I´m fortunate

The day was rather eventless exept that I rollerbladed the first time after ripping that muscle. Later I met w/Sam, and we had some coffee and I told him my decision, to be friends w/him, but nada else. It was an informal date, no big deal, just giving him the answers he seeked by his questions. ...Val mailed me he wants to see me, but I´m still somewhat hesitant. That´s it for now. Tadah Pilgrim...p.s-, just watching "The Enron Story".


torchy! said...

glad you're able to rollerblade again. one day i'd like to get some photos of you rollerblading


Dr Mandragora said...

Out and about in the sun, what could be better than that?

I am happy to hear that you are back to your old and active self.

And I agree with torchy!.
I'd love to see you rollerblading.

Baz said...

Nice to hear you're getting back to your "old" self.
Can't wait to see torchy!'s pics!

A wise decision wrt to Sam - no reason not to remain friends, but nothing more than that.

MartininBroda said...

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