Last evening I sort´a lost balance on my way to bed and fell backwards at a doorframe in Mom´s appartment. Result: a hurting back. So I was driven by Bro to our beloved doc and had a X-ray, which proved that my back ain´t so bad, just a little pression on it. Luucky me. Laters, still allive Pilgrim


It got worse

So, this morning my Doc here sent me as urgent to a hospital. I have an abcess at my injured leg, which had to be opened, amd oh my...the Doc at the E.R. cut it open and the whole soup of reddish-greenish yellow jerked on his overall. What a stench! UUaahhrrgg! Then they cleaned the wound w/some antibiotic/antiseptic liquid, put a small drain tube w/a small bag on the outter end in it, plastered and bandaged my leg and wanted me on station. But we made an agreement, that I´ll take my antibiotics and call them, if whatever happens thru weekend, and show up on monday. ...That means 4 scheduled paties this weekend are cancelled and a ruined one as well.For now I´m laying on a chaise longue, but I´m still alive...Laters Pilgrim...P.S. @Torchy, what did you mean?


Just a quickie

@Sammi, to me nothing yet has changed, try Blogger. ...What did I want to say? Hmmm?! Oh yeah,@ Lu., small wonder you can´t understand my disgust, you don´t know much after a 3-4hrs. visit to Dull-City. There are some nice spots, I have to admit, but when it comes to the question of where in Germany to live, I´d rather say Hamburg or Bonn. So, have a nice morning, noon, afternoon, evening or night, where ever you live. Tadah Pilgrim


Hangover ain´t home

Let alone, that w/out my Gf. and later on my Bro I couldn´t have made it to Dull-City, because I need a crutch to walk, the voyage back was fine. I got upgraded in the plane because of the crutch, and my Dad has let me sit in the front seat of his Cheyenne. He likes old cars too. :-) ...@ Martin, my german is worse than your english, so forget it! Comprenden?! ...My Bro and some of our buddies are out blading, there will be a tour contest from Grindhouse the upcoming weekend, so they are training, sort´a. Though not me. ...@Torchy, if you sent me a pm, it didn´t work try again under my web.de now! :-) Tadah Pilgrim



Earlier this afternoon we(exept Val, who went directly to Paris) arrived at Dull-City, to see my family. Five minutes of hugging and happiness, then started the reasoning. Anyway, I´m used to it, so no big deal. Mom cooked a lebanese dinner, best meal in weeks. The brits can´t cook and it´s not a preoccupation, it´s a fact. Only those who were abroad for a while can do it. Next week my family goes on a short vacation, since school starts for my little Bro in like 2 1/2wks. again. They go somewhere to an northsea island named Sylt. Meanwhile we can housesittng and relax for two weeks. Life can be wonderful. Tadah Pilgrim


Packed and ready to depart

We packed our stuff and my Gf. and me needed actually a 2nd suitcase, but thxto my Bro it fitted all more or less in one. The rest was was packed in to my backpack, so I prbly. have to pay over the allowed kg.s. I mean , Idon´t care, but it is annoying. @Brendan, if that is your name, you wanna make me fear you? Have fun then! :-D I know what I know!And I laugh about you! You are anonymous and you will prbly. be it forevever. So, why could I bother on your hatemail?! Pah! Tadah Pilgrim


A bit confused

First off, Samad pointed out I were leaving détails out, Torchy secunded him. Well, to your disappointment I am as reclusive as Torchy, but a bit lesser conservateur. Despite that, Val´s parents had agreed that he came w/us. Rafiq is a lebanese student in Paris, his family in Lebanon can be found on Wikipedia. Have fun searching! He is a friend-friend of mine, not an euphemism friend as Val. And then, english parents are maybe a bit more de rigeur than french in regard of parental education. At last, who has the words of Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood in his coat of arms? England? Laters Pilgrim...p.s., this was not the post I intended to txt. Anyway, here you go!...p.p.s.s.,, don´t mix Rafiq withe late lebanese Prime Minister of the same first name. :-)He is way christian, the latter was a muslim.

