Dinner at Val

It was a promising evening, until after dessert Val came out to his parents. I just divined myself, leaving the house in a rush.I was not prepared on such a thing! Fortunately I met my Gf: and went for a drink. I am totally shattered.  She helped me up! We have a lot in common. Val, my Gf. and ,me. But we don´t share our sexuality! That would be too weird! Propz Pilgrim


C´est la guerre!

Calling old friends of Grandma for their respective b-day is hell! She made me feel so bad, I had to !cry. My advice, never car your Gandparents friends!....on another note, my date with Val was lesser a date but a normal meeting, one of those you hang out with, having a bottle of drinks, some Chips. The temps. were like -6C, but we didn´t bother. We were just happy!  I suppose to have a new Lover! Tadash Pilgrim


What calling for?

Past days I had some calls from Val, asking for a "Date"!*lol* As i if I would date a junior to me! What do you think? He is of legal age, not unknown to me(as you might know, my dear readers) but that was too much! I mean, meeting him at the rugby ground is one thing, but wanna dating me is a totally other thing. You get me? I need some help on this!   Laters Pilgrim


We´re open again!

Having survived Christmas, New year, St, Moritz and my fanily, I foumd an online love or two, a boy from Norway and a girl from Chili. I.R.L I´m back in Paris and gonna see Val tonite, though he has to go to school again. :-) I´m happy all around! Two weeks in the snow, a just minor injury, but I live! :-) ...on another note I found so many blogs I followed are deleted! Why?! Ain´t we worth reading your blogs or what? This goes to Davey, M-Boy etc.! Others transferred their blogs to Nibblebit, or Wordpress, where one can harly follow them! WTF is that good for? Two weeks off, more or less and my blogoshere turns upside down! :-(  Laters Pilgrim



Happy new year to all! :-) We are in St.Moritz, Switzerland, Rafiq, my Gf. and me, having a real decadent ski vacation. We have a great time skiing and partying, and whether we go skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing, it´s always fun! Last nite was a gala dinner and party(of course) til the drinks got stale in the barkeepers hands. This morning we had brunch in our suite, delivered by a Bellboy, who would make Torchy envious! :-D I hope he won´t be angry at me for the pic! :-)  Tadah Pilgrim