Nice day

Yep, it was, my Gf. invited me for brunch and later we went in to Jeu du Paume, where we stayed and looked on the impressionists i.e. Monet or Degas. You might consider it an uneventful or boring day, but to me this was heaven on earth after last weeks rollercoaster. Now can think clearer, see farther, my options are back on track. This is one of those days, that nobody can destroy, no matter what, if you get my drift. Shukran, habibi, ana bahabaq! <3 Tadah Pikgrim ...P.S., please look thru your respctive answers from the 75th post.

Anwers to my 75th post

@Joe; aside from my native french I speak, read and write english, spanish, arabic, I also speak geman, berberian(algerian tribal dialect) and turkish, in terms of honneurs and verbal injuries polish, russian, hebrew and farsi. @ Gomad; my fave languages are french and arabic. French is the language of diplomacy, love and poésie, arabic is the language of half my family, colorful and poetic. As for my relation towards Sam, see previous posts. :-) @ Jonathan; I have traveled a lot, so only my faves, Ireland, Tennesee, California, NYC(USofA), Lebanon, Spain, GB, Norway. My fave movies are listed in my profile. :-) @ Sasha; my inspiration here was to find some buddies, who I don´t have to face daily IRL*g* Actually, your question is hard to answer. Idk. @ Micky; more introverted. Well, that was that, easier as a 100 things-about-me-thingy. But I had hoped for more people taking part in this. Anyway. Laters Pilgrim


Another misplaced rendevouz

You read right! He wantwd to pick me up at 8.30pm CET, I waited, then called his celly, no answer, then his ´rents and they(his mom) told me, that he was again at the hospital for intoxication(you know what) and that I was not culpable, but owe them some explanations. How weird is that, I disn´t even see him. I mail right off from Harry´s Bar a Long Island Icetea at hand, but not drunk!!! Should I skip him or hold him? My world turned upside down. Laters Pilgrim ...maybe I´d do a new poll out of it.*try to smile* ...I feel sad and betrayed!

Wonder, what Sam wants

...I said we were to meet later, he was quite sober on the phone. But what can I expect? Another find a another gutter or a change of attitude? So many questions...so few answers or supposes. Wish me all good luck, not to finish a new date w/him as last time. Laters Pilgrim


Waiting for the FA-Cup final Chelseal - Everton. ...Thx and welcome to my new followers Glorfindel, Sasha and sweetie Rapha. :-) Laters Pilgrim ...and I´m supposed to meet w/Sam, might post about it later.


Al-Anon and me

CToday I was at one of AA´s Supporters meetings. It was a mediocre nightmare! Peepz., who have been addicted and have addicted kids, or ´rents, friends, like me, of addicted. I felt like an alien. There was the usual meet and greet, tell us your story and all the shebang! I really don´t know, why I did it. Was it to really support Sam, or just my excuse, to not have taken him serious enough? Wtf., I´m not going there a second time. I don´t need other peepz. probs. added to what I carry around. Most of my followers will know, what I talk about. AA Supporters suck as well as the issue itself. ...@Benji, merci! :-)*... and plz. some more questions, am I so odd?! Tadah, Pilgrim ...thx Torchy, for your comment recently!:-)


75 post passed

Since it it seems to be use to hundred thingys for a certain number of posts, I ask you to give me questions on me and my life(plz., nada I already wrote about)! And no indecent stuff! I´ll do the answers asap.!

Les Éxécutées de la Commune

La Commune de Paris

...was slaughtered today in 1871 by the latter président of the french 3rd Republic, Aldolphe Thiers, who, w/out the french, just recently besieged , army, whose commandant le Maréchal MacMahon, did not even volunteer. Thiers orderd the Republican Guard to extiguish the communards, of whom some 25.000 died in the month long street fights or who were after having surrendererd, been executed at a wall of the Pére Lachaise cemetary and buried there. Some of you might know this cemetary for the tombs of Jim Morrison or Édith Piaf. In silent commemoration Pilgrim


Early morning

Still smashed, had several drinks of Ouzo, fell asleep in front of my Tv, woke up at like 7am CET. Result of last nite, last had it when my beloved Grandma died. I feel like trash! ...and @Joe, I was already plastered ,when I aswered you. Sorry!