My part of the party

I had taken the fisrst presribed pill at the time we arrived home, then another one early afternoon and one for the eve. Didn´t drink much, but felt soon dizzy(not like drunk) and withdrew from the party to go upstairs in my and my Gf.s sleepingroom, layed on the bed watching tv and trying to resore a lost file. Mozilla soon didn´t play along, maybe because I hadn´t downloaded so much at once lately or my system was changed from XP, which worked well w/me to Vista, which I despise, to say it in nice words! Anyway the party is still on, a mix of my Bro´s club mixes and Oli´s hardrock, sounds both to me like Klaus Nomi on acid! :-) And Iknow Val dislikes hardrock. I´ll get the reviews later today. I go to sleep, so no more comments on other blogs tonite, nor readding my own ones. Good nite Pilgrim...p.s.Samad, dont you think, you wanna delve a bit too deep in to my private life?!...and some peepz seemingly don´t know how to change their comment systems! :-/...but you, you know who you are can comment, please, I want your input, your thoughts on me! :-)


Just back from the hospital

Thx for your advice, this morning I went to see a doc at a private(non NHS) hospital, got x-rayed and they said that nothing´s broken, just a ripped muscle in the lower legs hind and some bruised ribs in the back. The doc set out a recipe for...you guessed right, Voltaren. Ater that was done I could leave, 2 hrs. waiting, 1/2 hr. of treatment. Anyway, today is Val´s big 16th, so party is set for this eve, an exclusive selmade dinner before. Oli was so kind to drive me to hospital and back, on the way back we bought some presents for Val. Now I hope, that my genes are more of my Dads, so I have a strong stomach and that I don´t get polluted on my meds and some glasses tonite. Tadah Pilgrim


Preparing Val´s B-day and an injury

So, our gals were not shoe shopping, but for Val, my young lover. They bought flowers, belgian chocolat, some more caviar, sour cream, all the stuff they thought it´s neccessary for a 16th b-day.*lol* Who invented rhe word that men can´t understand women? ´kay, I knew we guys straight or bi, have no answer to that, but maybe some of my older followers can tell me. :-) ...We guys were in Eastend, Waltsomething, and Central, ripping the spots like nothing, it was real fun! I tried an alley-oop baslide to 180 out and wretched my right underlegs sein. Sorryfor not knowing the right words in english. Sammi and his french as a smalltown kid just amazed me too much. :-) ...Sammi, please read my RE: to you one post earlier. ...Currently I nourish myself of Voltaren to kill the pain in my leg. Still alive, Pilgrim...WE are drinking the leftovers from yesterday now, as the germs say "die reste vom feste!"...Sammi, you must´ ve pushed rhe wrong button, can´t still not comment on you, darling....p.s., my backribs also hurt, gotta see a doctor tomorrow or wait until I´m out of reach of the NHS!...p.p.s.s., comment me even in the new outfit of that section. :-)

Remainders of the day

´kay, this is Oli again, but don´t focus on him, but on the space below. It pretty much shows, what was consumed during our little party. My Bro took this pic, since I lack the ability to upload photos on a laptop, exept for bluetooth. On another note, I wonder how we manage to let him take part in our convos, he is the only one who speaks no french. Someone either translates to him, but as a general agreement we usually speak english, in various accents from french to arabic to american, to londonian. You could think it´s a Commonwealth conference.*g* Later, if weather allows Oli shows us some of his favorite skatespots and we rip it a bit. :-) And his Girlfriend takes mine for another shopping spree. Laters Pilgrim

May I introduce

Tis is Oli, the guy who hosted our party and is our friend since like 5 yrs. in termes of aggressive inlineskating and our keeper for the time being. Good looking, huh?! More in plain daylight. Laters Pilgrim


Jour de la Inauguration de Léopold I. 1838

Today is the belgian national holiday! All of the belgians over theb world will party today. So will we. For you non-belgians, have a nice day anyway. The full details you can find under http://famille royale.be/fr,, but there is a german and flamand version too, what you can understand. Tadah Pilgrim


