again. They go somewhere to an northsea island named Sylt. Meanwhile we can housesittng and relax for two weeks. Life can be wonderful. Tadah Pilgrim


Packed and ready to depart

We packed our stuff and my Gf. and me needed actually a 2nd suitcase, but thxto my Bro it fitted all more or less in one. The rest was was packed in to my backpack, so I prbly. have to pay over the allowed kg.s. I mean , Idon´t care, but it is annoying. @Brendan, if that is your name, you wanna make me fear you? Have fun then! :-D I know what I know!And I laugh about you! You are anonymous and you will prbly. be it forevever. So, why could I bother on your hatemail?! Pah! Tadah Pilgrim


A bit confused

First off, Samad pointed out I were leaving détails out, Torchy secunded him. Well, to your disappointment I am as reclusive as Torchy, but a bit lesser conservateur. Despite that, Val´s parents had agreed that he came w/us. Rafiq is a lebanese student in Paris, his family in Lebanon can be found on Wikipedia. Have fun searching! He is a friend-friend of mine, not an euphemism friend as Val. And then, english parents are maybe a bit more de rigeur than french in regard of parental education. At last, who has the words of Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood in his coat of arms? England? Laters Pilgrim...p.s., this was not the post I intended to txt. Anyway, here you go!...p.p.s.s.,, don´t mix Rafiq withe late lebanese Prime Minister of the same first name. :-)He is way christian, the latter was a muslim.

My part of the party

I had taken the fisrst presribed pill at the time we arrived home, then another one early afternoon and one for the eve. Didn´t drink much, but felt soon dizzy(not like drunk) and withdrew from the party to go upstairs in my and my Gf.s sleepingroom, layed on the bed watching tv and trying to resore a lost file. Mozilla soon didn´t play along, maybe because I hadn´t downloaded so much at once lately or my system was changed from XP, which worked well w/me to Vista, which I despise, to say it in nice words! Anyway the party is still on, a mix of my Bro´s club mixes and Oli´s hardrock, sounds both to me like Klaus Nomi on acid! :-) And Iknow Val dislikes hardrock. I´ll get the reviews later today. I go to sleep, so no more comments on other blogs tonite, nor readding my own ones. Good nite Pilgrim...p.s.Samad, dont you think, you wanna delve a bit too deep in to my private life?!...and some peepz seemingly don´t know how to change their comment systems! :-/...but you, you know who you are can comment, please, I want your input, your thoughts on me! :-)


Just back from the hospital

Thx for your advice, this morning I went to see a doc at a private(non NHS) hospital, got x-rayed and they said that nothing´s broken, just a ripped muscle in the lower legs hind and some bruised ribs in the back. The doc set out a recipe for...you guessed right, Voltaren. Ater that was done I could leave, 2 hrs. waiting, 1/2 hr. of treatment. Anyway, today is Val´s big 16th, so party is set for this eve, an exclusive selmade dinner before. Oli was so kind to drive me to hospital and back, on the way back we bought some presents for Val. Now I hope, that my genes are more of my Dads, so I have a strong stomach and that I don´t get polluted on my meds and some glasses tonite. Tadah Pilgrim


Preparing Val´s B-day and an injury

So, our gals were not shoe shopping, but for Val, my young lover. They bought flowers, belgian chocolat, some more caviar, sour cream, all the stuff they thought it´s neccessary for a 16th b-day.*lol* Who invented rhe word that men can´t understand women? ´kay, I knew we guys straight or bi, have no answer to that, but maybe some of my older followers can tell me. :-) ...We guys were in Eastend, Waltsomething, and Central, ripping the spots like nothing, it was real fun! I tried an alley-oop baslide to 180 out and wretched my right underlegs sein. Sorryfor not knowing the right words in english. Sammi and his french as a smalltown kid just amazed me too much. :-) ...Sammi, please read my RE: to you one post earlier. ...Currently I nourish myself of Voltaren to kill the pain in my leg. Still alive, Pilgrim...WE are drinking the leftovers from yesterday now, as the germs say "die reste vom feste!"...Sammi, you must´ ve pushed rhe wrong button, can´t still not comment on you, darling....p.s., my backribs also hurt, gotta see a doctor tomorrow or wait until I´m out of reach of the NHS!...p.p.s.s., comment me even in the new outfit of that section. :-)

