Quatorze Juillet

220 yrs. ago the siege of the Bastille and its storming started the french revolution. On behalf of this holiday we will have a bigger bbq. w/Cuteboy, wine and champaign. And we are allowed by request to the local police to burn a firework on the beach. It´s ganna be a great day! Tadah Pilgrim


gomad.ch said...

Then I hope you can enjoy the fraternité.

Benji said...

hehe i'm going under the eiffel tower because there is a feu d'artifice tonight !!!
good evening !!

MartininBroda said...

I hope I haven’t hurt your revolutionary feelings with the little picture at my post today. Enjoy your barbeque & firework.

naturgesetz said...

Happy Bastille Day!

No doubt the Ancien Régime needed democratization. Nevertheless one may feel a little regret at the de-Capet-ations and the Reign of Terror (one thinks for example, of the Dialogues des Carmelites) and consider the militant anti-clericalism of the republics a bit unfortunate. In other words, this outsider has the feeling that France overcorrected, and that the effects are felt even today in prohibitions on muslim garb in schools.

At any rate, Vive la France!