My life goes on

During the days since Sam´s attempt I had a bit of a hanger, but I found some new, cool friends online and irl. We talked, I went to hospital w/his mom, but all we saw was a vegetable w/breathmask and infusions, but in coma!  The fun today was, that my rugby-team learned, that our usual field was occupied by the organizers of a smaller inline contest on sunday. So we drove to the Stade de France to train there. So I´ll have a full w.e. with a match vs. ENA on sarurday and this contest on sunday. The other times I talk to Adam pm or dm, irl. w/my Gf., Rafiq and for tomorrow I have an appointment w/the psychologist, who helped me so well to cope my Grandma´death. Last, but not least thx for your advices on Sam. We´ll see what comes out of it, when(if) he wakes up. Laters Pilgrim...p.s., sorry that I didn´t comment much these days.


naturgesetz said...

Does this mean that you get to be one of the "Dievx dv Stade"? LOL

Pilgrim said...

John, only if I were playing soccer. :-P

Baz said...

It's hard to see anyone in a "vegetable" state, even worse when you've had feelings towards them, and tried to help & support them.

Sorry if you felt let down about visiting Liverpool, but I never got your pm, hence no response.

Thanks for being quick to re-follow my virtually non-existent blog. I will post an explanation, somewhat guarded, as to what happened, in the next few days.

Take care, Baz

Merche Pallarés said...

I see your friend will come out of this. Give my love and support to his mother. Gros bisous, M.

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Pilgrim,

You have "one heck of a lot" to live with at the moment. DOn't be harsh on yourself right now. Hope all goes well with the rugby match on Saturday, and competing on Sunday. Please do let me know the score from the Saturday match.

It is so very hard for the family and dear friends when a special personin their life is in intensive care, whatever the reason why. My dear Mother was in critical intensive care back in 2002 after open heart surgery - so Michelle has understanding for where you are at right now.

My Mother got through that. I send so much care and love to you, and to Sam's family. And positive healing thoughts to Sam.

Michelle down under in NZ, xxx