A last training

We have a last training for the game tomorrow. A hard gun. We play St. Etienne, who were last years champion. Uummpf!!! Elsehow I had a job to help to develop pics of our brain from last week, but in slices. So, next time, you have pineapple slices, think of me! :-D Bbl. Pilgrim...Anon. from Yugoslavia, thx1 I do not have a MSN nor Skype! Doswidanje!


WkBoy714 said...

No! Eww!
I love to eat pineapple slices!
But thinking of brain would put me off.

Mickle in NZ said...

Hope practice was encouraging for the big match. What position do you play in your Rugby team?

Will be thinking of you and your team.

care and hugs, Michelle, xxx

Pilgrim said...

Micelle, I´m forward.