The arrival

Dublin! Yay! Deffo cooler temperature, but why didn't you tell me the drive on the wrong side? We got our rented car w/right hand stirring wheel. Very funny! The only one of us who can drive this crappy cars is my older Bro, who owns a british drivers license. That means he is the one we practically depend on him. But I ain't no nerd, so he gives me driving lessons, since we need a second car cuz we have some different places to go or/and see. So, this was my 3rd post via V9i. Tadah Pilgrim


gomad.ch said...

O Dublin! The setting of my favourite book "At Swim, Two Boys".

Pilgrim said...

Gomad, I rather thought of "The Dubliners" or Bloomsday, well James Joyce anyway.

MartininBroda said...

Oh yes driving was funny, I’ve always thought, this is the end now; it was nice as long as it lasted.

The funniest thing on a trip was when we gave back our rental car; the employee was nice but not enthusiastic. But we had visited a whiskey distillery and forget our souvenirs, the two pocket flasks. The employee found them and yelled to us: “… forget something very important”. Of course, we were frightened and went back, he gave us the flasks with a broad grin and in this very moment, we changed from boring German tourists to acceptable humans. It was unbelievable.

Tom said...

RE: Torchy
Don't worry mate he will be back. I hope.

naturgesetz said...

I'd like to say I didn't mention about driving on the wrong side of the street because I knew you'd find out when you needed to know — and we wouldn't have wanted you practicing on the Continent, would we? But the fact is, it just didn't occur to me.

Different places? He's not interested in exploring Co. Monaghan with you?

Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

Imagine it the other way around.... On a little weekend trip here my friend Paul fell asleep and woke up screaming about us being on the wrong side of the road.=0 Then he remembered he wasn't in Ireland and all was well. I can only imagine what it's like to drive opposite. Like they say in the Bahamas, "left is right, right is wrong."
Sounds like you're having fun

Mickle in NZ said...

Driving on the wrong side?

Dear Pilgrim, driving on the Other side please, dearest friend.

Coo - have you got to drive around a "round a about" yet?

Was my first scary experience of a European roundabout in Belgium back in Summer 1987 - felt we were going the wrong way, but we wasn't - rest of coach journey assured by amazing (and gorgeous) coach driver Laurie Ubel from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Canadians drive on the "other " side of the road too for Kiwis and Australians.

You'll get used to it soon, dear friend Pilgrim

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