Misunderstandings and a win

Well, yeah, Benni and Davey have deeply miinterpreted my las post in the comments. You both weren´t meant! The ones who were prbly noz noticed, Anyway, you both migh see you in the bull and me as the torero, executing the Pase de la Muerte! :-) I´m an afficionado of bullfighting. ...Tonight or rather late afternoon we have beaten Reims 35 - 18, with 15 pts. from me! YAY! ...So, that it´s in a nutshell, tomorrow I travel a bit to visit my family graves, since we have Tous Saints! Laters Pilgrim...@Merche, answer to you is included! :-) You are not too old!*hugs*


Best online friends

Is there s/thing like that? Yep! I found one, you would not believe I know him, then I found a lovely friend from our community, who is a really nice, lovely boy! He´s irish(sry.Jamsey) and goodlookingness on two legs! ...then a response to Doomed´s post, hope I get it under the txt! Well, I try!


Al hayat halwa

No, we lost against ENA 13 -24, though I had a dramatic run in the last minute to a down! :-)  Today I had a socalled homeday w/my Gf.,watching "Faux Confesseur", a german movie, on DVD, and later, we started cooking binner, Dessert at first to let it cool out, then we made Dolma, Kefta au boulgour and for dessert we had Icecubes. On special question, here the recipe; 4 blades of Youfka(very thin dough, you can buy it in all oriental groceries), Youfka blades, 4-6 egg whites, 3-3 teaspoons of powder sugar, 2 soup spoons of sesame. Beat the egg whitrs till stiff, add powder sugar, Meanwhile, roast the sesame in a hot dry pan(Iron recommended) for a minute, care not to burn them to black! Then add them to the egg whites sugar cream slightly. Bring the Youfka blades in a pyramidal form, fill in the cream. Preheat oven((Gas 4-5,E 160C), then put yout then pyramides in for not longer than 10 minutes, they must not take too much color. Let them cool off, cover with powder sugar, serve. A fitting drink would be a Cognac or Arrak.Bon appetit!  Laters Pilgrim


Why not?

First post in a week that didn´t mention Sam, but training routine, and what? Zero comment! ...excuse me, that my life doesn´t revolve around Sam, but is exactly what one calls thee life of the boy next door. ...So, today I received my doctorates theme: phisics et maladies d´un cerveau Alzheimer. But I still do my reseach at the institute Pasteur, pays the gas for my car. :-)  Laters Pilgrim...and please, comment! :-)


Strange day

We had another traning unit today, this time in plan rain and a bottom field that was so soggy, we almost sunk in! Then the organizers decided to close the roof they have! How funny!!! But it was worth it, since ENA is one of the best teams in the univesity-ligue! Adam is out toninite, so no online-chat. :-( But who remembrs "Lizzie McGuire" must kn ow him at least at a younger age! :-) Tadah Pilgrim


My life goes on

During the days since Sam´s attempt I had a bit of a hanger, but I found some new, cool friends online and irl. We talked, I went to hospital w/his mom, but all we saw was a vegetable w/breathmask and infusions, but in coma!  The fun today was, that my rugby-team learned, that our usual field was occupied by the organizers of a smaller inline contest on sunday. So we drove to the Stade de France to train there. So I´ll have a full w.e. with a match vs. ENA on sarurday and this contest on sunday. The other times I talk to Adam pm or dm, irl. w/my Gf., Rafiq and for tomorrow I have an appointment w/the psychologist, who helped me so well to cope my Grandma´death. Last, but not least thx for your advices on Sam. We´ll see what comes out of it, when(if) he wakes up. Laters Pilgrim...p.s., sorry that I didn´t comment much these days.


Bad news (not about me)

When I looked at my V9 at noon, I had an email to sms on it. I opened it and it read "Au révoir mon amour, jr te souhaite seulement le meilleur.Sam" At first I didnt realize what this could be about, and tried to call him on his celly,no response. Then I tried the homephone and got his mom. Sam has attempted suicicide by drinking 3(three!) bottles of Wild Turkey the other day. He is currently on the intensive care of La Salpétriére, in critical condition. The call was brief and since even my 98 of 100 result from the test become unimportant. It took me ages to txt this post, let alone to send it. Anyway, now it´s done. Here you go!  Laters Pilgrim


Update 2

Paety!!!! But I don´t deink that much! I love my liver! :-) Tadah  Pilgrim


I won my qualification run over Ali Hooi, my Bro. came in 3rd. More later. Tadah Pilgrim


Hi from Liverpool!