Preparing our national holiday

So, with several shopping bags we went itno the local Tesco. I gathered some odd loks by other customers when they peaked at our Lauren, Abercromie or my Gf.s Gucci labels.*lol* We went there to get the neccassary food stuff to prepare tomorrow as it is the belgian national holiday, as well as drinks, some champaign, Stella Artois(belgian beer) etc. Ste stays till wednesday so he parties w/us. Btw., how many cigarrettes can one take from England to Germland? Any idea? We only travel EU, but you rather reread the post about Rafiq´s probs at the "british"-irish border. So long, we go to Jaimie Olivers restaurant for dinner tonite, my Bro knows him and made an appiontment for all of us, kind of pay back to Oli, our keeper til we depart. Tadah Pilgrim...p.s., Gomad, I was only the one from Bray undie thief missing, and stocked up to four now. :-)...pp.ss., for those who read /looked on KissTony´s blog that one got nuked this morning CET! Fyi...and please some more comments!


Last late afternoon Ste drove us to London, where we met up w/my Bro and the other buddies at another Posse members appartment. It´s pretty crowded now, but who cares when you can lodge for free. Not much going on atm, we go a bit for shopping, as long we still have GBP. :-D I guess for like 500quid we get some brands, Abercrombie, Cardin and Ralph Lauren(new undies). *g* Laters Pilgrim...p.s., Sammi, no offense! :-), and thx for following


Lamb in mintsauce and a visit to a grave

For lunch Ste´s Mom prepared lamb in mintsauce, my very first one, though aided by my Gf., who insisted on fresh mint.*g* I know she can cook, although I can cook too, but here I´m a visitor and allowed in the kitchen only for drinks. Whatever food is concerned we get asked what we want. After lunch Ste, my Gf. and me went to the cemetery and Chris´grave. He is in a real nice spot, that he alive would have liked for sure. I bought flowers to lay them down at his tombstone and did, followed by a "Ave Maria" prayer, though he was anglican. Then a military salute and after that we sat on a bench nearby and Ste told me more of the living Chris. He was an outgoing person with a good sense of practical jokes, yet able to have serious talks. The latter I experienced myself on the occasion. Ste put his arm around my shoulder when he thought, I would start to cry again, my Gf. held my hand for almost the whole time. When we arrived back home, Ste´s Mom had made a perfect arab tea, which was really deli. Tell ya, you must love this family, if you knew them! Laters Pilgrim...@Torchy, Ste now has another(second?) email addy.Fyi.


Bombed et désavoué

So we were at Chris´rents, and guess what?! They took me for his lover. So wrong, so wrong! I didn´t bother to correct them, but told them my story. They were more than baffled! Thhen I showed them my laptop and they understood, how we became friends. It was so moving, as they reacted on me. His Mom hugged me, his Dad shook my hand until it almost fell off. Tomorrow we will go to see his tomb at the cemetary. They showed me his still preserved room, a mix of gay and straght pics on the walls, but bno hints of real gayness. And before we left, his Mom gave me a pic of Chris before he had this letal pneumonia. He looked great! If anybody thinks different, tell me! You are liars!...Going to his fave spot now, bye Pilgrim

I´m afraid

First off I want to thank you, who showed so much sympathy in dark hours. You are all very appreciated and special to me. ...A bit later this afternoon(CET), Ste and I are going over to meet Chris´ family.Our Girls take a seaside walk at that time. But then there is no hand to hold or squeeze when I feel like, as the other day. Even Ste hugged me to console me, no english attitude at all. I was so wrecked last nite, I felt like HMS Warspite at her last travel to the docks. I know, it´s a bit pathetic, but that how I feel. No cool air as I use to have, but a mere orphan like in Rimbaud´s "L´etrennes des orphélins". Wish me luck,peepz, you know who you are. Laters Pilgrim...P.S., Torchy, if you read me, please anwer my email.


Dinner and tears

We had dinner at some indian. Curry-Chicken. I, though I don´t tend to cry nuch,I cried as much as as possible! I was competely off my miind. Please give me some advice!

