A bit confused

First off, Samad pointed out I were leaving détails out, Torchy secunded him. Well, to your disappointment I am as reclusive as Torchy, but a bit lesser conservateur. Despite that, Val´s parents had agreed that he came w/us. Rafiq is a lebanese student in Paris, his family in Lebanon can be found on Wikipedia. Have fun searching! He is a friend-friend of mine, not an euphemism friend as Val. And then, english parents are maybe a bit more de rigeur than french in regard of parental education. At last, who has the words of Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood in his coat of arms? England? Laters Pilgrim...p.s., this was not the post I intended to txt. Anyway, here you go!...p.p.s.s.,, don´t mix Rafiq withe late lebanese Prime Minister of the same first name. :-)He is way christian, the latter was a muslim.


jay.osa said...

it is some times confusing sometimes- bi, str8, lovers, friends, gf, ect ect....

i'm just here for the ride :) say what you want to, i'll still read it Scratching my head. i know its a puzzle! lol

have a good day, or is it night there...


Pilgrim said...

Hey Jay, it was afternoon, when I did this post, now 18.25. Timezones can be confusing too, huh?! :-D

Dr Mandragora said...

To be honest, until I can catch up with all of your older posts, I think I am going to be confused a great deal. Lol.
But no worries. I'll get it sooner or later.

Benji said...

pil i haven't understand your comment on my blog, it was not very good french can you say it again ??
How are you anyway ??

Pilgrim said...

Assayag, je ne parle avec des débiles.

Samad said...

Well, I guess at the end of the day, it is your blog after all.

There's no obligation for you to post at all for us. It's a favor for us, not a right that we demand.

What torch and I said was just suggestions. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

Well, here's hoping your injury is better now. I don't think I ever told anybody this in blogland. My nieces father is a Lebanese Christian. Small World, n'all that jazz.

Mickle in NZ said...

Hope your leg is healing okay and the medication isn't upsetting your system too much.

As for the rest - I say keep them puzzled! Stay true to your own self and to what you are comfortable with writing about..., and revealing about your dear self.

Just please do be careful with your injured leg,

sending much love and many healing thoughts,

Michelle, xxx

(Zebbycat would send purrumbles if he wasn't so soundly asleep, the daft darling lad)

Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

Anonymous Brendan.... Coward!!! unable to leave so much as a fake email address when you make your asinine claims and accusations? Bottom feeders such as yourself would truly be better off staying silent.

Benji said...

hm, please stay polite, i never went rude with you. i awlays was nice, so DON4T CALL ME STUPID, ok !!
its not my fault if i don't understand what you say.
thx you if you stay nice.