Death in the afternoon

No, not Sam, but a friend of my neighbor, the poet. He hanged himself earlier today and firrst time in my life I saw a man really cry! An earthshatterring crying! He stood in front of our house by about midnite, I could hear him cry like from ten feet away. I wanted to comfort him at least a bit, but he denied it, telling me, he can get clear on himself. ... Sorry, I wanted to start on a happier note, but now that´s gone. Not that I´m like this close the poet, but he is a nice guy. R.U, guys! and good nite from Paris, Pilgrim ...oh, and thx for a single comment on my previous post! :-(


Rugby, shopping, playing cards

First off, there are two new followers, Sasha and Col, who gave me a very heartily welcome on Grasp the Nettle, his blog, but I guess my followers know him all. Welcome here too! :-) ...Rugby today was a pretty freezy thing, yesterday 84F/29C at this time, today 59F/15C and it has rained last nite, so the matchground was all muddy and after training we all looked like ghouls. Dom, the guy who introduced me like 4yrs. ago to this sport at his Lycée, which is a bit down my street, is now at UPMC and my teams second forward as he always was since I know him and play this sport. After showering and redressing we went out for some new clothes, he bought some La Marina stuff, me Abercrombie(at last) and some sweaters and other stuff from Ralph Lauren. Tonite, like at 8pm CET I go play cards every tuesday, whis is fun, we are 4 peepz, me the youngest, and besides the cards we always dine toghether. My only real social time atm., given what I´m going thru w/learning, caring about Sam and other assorted stuff to deal with. Alltoghether today is one of the better days. :-) Btw, thx to you(you know who you are) for the encouraging comments! Laters Pilgrim

Uhmmm Baz!

There seems to be a misunderstanding afoot. AA is for drinkers only, I am supposed to join one of these supporter groups, where family and friends gather to exchange their experience. I´m just not ready to prayermill llike repeat the story of Sam, I´ll prbly. never do so. Despite that, he is already expected to go to rehab as soon as the summer vacations start. Well, off for now to rugby training. Laters Pilgrim


Al-Anon is strange

Well, first of, I have to thank my 3 new followers, X!, Deadwing and Benjamin Assayag, who apparently has no blog, soyez bienvénus. :-) ...So, this afternoon I had an appointment w/a lady from Al-Anon, who was supposed to give me some advice on how to cope w/Sam. So far, so great! Turned out, she took me for him and started to tell me about their progams, until I showed her my ID card. Then she realised that only was meeting her on behalf of my friend. Things became a bit easier, she brought me coffee, then we talked about Sam´s situation and what I already had done. She gave me some info papers and an invitation to join a group meeting tommorrow, which I had to decline in favor of my rugby training. In fact, I don´t know, what such meetings would bring me. My life is already complicated enough to listen to the worries of others. On a lighter note, my term paper in physics went well, though this time I needed the full time. It´s pretty warm here, like 84F/29C atm. Melting time for overweight peepz.*lol* Laters Pilgrim ...P.S. Have a nice Holiday in GB and USA. :-)

New poll

As I said/txted, I put up a new poll for those, mainly preoccupated bloggers, who think, I was an overrated brat!


What´s me?

Read today in the comments of another blod, that I´m arrogant and whatsoever. I didn´t pay, this guy attention, but I feel insulted. I walk my heels off, to help, be it comments or IRL; I´ve never heard or read such. ...Sam called me later this day, excusing himself for his behavior, he was pretty upset on himself. I can understand, while he promised me to better himself, and I really believe in him. Why have peepz to be like this? I fully understand, that I sometimes tend to overreact, but not too much. After all, I´m just a normal boy, who want´s peace and friendship. Yeah, sounds pretty socialist, but I´m conservative for most things, like gay "marriage". Prbly. I don´t fit in to the drawers, where tout le monde puts me/us in. Do you fit in them? Maybe, I should do a new poll on that! Tadah, Pilgrim

la bande blanche

This movie received the golden Palm earlier tonite, Charlotte Gainsbourg as best actrice, Alain Resnais for a lifetime achievement. So far in short, what I gathered from Arte, a french-allemand TV-channel, and Christoph Waltz got a Palm as best actor .