Remainders of the day

´kay, this is Oli again, but don´t focus on him, but on the space below. It pretty much shows, what was consumed during our little party. My Bro took this pic, since I lack the ability to upload photos on a laptop, exept for bluetooth. On another note, I wonder how we manage to let him take part in our convos, he is the only one who speaks no french. Someone either translates to him, but as a general agreement we usually speak english, in various accents from french to arabic to american, to londonian. You could think it´s a Commonwealth conference.*g* Later, if weather allows Oli shows us some of his favorite skatespots and we rip it a bit. :-) And his Girlfriend takes mine for another shopping spree. Laters Pilgrim

May I introduce

Tis is Oli, the guy who hosted our party and is our friend since like 5 yrs. in termes of aggressive inlineskating and our keeper for the time being. Good looking, huh?! More in plain daylight. Laters Pilgrim


Jour de la Inauguration de Léopold I. 1838

Today is the belgian national holiday! All of the belgians over theb world will party today. So will we. For you non-belgians, have a nice day anyway. The full details you can find under http://famille royale.be/fr,, but there is a german and flamand version too, what you can understand. Tadah Pilgrim


Preparing our national holiday

So, with several shopping bags we went itno the local Tesco. I gathered some odd loks by other customers when they peaked at our Lauren, Abercromie or my Gf.s Gucci labels.*lol* We went there to get the neccassary food stuff to prepare tomorrow as it is the belgian national holiday, as well as drinks, some champaign, Stella Artois(belgian beer) etc. Ste stays till wednesday so he parties w/us. Btw., how many cigarrettes can one take from England to Germland? Any idea? We only travel EU, but you rather reread the post about Rafiq´s probs at the "british"-irish border. So long, we go to Jaimie Olivers restaurant for dinner tonite, my Bro knows him and made an appiontment for all of us, kind of pay back to Oli, our keeper til we depart. Tadah Pilgrim...p.s., Gomad, I was only the one from Bray undie thief missing, and stocked up to four now. :-)...pp.ss., for those who read /looked on KissTony´s blog that one got nuked this morning CET! Fyi...and please some more comments!


Last late afternoon Ste drove us to London, where we met up w/my Bro and the other buddies at another Posse members appartment. It´s pretty crowded now, but who cares when you can lodge for free. Not much going on atm, we go a bit for shopping, as long we still have GBP. :-D I guess for like 500quid we get some brands, Abercrombie, Cardin and Ralph Lauren(new undies). *g* Laters Pilgrim...p.s., Sammi, no offense! :-), and thx for following


Lamb in mintsauce and a visit to a grave

For lunch Ste´s Mom prepared lamb in mintsauce, my very first one, though aided by my Gf., who insisted on fresh mint.*g* I know she can cook, although I can cook too, but here I´m a visitor and allowed in the kitchen only for drinks. Whatever food is concerned we get asked what we want. After lunch Ste, my Gf. and me went to the cemetery and Chris´grave. He is in a real nice spot, that he alive would have liked for sure. I bought flowers to lay them down at his tombstone and did, followed by a "Ave Maria" prayer, though he was anglican. Then a military salute and after that we sat on a bench nearby and Ste told me more of the living Chris. He was an outgoing person with a good sense of practical jokes, yet able to have serious talks. The latter I experienced myself on the occasion. Ste put his arm around my shoulder when he thought, I would start to cry again, my Gf. held my hand for almost the whole time. When we arrived back home, Ste´s Mom had made a perfect arab tea, which was really deli. Tell ya, you must love this family, if you knew them! Laters Pilgrim...@Torchy, Ste now has another(second?) email addy.Fyi.