Brighton and Ste.s family

So we arrived in Brighton around 3pm, and were immediatly welcomed to stay at Ste.s ´rents house. Meanwhile we(Gf. and me) made us comfy in the guest room, got some sandwiches of our choice and Coke. Then we talked a bit about this and that, seemingly to no point, but then Ste hit the button and Gf left us for a nap, while I got so much input on Chris, that I almost started to cry. Ste.s mom recognized the situation and made her son to row way back. From his face I could see, that he was really sorry to have spilled some beans before it was time. They are so nice to us, especially to me, I don´t know what to say. Tomorrow I wll meet Chris´family. I hope this won´t bring me to tears, although I don´t cry easily. But Chris was a friend of mine, and the third decease of humans close to me within 2 yrs. First was my Grandma, 78, killed by a speeding car, a month later my adopted Brother,24, by cardiac arrest, another two months later Chris,19, of pneumonia. But they all live on as long they won´t get forgotten. So, remember your dead, they deserve it. Laters Pilgrim...have a nice weekend y´all! :-)

Je te donne my number

This is what undie thief wrote me and pushed it under the main entrance, where I found it this morning. ...The flight was ok, my first time on Air Lingus. Now, since we´re going to Brighton(Ste picked us up at LHR), this post is short. Laters Pilgrim...p.s., I´ll read and comment you later too. :-) Promise!


If any of you wanna do me a favor, go to myminicity.com, seach for the above named ton/village and link it to follow to make it a real city! Thx in advance and good nite from Bray/Ireland. Tadah PilgrimRR


To Forsaken03 and Kringe....

Thx for following, but if you please change your comment system, I were very grateful. Can´t answer you only this way atm. Laters Pilgrim...same goes for Kringe.

An Apology and other things

First off I want to apologize for beind so selfish and ignorant towards you all. But I was angered and annoyed about what only Gomad seemed to have read. @Michelle, why are you so angry on me now?...Today we packed our suitcases, backpachs etc. for departing to England. Then we had a little time out, sitting on the terrace in the frontyard(towards the sea), when I saw the neighbors cuteboy in their frontyard toying around in my Ralph Lauren boxerbriefs! It was deffo mine. I went over and confronted him with this fact, he blushed(more red than his hair, whis is reddish-blond) and was undressing to give it back to me. I declined and went back to our house. I mean, how weird is it, to steal other peepz underwear!? I don´t need such freaks! At least I know, where it is, and that the launderette is innocent. Tomorrow we fly to London, where my Gf. and me leave the others to go to Brighton to meet Ste. :-) Tadah Pilgrim


Seemingly no interrest

You guys would´ve anwered my deleted post! But my life seems not to interest anyway! I ask myself, whether to blog on or not or however, I´m annoyed!R´n´R Pilgrim


Quatorze Juillet

220 yrs. ago the siege of the Bastille and its storming started the french revolution. On behalf of this holiday we will have a bigger bbq. w/Cuteboy, wine and champaign. And we are allowed by request to the local police to burn a firework on the beach. It´s ganna be a great day! Tadah Pilgrim

Evening out

So, as I said, we were a bit clubbing, at a bar/lounge here in Bray. It was not too crowded, but we had to go a bit early, because of the two minors, Val and Neighbors cuteboy. The both of of them couldn´t be more ctradictionary. Val is french nobility and dresses like a preppy, Cuteboy is from rural Bretagne near Brest. He dresses a lot more fancy (or should I say gay?), this eve he wore low-waist baggies and a short arm leather shirt, he bought in Dublin the other day. Together w/his all over good looks one could think, he´s gay. Then Val doesn´t talk much, while Cuteboy is a real chatbox.Anyway, my Gf. made our eve telling them of her career, and I thought I knew already all about her. ...I never considered me having a gaydar, but it pinged a bit, when I saw Cuteboy and when we kissed good bye as the french do. I´m getting a bit confused. Tadah Pilgrim


Another odd day

Now I understand why Jamsey went to Florida! The weather here is just a four-letter-word! We only went out(by car) to buy beer, lemonade and some food. Otherwise it was a good idea to take some DVDs along. This day is really a DVD and chips (not the chips of fish´n´chips). Maybe some clubbing tonite w/Al, who knows where to go in Dublin. Laters Pilgrim