Date gone stale

So we were at dinner last nite, the restaurant is packed w/peepz, as we arrived, we lowered the average age by like 40 yrs.. Madame Darroze handed us the menu-cards personally. We chose a salad w/smoked beef and white truffels, poulet au vinaigre di Modena, Loup de mer upon asparague verte, cheese, Mousse au Chocolat blanc, and of course the adjoining wines and cognac. But were I had like 1 or 2 glasses per post, Sam had the rest of the bottle. the cognac was too much. He was asked by a waiter to plz. leave the restaurant, as plastered as he was. Sam left without a word. When I asked for the addition, Mme. Darroze asked me, if I gidn´t get that my friend was drinking too much. I told her, that she was right down on the point, and that therefore I had to leave. Désolée Madame! When I left the restaurant, there was no trace of Sam. I called his celly, no answer. I called his ´rents, same thing. Then I called a cab home. This noon, Sam´s mom called me and told me, that the police had picked him out of the gutter a block away and that she had to go to the police station to get her son out a cell. Sam and me haven´t talked since, and I feel angered to exhaustion, having not stopped him from drinking again. Tommorrow afternoon, after my term paper, I´ll se a lady from Al Anon for some advice or help. I can´t take this not longer on myself.


Anne Frank

We just watched a documentary on CTV about Anne Frank(everybody should know her no matter where from!) w/a live Super8-camera film, showing her on the balcony in the Frank´s Frankfort home back in 1936. I was about crying, but didn´t cuz the guys would have thought whatinhell he´s about.

Sam, le garcon que j´aime

Sam is here w/me. Yep, he can read every word I type. And I really appreciate his presence, his view, everything. And no, I don´t have to take care for what txt atm., Sam´s english is like your arab, prbly. nonexistent.*lol* We just sit here w/roomie, having some coffee and cookies(so civilised). For the eve I booked a table at Hélene Darroze´s restaurant, Frances only 3star(Michelin) female cook. It won´t even cost a fortune, since I befriended her in the eve of my 18th b-day, thx to dad. On a good note; Sam has minimized his alcohol consumption lately. :-) But his ´rents are still insisting on rehab, though only thru our summer vacations. Roomie took Sam out of my room to not disturb me, ain´he nice?! :-) It breaks my mind, that such a good guy has to undergo rehab, cuz he can´t cope w/life as it is. Take the advice from a junior in life; never do drugs of any kind, it´ll spoil not only your aquaintacances(sorry, B.E.) but also your life! To quote a certain blogger; take care and be safe! Have a great weekend! :-) Tadah, Pilgrim

News from Dad - El Presidente

Dad just smsed me, that the old President of Germland is reelected.


A fan

First we chatted on milkboys, and we found out, we live in the same city, just an Arrondismement away. He is still electrified when reading me or chatting. Gosh, I didn´t know, one could fall for s/body by just reading him. ´kay, some guys have a fine writing style, as me(?), but what makes us attracted to others?Does our txting have an influence on the picture one gets from us? I think, it´s a bit weird, exept for peepz., who know each other IRL. And it´s getting weirder if peepz only im´d or whatever. Can someone tell me, what a psyciological impact writing style has on other peepz.? Laters, Pilgrim


I´m certainly not the most sportive person alive, but I´ve been on 8 wheels since like 9 yrs. now, not this recreational rollerblading, I prefer the aggressive blading, and since my roomie is a blader too, we hang out together a lot. We mostly rip it at Bercy Skatehall or Ivry-sur-Seine Skatepark. My other sport is rugby, which I now play for 4 yrs. as a forward. It started a the Ligue de Lycées, now I play for UMPC, my university. You might find some footage of my rollerblading on youtube, including an interview of my roomie and me. So, of course, most of my buddies are rollerblader and rugby player, not the best of combinations. But since they are my buddies, they get along well for the most part. Footy only interests me in form of internaional matches like World-or European Cup. My faves as players are Thierry Henry, Nouri Sahin and adorable Cristiano Ronaldo, and I have met all three during the World Cup in Germany. ,,,and I surfboard. Tadah, Pilgrim


Holiday and Bbq.