Bombed et désavoué

So we were at Chris´rents, and guess what?! They took me for his lover. So wrong, so wrong! I didn´t bother to correct them, but told them my story. They were more than baffled! Thhen I showed them my laptop and they understood, how we became friends. It was so moving, as they reacted on me. His Mom hugged me, his Dad shook my hand until it almost fell off. Tomorrow we will go to see his tomb at the cemetary. They showed me his still preserved room, a mix of gay and straght pics on the walls, but bno hints of real gayness. And before we left, his Mom gave me a pic of Chris before he had this letal pneumonia. He looked great! If anybody thinks different, tell me! You are liars!...Going to his fave spot now, bye Pilgrim

I´m afraid

First off I want to thank you, who showed so much sympathy in dark hours. You are all very appreciated and special to me. ...A bit later this afternoon(CET), Ste and I are going over to meet Chris´ family.Our Girls take a seaside walk at that time. But then there is no hand to hold or squeeze when I feel like, as the other day. Even Ste hugged me to console me, no english attitude at all. I was so wrecked last nite, I felt like HMS Warspite at her last travel to the docks. I know, it´s a bit pathetic, but that how I feel. No cool air as I use to have, but a mere orphan like in Rimbaud´s "L´etrennes des orphélins". Wish me luck,peepz, you know who you are. Laters Pilgrim...P.S., Torchy, if you read me, please anwer my email.


Dinner and tears

We had dinner at some indian. Curry-Chicken. I, though I don´t tend to cry nuch,I cried as much as as possible! I was competely off my miind. Please give me some advice!

Brighton and Ste.s family

So we arrived in Brighton around 3pm, and were immediatly welcomed to stay at Ste.s ´rents house. Meanwhile we(Gf. and me) made us comfy in the guest room, got some sandwiches of our choice and Coke. Then we talked a bit about this and that, seemingly to no point, but then Ste hit the button and Gf left us for a nap, while I got so much input on Chris, that I almost started to cry. Ste.s mom recognized the situation and made her son to row way back. From his face I could see, that he was really sorry to have spilled some beans before it was time. They are so nice to us, especially to me, I don´t know what to say. Tomorrow I wll meet Chris´family. I hope this won´t bring me to tears, although I don´t cry easily. But Chris was a friend of mine, and the third decease of humans close to me within 2 yrs. First was my Grandma, 78, killed by a speeding car, a month later my adopted Brother,24, by cardiac arrest, another two months later Chris,19, of pneumonia. But they all live on as long they won´t get forgotten. So, remember your dead, they deserve it. Laters Pilgrim...have a nice weekend y´all! :-)

Je te donne my number

This is what undie thief wrote me and pushed it under the main entrance, where I found it this morning. ...The flight was ok, my first time on Air Lingus. Now, since we´re going to Brighton(Ste picked us up at LHR), this post is short. Laters Pilgrim...p.s., I´ll read and comment you later too. :-) Promise!


If any of you wanna do me a favor, go to myminicity.com, seach for the above named ton/village and link it to follow to make it a real city! Thx in advance and good nite from Bray/Ireland. Tadah PilgrimRR


To Forsaken03 and Kringe....

Thx for following, but if you please change your comment system, I were very grateful. Can´t answer you only this way atm. Laters Pilgrim...same goes for Kringe.

An Apology and other things

First off I want to apologize for beind so selfish and ignorant towards you all. But I was angered and annoyed about what only Gomad seemed to have read. @Michelle, why are you so angry on me now?...Today we packed our suitcases, backpachs etc. for departing to England. Then we had a little time out, sitting on the terrace in the frontyard(towards the sea), when I saw the neighbors cuteboy in their frontyard toying around in my Ralph Lauren boxerbriefs! It was deffo mine. I went over and confronted him with this fact, he blushed(more red than his hair, whis is reddish-blond) and was undressing to give it back to me. I declined and went back to our house. I mean, how weird is it, to steal other peepz underwear!? I don´t need such freaks! At least I know, where it is, and that the launderette is innocent. Tomorrow we fly to London, where my Gf. and me leave the others to go to Brighton to meet Ste. :-) Tadah Pilgrim


Seemingly no interrest

You guys would´ve anwered my deleted post! But my life seems not to interest anyway! I ask myself, whether to blog on or not or however, I´m annoyed!R´n´R Pilgrim