Peeling and Rain

Val currenltly looks like Wet Kyle described Justin Berfield on "Malcolm in the Middle".*lol* It rained all morning, but cleared up around noon. We had a bbq w/neighbors this evening, a nice one, w/a cute boy from our neighgbors aside, who is their son. He looked at me the same way, so, well!...Northern Ireland was quite interresting in terms of being brits or humans. I never got controlled so often in 3 days, not even in Lebanon....@John, I don´t drink/drrank that much, don´t like beer actually!But wine is so darn expensive here... Have a nice weekend you all! :-) Pilgrim...@Rapha, my celly provider won´t verify my e-mail account, so your last one might get lost.So sorry! :-(

Sunburnt and a cast of lager

Back in Bray! Val didn't realize that he can get a sunburn even in the weather here.*lol* Now he looks like an Indian. Rafiq, my Gf. and me had a cast of lager, got slightly dizzy. But I can't sleep. @Torchy, you think you are reclusive,need a cover unveiled?*lol* Rapha is the only one who knows my real name! Btw., Rapha, welcome back, Sweetie! <3 Laters Pilgrim



Torchy, do what you want, but do it!!!

Derry or Torchy?!

Didn't know, they have catholic and protestant pubs. We walked in to the first pub, when my Bro. grabbed my shoulder and told me in german, that this was a UVFjoint! So we pushed us back to find an irish one,like 2 blocks away. Weird country!...Torchy, try the no.Rapha gave you, either email, sms, or just call. Laters Pilgrim from V9i


Driving to Derry

Phew! Quite an event. We left Bray/Dublin early this morn. crossed Co. Monaghan(Hello John :-))Probs started at the border, not for us, who have EU-passports. but I had no idea, that Rafiq only possesses a lebanese passport, which made a major terror alert to the Royal Army, who searched my car so thoroghly, that I wonder the car has it´s motor still in place. Gosh, do they really think, some teenagers carry bombs or stuff for Al-Quaeda or, being catholic, for the Real IRA. To top this, Rafiq had to get a visa to get to Northern Ireland, even though he has a permanent visa for the EU! So far for Union! Laters Pilgrim...Any comments?


A night out w/Al

First off, take your brains out of the gutter! Al is the Posse-buddie I spent the last days with. Like Roomie, he´s an avid rollerblader, won the IMYTA once etc., tonite we´ll go to town(them irish have a strange dialect), having a bash(?)! Sorta fun I guess. He´s half malayan, so dinner was like that, but not as bad as in Londonian restaurants!!! We will go to an In-pub tonite, no disco or club thingy, cuz I don´t like to go. To me it´s enough to listen my older bro. like 2 times p.a. on BFBS. Exeppt for Jamsey, who of you plans a field trip? Propz Pilgrim...P.S.@Baz, please answer...@John, that island is way off Co. Monaghan, we go straight to Derry...@all, please take part on my new poll, I wanna know, what age my visitors are, regardless of whatever orientation. :-)

We´re going to Derry

Well, sorry guys, I had some trouble w/my laptop, so I stayed at a Posse-buddies home in Dublin. It´s a nice city, even w/out Jamsey.Meanwhile, my laptop got fixed,so now I´m ready for the great outdoors Btw., can somebody tell me, wheter or not we need british pounds for Northern Ireland? And again sorry, this time for a short post. I hope, I can post a bit more frequently and catch up w/comments. Laters Pilgrim


The arrival

Dublin! Yay! Deffo cooler temperature, but why didn't you tell me the drive on the wrong side? We got our rented car w/right hand stirring wheel. Very funny! The only one of us who can drive this crappy cars is my older Bro, who owns a british drivers license. That means he is the one we practically depend on him. But I ain't no nerd, so he gives me driving lessons, since we need a second car cuz we have some different places to go or/and see. So, this was my 3rd post via V9i. Tadah Pilgrim


Tropical night

Phew,what a night! 26C indoors, 22C outside. We have 3 ventilators running, but it was too much of too bad sleep. Anyway, around noon CET I get my laptop back, not new, but improved. I must admit, it's easier to txt on a celly-keyboard. :-) later this afternoon we go to Dublin, eventually. Should be cooler by any means! :-D That's it for now. Laters Pilgrim