Today is Ascénsion, a church holiday in oh-so-secular-France. Earlier this morning I attended Service at Église Val de Marne, actually a military chuch, but also open to the neighborhood. After Roomie and me were getting home, our Conciérge asked, if we were taking part in the houses Bbq., sort of an annual get together of the peepz in our house to party, eat and talk. It´s always fun, there is a couple w/3 kids, a playwriter, who claims to have known Rimbaud*lol*, a woman, who works at Renault(40ish) and the two of us. After like the 3rd year they finally got the drift that we are not a queer couple, but roomies. I always bring my Baharat(arab mixed spices) and roomie his HP-sauce. It costs like 8 euro pp. for the meat, since I like lamb a lot, and beef,pork not so much. I guess, that raises my Cuenta. ...Speaking of Rimbaud- who in our blogosphere understands french? I want to know, cuz I want to post poems of this great french poet at times. Or do you all need Gaga-translator?



While the U.K, and Germland have a law against illegal prostitution, you find it here seldom. And males are in all countries are excluded. I knew one boy, in Germland, who was a callboy. It disgusted me, but I already knew, that there was a law against it, then I learned that it is still illegal, so whoevet comes to Germland, beware of offering boys themselves! Avoid their places, indicated on gay traveler books, You might be eligible to law. in France it´s 5 yrs, in Germland dunno!

@ Lunario

Since the system makes it impossible to comment you, it goes from here; I know, but who cares?! Almodovars newest film in Cannes is much more interesting.

"Great News"

Sam just txted me literally minutes ago, that his ´rents will sent him to a reha in Marne-La-Valée; approximately for the next 2 month. That means not only, he will miss his degrees, but also, that I can´t see him for that time. :-( We had just become way close, now this. But Torchy already told me some posts before, that things were out of my hands by the time I talked to his ´rents. So right, so right! I feel like totally left out, crunched by their hospitality. I´m a twat!

What´s up w/Torchy?

Torchy announced his partly(holidaylike) withdrawal from blogging or commenting! Can´t we stop him? He is one of the real stars in our blogosphere, my tutor in blog things and a friend of sorts to many of us! Will you let him go? Or did I miss s/thing? :-X


Sorry to Torchy and Joe NG

But first off, I´d like to welcome Baz, a new kid in the blogosphere, X! and last, but not least Doomed but Cheerful as new followers, big thx to the three of you! :-) ... And now to something completely different; it seems that I, unintentionally, sued Torchy(and others), of having been awol on the Rememberance mass held in Paris on May, 6th on behalf of Chris/Razz. This was not intended, since I asked on m< blog, if s/body would come over. Of course nobody answered this request, so I concluded, it was all hot air they txted on the then news of the decease of Chris. It was not! The post I refer to, can be found under the Date of May 12th, but I missed the send button, and put it to draft. When I found it earlier today, I´ve sent it, like rather now than never. My mistake, I should´ve deleted it instead. Can you accept my apology? I hope so, ...NG, I´ll answer you on your comments, if it is ´kay w/you. ...As you can see, I´m far from complete or a star, as Torchy put it cuz I showed the world, one can always, at least, try to help ones friends, that´s what should be everybodies favor to close friends. More on that in another post. Tadah, Pilgrim