Quatorze Juillet

220 yrs. ago the siege of the Bastille and its storming started the french revolution. On behalf of this holiday we will have a bigger bbq. w/Cuteboy, wine and champaign. And we are allowed by request to the local police to burn a firework on the beach. It´s ganna be a great day! Tadah Pilgrim

Evening out

So, as I said, we were a bit clubbing, at a bar/lounge here in Bray. It was not too crowded, but we had to go a bit early, because of the two minors, Val and Neighbors cuteboy. The both of of them couldn´t be more ctradictionary. Val is french nobility and dresses like a preppy, Cuteboy is from rural Bretagne near Brest. He dresses a lot more fancy (or should I say gay?), this eve he wore low-waist baggies and a short arm leather shirt, he bought in Dublin the other day. Together w/his all over good looks one could think, he´s gay. Then Val doesn´t talk much, while Cuteboy is a real chatbox.Anyway, my Gf. made our eve telling them of her career, and I thought I knew already all about her. ...I never considered me having a gaydar, but it pinged a bit, when I saw Cuteboy and when we kissed good bye as the french do. I´m getting a bit confused. Tadah Pilgrim


Another odd day

Now I understand why Jamsey went to Florida! The weather here is just a four-letter-word! We only went out(by car) to buy beer, lemonade and some food. Otherwise it was a good idea to take some DVDs along. This day is really a DVD and chips (not the chips of fish´n´chips). Maybe some clubbing tonite w/Al, who knows where to go in Dublin. Laters Pilgrim


Peeling and Rain

Val currenltly looks like Wet Kyle described Justin Berfield on "Malcolm in the Middle".*lol* It rained all morning, but cleared up around noon. We had a bbq w/neighbors this evening, a nice one, w/a cute boy from our neighgbors aside, who is their son. He looked at me the same way, so, well!...Northern Ireland was quite interresting in terms of being brits or humans. I never got controlled so often in 3 days, not even in Lebanon....@John, I don´t drink/drrank that much, don´t like beer actually!But wine is so darn expensive here... Have a nice weekend you all! :-) Pilgrim...@Rapha, my celly provider won´t verify my e-mail account, so your last one might get lost.So sorry! :-(

Sunburnt and a cast of lager

Back in Bray! Val didn't realize that he can get a sunburn even in the weather here.*lol* Now he looks like an Indian. Rafiq, my Gf. and me had a cast of lager, got slightly dizzy. But I can't sleep. @Torchy, you think you are reclusive,need a cover unveiled?*lol* Rapha is the only one who knows my real name! Btw., Rapha, welcome back, Sweetie! <3 Laters Pilgrim



Torchy, do what you want, but do it!!!

Derry or Torchy?!

Didn't know, they have catholic and protestant pubs. We walked in to the first pub, when my Bro. grabbed my shoulder and told me in german, that this was a UVFjoint! So we pushed us back to find an irish one,like 2 blocks away. Weird country!...Torchy, try the no.Rapha gave you, either email, sms, or just call. Laters Pilgrim from V9i


Driving to Derry

Phew! Quite an event. We left Bray/Dublin early this morn. crossed Co. Monaghan(Hello John :-))Probs started at the border, not for us, who have EU-passports. but I had no idea, that Rafiq only possesses a lebanese passport, which made a major terror alert to the Royal Army, who searched my car so thoroghly, that I wonder the car has it´s motor still in place. Gosh, do they really think, some teenagers carry bombs or stuff for Al-Quaeda or, being catholic, for the Real IRA. To top this, Rafiq had to get a visa to get to Northern Ireland, even though he has a permanent visa for the EU! So far for Union! Laters Pilgrim...Any comments?


