Rickiy Martin, La sainte Sémaine and a new injury

Well, to begin with, Ricky Martins ouzing was actually old news, since rumor was already around for too long! :-D But then there is much more of surprise in knowing, that Angelo Garcia (of the same line-up as Ricky), turned also out to be gay! Coincidecnce?!?     Now, it´s Easter week, a time to pray harder, take Lent hardest to culminate in the Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. We have a last supper a.k.a. communion after confession on Maundy Thursday, then in the end of mass the altar is veiled. On Good Friday a rememberance mass without music is held. The Top day is the Resurrection Mass on Saturday evening (followed by a wake in the lutheran church). To attend Resurrection Mass makes it easier to do Easter Sunday´s main course of lamb, a traditional in my family. John might disagree to all this, since the american Catholics seem to have other rites! :-)   Last but not least, the other day I injured my left hand wrist while skating inline. Hurts, but what doesn´t kill you immediately only makes you tougher, as my dad referred from my greatgrandfather.   So I wish you all a happy Easter. :-)   Tadah Pilgrim


Back again and other noneties

As you can read, I´m back, though I still suffer a strong writing blockade. Anyway, I promised some peepz to be in Brighton in commemoration of Chris. Thx to the BA being on strike, my flight was cancelled. Good thing on that part; I received a 100% refund for my ticket. On another note; I finished my first doctorate, results are to be expected after the french Easter break. Then I´ll start over w/my second doctorate to possibly finish it before Christmas/Winter break. Sorry for this rather brief update, hope to be able to txt more again. Tadah Pilgrim


Birthday survival

Last day was my 20th birthday., yep! I had a great one, a small lunch at my friend Val, in the evening a big dinner with my Gf. We´d d been at Hélene Darroze´s Restaurant for an extended dinner of 5 courses.1. poulliettes de chambre au limon et raisins, 2., loup de mer aux moutardes de Dijon, 3., pate des légumes aux ailes et sucre, 4., Créme bordélaise, 5. fromages des ardennes aux hérbes d´hiver, café, cognac et glace auxerrois. A great menu! :-)  ...Then a big SORRY to all, that I didn´t post earlier, but then; who of you got b-day greets from Freddie Prinze jr. or Nicolai Djupesland! :-P  Nothing else to tell, so laters! Pilgrim