Tis for Joe NG

I aways wondered why you called yourself Naturgesetz, cuz the laws of nature are not always the way He meant it, although our Lord Jesus Christ(living upon and in us) makes us free. ...Back in the day, when His Holiness Benedikt XVI. came to Cologne to visit the World Youth Day, I had the time of my life. He came on the River Rhine by boat, and after deboarding the boat, went to the Cologne Cathedral. I was in a corner, praying for my family, when he entered the cathedral. I simply overheard the clearance call while praying. So I was illegally in the cathedral when he arrived. When I realised it, it was too late to escape. So I prayed quickly, that the police wouldn´t get me as an intruder. By then, His Holiness had approached the altar of St. Mary, so he could see me, just a chapel away.I felt struck, not able to let go my prayer holding. Then, by and by, I slowly raised, turned around, kneeling down before him to seek his sign to release me. Instead, he ended his prayer, turned towards me and gave me a crossing, as only the Pope can do. I was still in the cathedral, when he was asked by the achbishop of Cologne to save us attendants all together. So I got a second Urbi et Obrbi after easter. tbc

The results of yesterday

All in all it was not too dreadful to talk to Sam´s ´rents. His dad didn´t care much, but his mom was quite aware, that s/thing is going wrong w/her sons life. Obviously she referred on the alcohol issue. Of Sam´s other issue she seemed to be either unaware or just ignorant, since this was not mentioned. But they both thanked me really heatily, since "you are the only friend of Sam, who really cares about him."(O-sound,translated). I returned a" De rien"(for nothing,a common phrase to say you´re welcome) and since it was already around dinner time, I apologized for leaving and hit the road. At home, Roomie had prepared Chicken vindaloo(the brits might know :-D), a real hot spiced chicken. Later that eve I called Sam, who was pretty tied up, though it I was on his celly. I guess, he had to face his ´rents for a family conference. Whatever, I´ll be kept on track about what will happen to him. Now up to dinner and back to my learning! Tadah, Pilgrim


I am annoyed

Not one comment on a post, in which I expressed my own feelings instead of those towards Sam?! How sick is that!?... I had my powwow w/his ´rents, they shared my concerns, appreciated my caring for him, that´s it. What did you expect? I ain´t no sorcerer or wizzard, who does things by a snap of his fingers. Such things need time. And I have also other stuff to do, i.e. my physics term paper is due next week, so I need time to study. If you are really interested in me, then show it, and not just because I told you about some friends probs. Good nite, Pilgrim, and sorry for the ranting.

I have danced all night

First off; I´d like to welcome 3 new followers, Bob-CVN70, Lee, who has no blog, but a Youtube channel and James- no blog so far as I´ve seen. :-) ...Last eve/nite was the prom of my life, there was a life band, so we danced, had some drinks and in general a great time. I slept in today, got up ´round noon, showered, brunched w/roomie. After I finish this post I head over to Sam´s family. They expect me to arrive by 4pm CET in their home. Last nite, after I was eventually home, I thought about how and what to tell´em, by now it´s all gone. But heck, what for is french labelled the language of diplomacy?! :-) Not that I intend to change my schedule to become a diplomat. :-D ...Phew, I feel so driven, as if my life was at stake. Under other circumstances I´d say I need a drink, but this is inappropriate now, since this is what I want Sam to prevent from, it is some general angst to fail. Anyway, I started it, now I have to try to bring it to anHopefully good)end. Period! Wish me well, guys! Laters Pilgrim ...P.S. thx Torchy for the late, but not too late comment of recent. :-) *hugs*


A phone call and a hat

The campus party was really cool, we had an indoors Bbq., due to the current consistent bad weather, two kegs of beer and assorted fancy drinks provided from the students bar, as well as a possibility to sleep over to prevent those not living on campus from drunk driving after the party ended. So I returned home at like 9am, after we had a very american breakfeast. At lunchtime I called Sam´s ´rents for a talk, and his mom told me, it would be possible whenever I want, so I purposed Sunday afternoon, cuz later today we are at the Audi Max to receive our master exam rolls and hats. After that we are expected to attend a dinner party thrown by the university. A pretty packed weekend, I admit. Anyway, have a great one you guys out there. :-) Laters, Pilgrim, Msc.nat.


