If any of you wanna do me a favor, go to myminicity.com, seach for the above named ton/village and link it to follow to make it a real city! Thx in advance and good nite from Bray/Ireland. Tadah PilgrimRR


Tom said...


Tom said...

And i have even put u on the propery ages of the JIZZT MATE. LOl
it features contesville and Blogsphere

rob02190 said...

Pilgrim I dropped in your little city, sweet place. If you could stop mine http://blastchester.myminicity.com

Tom said...

Ok Pilgrim
Seems u are my new stalkee as thwill b my third comment, it is in no way related to your rant though. LOL
Your city needs jobs so people should link to it here.


and as I have been nice to you do you want a holiday hinthe blogsphere? http://blogsphere-1.myminicity.com/

Dr Mandragora said...

Hmm. I guess I was the only one who had trouble with this? I keep getting a message that the minicity server is busy.

I'll try again later, Pilgrim.