Yep, Iam in the non €-Land UK! Weather is rather ´kay, but hotel is is great, mini bar, free WiFi, room service. Only a citymap is not yet available. But the flight was fine and almost free, because I still had some forgotten freemiles! :-) ...Well, Ali Hooi is just arrived, so We will leave to find a decent bar, since Baz never reseponded on my pm. :-ppp ...@Merche, what questions? Plz., giv´em to me as one post! :-) Laters Pilgrim...enjoy your W.e.!


The test, upcoming

I made a group of  co-students learning w/me. It was a nice though weird time. This one guy stared at me in way evetrybody must have recognized. How painful! I feli like nude and nobody was helping me out. Only on girl made up her mind and asked him plainly, if he was gay, he said yes! She was shocked, it was her crush, I was the same, cuz I considered him straight. How weird can it get? I´ll concentrate on my zest in Microbiology tomorrow, not on possibly gay boas. My career is more important! Tadah Pilgrim...and then who knows Devon Sawa , or Adam Lamberg of "Lizzie McGuire"?


Que tal en los tiempos?

A question, my trainer asked us teamers today. We did hardly knew answers. Does anyone know one? Next wek the training will be led by some algererian guy, because our Spaniard goes pro.Anyone wanna change w//me?Val met me after training and we had some late dinner at an algerian restaurant. ...I mean, I´m happy w/what I do, but isthis all in my life? I feel confused. Some advice? Laters Pilgrim


Home again!

It feel so good to sleep in my own bed again, having breakfast w/my roomie going to the institute, seeing all the familiar faces. All I miss are the Ibiza temperatures. Paris is a bit chilly in comparison. But then, cigarettes in Spain are cheaper than here. But there is one thing that will even you make wonder. While you pay 35€ for 200 cigarettes in Ibiza Villa, you pay 38.50€ at the airport duty free. Normally one thinks, they should be cheaper in the duty free, hmm? Anyway, it was fun to see peepz buying them there. :-) ...at the institute they saved my brain Emile in the freezer, so I could work from where I stopped before. It´s amazing how suisse cheese like Alzheimer brains look when you cut them in slices. At the same time I must think of how Alzheimer´s affects humans not only as beings, but the whole body in the end.  Laters Pilgrim...leaving you with a thought


This day in a shell

Early up. breakfast. boat over to Formentera w/lunchbox from my aunt in spe.  and off! then we had a great time at Formentera Beaches. We might be back!B :-)  ...@Merche, I could have told yu, but you wouldn´t have Laters Pilgrim...And thx to James and Lunario for keeping me down!How cheap! :-ppp


October, 8th

Today in 1953, Kathleen Ferrier died of incurable breast cancer, that also affected her bones. But not her great contralto, one of the best singers of her time. Her oevre ranged from Monteverdi to Mahler. She was 44 years old.                                                                                                                                                             On a lighter note we were in St. Eulalia for lunch. The plat du jour was Tomatosoup w/Sherry, Loup de mer en croute de sel aux legumes, Poulet aux ailes and Crema Catalan and a cortado. Very good and not too expensive at 60€ for two, wines included. So, dinner will be just some sandwich. Laters Pilgrim...P.S. I was almost sure, my little remeberance would bring my friend Martin to collaborate on the voal examples to my post on Mrs. Ferrier. Go to his site later to find out. ...PPSS: this is no affirmative action!*lol*


Gosh, how fast!