Call me Master

Phew! It´s finally done. Today was the verbal defense of my recent classwork on my master degree in biology. 98.5 all in all. YAY ME!!! Later I´ll meet w/my now former classmates and we´ll have a party on campus, which is deffo more fun, than driving drunken friends home. ...Thx Joe for the advice and Micky for sharing a piece of his on the subject, have great vacations. :-) ...Since I don´t know what Sam´s ´rents realise of their sons probs, I might talk w/them. Maybe they know, maybe they don´t. Anyway, I certainly won´t come down too hard on them. This seems rather than me trying to help him on my own, which is a bit beyond my abilites, though I try my best. Al Anon sounds a good option to get a helpless helper some backup. Laters, Pilgrim


Gallia est divisia in partes tres

I know, it´s the first phrase of Ceasar´s " De bello gallico" - Of the gallic wars. Thus was my situation after last summer, there was me(sorry for being self centered again), my Gf. and Sam. Most of my spare free time I spend with her, as it should be, but Sam took his part too, mostly in inviting me to bars or parties. I got used to have an extended dinner as a layer for drinks, but I normally don´t do much in the booze department, other than Sam, whom I had to drive home w/embarrassing regularity. I like him nonetheless, though is nowhere near to my feelings for my Gf. I guess Sam has a drinking proob, even though he denies it, when I wanna face him w/it. That makes me sad. Such a gorgeous young man wasting his life on alcohol. I mmean, I´m not abstinent, drinking wine for lunch and dinner, the occasional drink however doesn´t make me a drinker, does it? And I have no idea, how to manage Sam out of his habit. Should I feel responsible for him? I mean, he´s only a part of my life, and currently not even a major one. We prbly. will meet tonite. I feel torn! Laters, Pilgrim ...P.S. sorry for the short post, but plz. If you have some ideas on the issue, let me know. ...P.P.S. now you might know, why I chose this spanish title for the first post on Sam. Hope, you guys found a translation.


Contuinuing the post before

Well, then came my 18th b.day and, noblesse oblige, I had to invite Sam. By then, we were on a just friends basis, since I had a new girlfriend(still have). It would be a major bash, first a dinner at home(I still wonder how we, roomie and me, managed that for like 50 peepz. Later that eve we all went in to a club, but at that time the minors had been taken home by their ´rents. I was all in one w/my gf., Sam always nearbym mostly. But my eyes rushed around between her and him. I was fully aware, that I cheated on her in her very presence. Boy, I felt so bad! However, it was a great day, as it was planned. Sam withdrew for a while, not only due to some exams. Next time we met was summer at Arcachon, where I went for surfing, he sorta crashed in to me at a bar, but was like just the guy next door, hugs and thh aforementioned parisian kisses, then we had some drinks. He just had found out, what Long Island Ice Tea is and gulped it down like a barrel per hour. I left myself on 2 of them, some beer and Pastis. While he was really plastered, I went pretty well, so I brought him to his hotel. He wanted me to stay, but at 2am I stay at no ones room for the nite. I know, some of you would call me awkward. But ´kay, I´m more into rollerblading and surfing, he´s more into crossbiking, so we seldom met, though Arcachon ain´t a big city. Anyway, after tis vacation I was pretty sure that I´d like him more than just a friend. ...tbc...

No lo tengo la culpa de ver te caer

First off a welcome to Oli Frost, a new follower to my little blog. :-) ...Phew, hard gun! Sam is a real good looking guy of 21, student like me, out to me(as I told you), but he drinks hard, though it´s his only vice. He has the hair I always wanted, longish blach, slightly curly, very cute. He still lives w/his ´rents in the 18th, in the middle of Arc de Triomphe and Tour Eiffel, a real nice neighborhood exept that the conciérge is more of a doorman.*g* Anyway, we met first at the mensa at Sorbonne IV Réne Descartes 2 yrs. ago. I was still the youngest student then, and he stood behind me in the line for lunch and told me not to take a certain meal, cuz it was badly cooked. Great entry, huh? So I took what he took for lunch. We met only for lunch for like a year, before he took a first step, inviting me to his birthday party, he gave me his addy, so I drove there, being amazed of where he lives and that the doorman asked me for my keys to drive my car into the garage. When I arrived at his appt.door, he received me w/a kiss, not the usual cheek to cheek left-right-left, but on my lips. I must insert here, that made me so embarrassed, that I basically had one drink, then left and headed home. But that nite I hardly slept, all the time Sam being on my mind and my feelings towards him. The following wks. I went to the UPMC-mensa, where he had no access. ...Laters, Pilgrim