A night out w/Al

First off, take your brains out of the gutter! Al is the Posse-buddie I spent the last days with. Like Roomie, he´s an avid rollerblader, won the IMYTA once etc., tonite we´ll go to town(them irish have a strange dialect), having a bash(?)! Sorta fun I guess. He´s half malayan, so dinner was like that, but not as bad as in Londonian restaurants!!! We will go to an In-pub tonite, no disco or club thingy, cuz I don´t like to go. To me it´s enough to listen my older bro. like 2 times p.a. on BFBS. Exeppt for Jamsey, who of you plans a field trip? Propz Pilgrim...P.S.@Baz, please answer...@John, that island is way off Co. Monaghan, we go straight to Derry...@all, please take part on my new poll, I wanna know, what age my visitors are, regardless of whatever orientation. :-)

We´re going to Derry

Well, sorry guys, I had some trouble w/my laptop, so I stayed at a Posse-buddies home in Dublin. It´s a nice city, even w/out Jamsey.Meanwhile, my laptop got fixed,so now I´m ready for the great outdoors Btw., can somebody tell me, wheter or not we need british pounds for Northern Ireland? And again sorry, this time for a short post. I hope, I can post a bit more frequently and catch up w/comments. Laters Pilgrim


The arrival

Dublin! Yay! Deffo cooler temperature, but why didn't you tell me the drive on the wrong side? We got our rented car w/right hand stirring wheel. Very funny! The only one of us who can drive this crappy cars is my older Bro, who owns a british drivers license. That means he is the one we practically depend on him. But I ain't no nerd, so he gives me driving lessons, since we need a second car cuz we have some different places to go or/and see. So, this was my 3rd post via V9i. Tadah Pilgrim


Tropical night

Phew,what a night! 26C indoors, 22C outside. We have 3 ventilators running, but it was too much of too bad sleep. Anyway, around noon CET I get my laptop back, not new, but improved. I must admit, it's easier to txt on a celly-keyboard. :-) later this afternoon we go to Dublin, eventually. Should be cooler by any means! :-D That's it for now. Laters Pilgrim


Just a test

This post is txted on a Motorola V9i, while some spyware brought my laptop to repair. :-/ ...Happy B-day Lu, may all your wishes come true. Tadah Pilgrim


This to cheer up Sasha

Tomorrow is another day, Diva, Baby! Tadah Pilgrim

Sti.Petri et Pauli

Today a morning post on behalf of the Peter & Paul´s - Day. It is the most popular feast of any Apostles since the medieval ages, and the (State) -Holiday of Vatican city. As everybody should know, Peter was the first one chosen to follow Our Lord on earth. Paul, on the other hand was a merchant from Damascus named originally Saul, well known then for his hatred towards christians, until he, on a travel to Jerusalem, was blinded by God who told Saul, that he must not hate the christians, as this meant, he would hate His Son as well. In fear and pain Saul asked God for remedy and promised to seek the community as His servant, where upon God lifted his blindness. Paul, as he named himself after this, became eventually the last Apostle, and the only one, who never met Jesus on earth. He was the most powerful preacher of the Evangelium and an avid exeget. It is said, that Peter and Paul died at the same day.


Fresh from the shower

Well, we strolled through Dull-City, showing them the University/former chateau of the local king until 1866(hint to John), the former royal gardens, the rest of what allied Air Bomber squads left from the old inner city, then we walked in to a beer garden. Some cool drinks on a pretty warm day, french fries, having just a good time. ...now some answers; @John, as the word said "family estate" is a family owned estate(no further specification, you never know, who reads along)...@Torchy and Baz, I´m going to Brighton w/my Gf., the other guys will stay in London until we return. ...on tuesday we fly to Dublin via Heathrow. ...then, guys, welcome back to Jamsey from "Memyselfandmyhand-P", who showed a sign of life on Tom´s blog "The daily jizz", where he linked today, which means he´s back home. :-) Tadah Pilgrim

A coincidence

Today, 95 yrs. ago a bunch of serbian anarchists shot the austrian heir to the throne and his wife in the streets of Saraevo, which is known now as the immediate ignition to start WW I. ...on a lighter note, we are in Germany, me and my gal at mom´s, Val and Rafiq at my older bro´s appartment. The weather is better than expected, lunch was poulet au limon. A bit later on my Bro and I give the buddies and my Gf. a sightseeing of the city, though I don´t know what to show then in a pretty dull city. Laters Pilgrim