Bleah! Took me 1 1/2 pitchers of beer and some cigarettes to eventually arrive on my blog, like the same time in hours! Wtf.  does blogger think, what time one has!? It sucks, that ISDN and DSL are not going d´acorrd! Hmmmpf! ...´kay, rant over. ... I got someones mobileno. via Twitter, another follower(thx AEK :-) ). Today we wanted to jetski, but the wages per hour were ridicule, 120€ per hour, eqipment included though. Anywa, we took it and had a great late morning. :-) Tomorrow we´ll go to San Antonio, look if the Cafe del Mar is still open, since we are out of season. All the big discos are closed, even the Pacha, which belongs to a hotel. On the oher hand, there are still local bars/pubs that provide live music. ...Via sms I learnt, that for this trip I have to do reasearch during the french fall vacations, though I have nov.1st and nov 11th off, these are holidays. ...@Merche, 1934 was Greve géneral in Spain and the republik called out war law! You forgot that obviously. :-) ´kay. guys ´n´gals I´m tired and off, I guess.  Laterz Pilgrim


The connected world

I always said, I don´t own a Twitter or Facebook. Well, now I do, and you know what? I now have even Cristiano Ronaldo amongst my followers, as well as Dave Moffatt. YAY! ...on a heavier note, I still work at my uncle´s bar, it´s a bit like payback for lodging and food, but I still can spend more than enough of time w/my Gf. So we were in Figueretas for a bit of shopping for the day, just some bocadillas(bread w/olive oil, ham or salami, and tomatoes) at an alimentario where the proprietress knows me from previous vacations, and some wine. The weather was pretty fine again, so we went to the beach nearby, had lunch, then coffee at a hotel bar were they asked me, how my Dad is. ...This showed me, whatever you do whereever you are, you have to have connections to the world, at least more as when you sit only in front of your PC/laptop. :-) Tadah Pilgrim


Conversion ahead!

No, not me. My Gf. is muslima, a secular one though but nonetheless. After mass this morning she waited until the church emptied and we were alone with the priest. Then, in broken spanish, she asked him, how it is possible to convert to catholic. I was stunned! She never before mentioned this or hinted at it. It was a lengthy talk between the both, of which I was left out like totally. Of course! I already have the religion of my paternal ancestors.*g* But she could have told me before instead like telling me in front of the priest out of the blue. Too bad, John is away. But maybe, just maybe, some of you can give me some advice how to deal with it. Laters Pilgrim


Where is I, hmm?

Sorry, I still can´t arrange pics nicely, so a short explanation. No. 1- 3 are my Uncles restaurant from different angles, the last one is the view from Madrigal over the Yacht - and public harbor to the Castel and Barrio Alto(Dalt Villa as they say here)! ...@Merche; for obvious reasons I don´t put real names of private folks here in full, nor do I put on pics of my family as close-up´s, but most pics of them are close-up´s. ...For dinner we had carée d´agneau aux epices et sauce de port. Very good, my Uncle learnt his job at a former Michélin-star chef.  Tadah Pilgrim, still on location. :-)...p.s., Dave M. follows me on twitter, I am really exited!


What a day!

We´d been in the inferior island, gracies to my uncle leaving us his car. As a little thx we brought him a bottle of "Hierbas Ibiciensas", a yummy liqueur of rural herbs. Oops! He told us that he is a dry alcoholic for 10 yrs. now! If I had only known...Anyway, no big deal, we have it now, and we are even allowed to smoke,if we want to, in his presence. Gosh, he has changed so much thru the yrs. but still he keeps his way juvenile looks from what I remember in my youth. Only his hair recedes more than my Dad´s. And his bartender is an australian born girl, if they all look like her, Australia will have a new brain reaseach Sc.D. in no time! :-D ...Daniel was of course right, that all the places to go are closed now, but we can visit Barrio Alto by Night, a spectale sponsored by my uncle on behalf of the still ongoing celebrations of the 20th anniversary of his restaurant. Hastas luegos! Pilgrim...P.S., I have a lousy wifi, so times of my post will vary.


Ibiza again

Early this morning we(me and Gf.) arrived at Ibiza airport for a nice out of season holiday, no germs, no dutch, no brits so long. Only change, no hotel but my uncles house. Great! Maybe I send you some pics. And after a lengthy nap we were at his restaurant for a nice lunch, Now we  wait for dinner. Tadah Pilgrim...P.S., please comment an my Ittifadah- post!