Que tal en los tiempos?

A question, my trainer asked us teamers today. We did hardly knew answers. Does anyone know one? Next wek the training will be led by some algererian guy, because our Spaniard goes pro.Anyone wanna change w//me?Val met me after training and we had some late dinner at an algerian restaurant. ...I mean, I´m happy w/what I do, but isthis all in my life? I feel confused. Some advice? Laters Pilgrim


Just said...

Pilgrim I am dense sometimes. I don't know what you are asking ? How about at the time? Do you like Val ? Is this what it is about ?

Thiago said...

"Que tal en los tiempos?" No es correcto ni quiere decir nada... "Los tiempos" es pretérito y se referiría, en todo caso, a los históricos.

Si es el timpo climatológico podrías preguntar "¿Qué tal el tiempo?", que es una frase hecha para preguntar si hace frío o calor.

No sé si es eso lo que preguntas.. jajaja


naturgesetz said...

About being confused — ask yourself: do you have a purpose in life, goals? Are the things you do connected with those goals?

You tell us about the things you enjoy doing, and there's nothing wrong with holidays and recreation; but at times it seems as if that's what your life is all about. Maybe that's just because you don't think your more serious pursuits would make interesting reading for us. So the question is the one you ask. Is this all their is in your life? If so, it's not surprising that it has begun to feel empty.

Take some time to think about what you'd like to have done with your life by the time you are my age. What would you be satisfied to be able to look back on? When you can discern a purpose and set some goals to achieve that purpose and do things that help you reach those goals, I think you'll feel more satisfied.

I hope I understood your question and this helps you answer it.

Mickle in NZ said...

Even with rugby training, and the challenge of coaches with an assortment of languages, and within that accents and dialects, you have the chance to learn, learn and develop from learning.

While I attempt the encouraging "learn" comment, I'm being clawed at by a cat that wants attention NOW. Will give him a caressing stroke or three......... then get back to the blogger world....