An advice to Torchy and our part of the Blogosphere

Regarding the comment Torchy left me on "Eid al Fitr"(the only one), I have to admit, that I once read the qur´an for the purpose to gain arguments in religious disscussions. Since, there are peepz who regard me as a muslim. I´m far from it, but explaining a muslim where he goes wrong in his sight of Islam is always fun. :-) ...Torchy, you please never go w/your co-worker to the friday prayers, because there are some rather simple phrases and - bang - you are a muslim. It´s so simple and has nothing so prestigious as a baptism of even adults. On the other hand, if one cares a bit and avoids to go into a mosque, one is safe. But never ignore the others faith as it will only stir interreligious relations. Bbl. Pilgrim...P.S., this doesn´t mean to have muslim friends!


Anonymous said...

One of the best and most valuable courses I ever took in college was a comparative religions class. It was eye-opening to study the parallels between the western religions and contrasts with the eastern religions - it also puts you on a great footing to understand your own religious beliefs, whatever they may be. Personally I love to attend religious services of different faiths to see the different brands of public worship, sometimes you find something that may fit in to your own brand of faith

ps - love ur blog :-)

MartininBroda said...

Not to comment doesn’t mean inevitable one has no interest, It could also mean one doesn’t see his own thoughts for suitable at this place or time, today is a good example, I would prefer not to comment, but I’ve heard the reproach, so I write something I don’t want to write. Only partially, I can understand what you want to say, do you really think all people are impressible by simple words. For me, Islam is a simple religion, therefore, it has no charm for me. But I agree one should know what he doesn’t want to be. I’ve had some closer experiences with Muslims, but what has astonished me was how often they were irrational, I don’t mean beliefs but conspiracy fantasies e.g. I’m really not against members of other religions in general, but if I want to be honest I have to say at least this. Good night.

torchy! said...

well i don't have any particular desire to go, other than a passing interest, so i'm not sure yet.

thanks for the warning though