La valise des amis

They missed me on Milkboys Tinychat, me not knowing, that they changed to another channel. Suckers! Am I supposed to follow everything par instant? I like Benji and Skip, but them both have the faintest of me or my life! Plz., you may comment me, but w/a reason, not to gimme your e-mail addies! I´d rather would meet Chris back alive, une chose, qui ne apparait jamais non plus. ...I can´t hinder/prevent anybody from here, but I beg you to do so! Chat is chat, Blog is blog! Don´t miss the difference, my friends!...Are you all relly valid guys? Some like Torchy are, Joe, Micky, Jamsey and Joshua too. Le reste? Think on and bout. ...I had a lengthy talk w/Sam, ending w/the common french word, on verras bien! Good chances for Sam*lol*...well, I get tired now(small wonder), so I leave you in this world w/propz and Good nite, yours Pilgrim


A Mass without you

Thx to all those in the blogosphere, who did compliment to Razz/Chris in their respctive blogs, but were too awkward to appear, only if it was crossing the Channel! Right Torchy?(examplary for the inglorious rest). My Priest notified me and gave me the condolece list, which showed only the names of his real friends, which will prbly. become my friends too by now. You peepz are great w/words, but lousy in doing! :-(


In Ibiza I could comment everyone, back here, I got the same probs as before. Any helpful advice?!

Safety first

well, first off, welcome to Todd X, who obviously doesn´t have a blog yet, and Mac. Thx guys! :-) ...Then a big Hello! to Benji, who traced me down from Milboys. :-)...´kay, here the news from the front; 3hrs. of sleep in my bed, another 2 at a class. Still tired but fighting it w/lots of coffee cuz end of this week I gotta do my defense of my first term paper. At least I can relax by reading over my current theme. So, no worry! :-) Next week will be a bummer, cuz I write my physics term paper(same procedure). ...On a happier note Sam sms´d me, that he wants to see me tonite. Dunno what to think of it, since he outed himself just some days ago. Anyway, we´ll meet in a public place, and what could be more public as "La Séléct", a café already visited by Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Djuna Barnes and the likes. The cuisine isn´t too high standard anymore, but it´s one of the must-see-places for touristes. :-D Safety first! Laters, Pilgrim


Waiting and a crime

So, after checking out of the hotel(yes I know, but my uncle is sick), we went over to the WiFi-spot, which also is a café. Arriving there, it was not yet opened. I just saw that s/thing was wrong. One of the security-rouleaus was a quarter open w/a bin of plants underneath to hold it up, so a slim person could crawl through. We waited on a bank for some minutes, when the police arrived and the owners wife appeared. Then I realized that they´ve been robbed last nite. But the damage was more on the outer stucture, than indoors. The thieves only took some bottles, s/thing like a microwave and some sausages. Seems they needed a late nite dinner. Anyway, the café opened an hour late, the owner beeing at the police, so we helped his wife to put tables, seatings and Parasoles up in the front of the café. Now, as I txt this we had a free beer on Sam and a mineral water on me and hotdogs. We still have to kill like 4 hrs. before we get out airport-tranfer. Then another 2 1/2 hrs. to chek in and get aboard. Looks like we´ll arrive at CDG about 0.30am, which means none of us will get to bed before like 4am, regarding the distance between CDG and home. Laters, Pilgrim


Ultima dia!

So sad, to leave this beautiful island manana, but I´ve gotta to conue my masters. Sam was the nicety in person today, giving me a ride to San Antonio, which is pretty dead in the begin of the season here, no Café del Mar, nada exept some nice beaches. ´kay, got some tan, but nothing, I couldn´t get in Paris. The younger ladies are really nice to look at, so are the boys. So what?! I got a Gf., a crush(Sam), and the world! :-))) Anyone to tell me, why not to leave? Flights are cheap, my uncle provides me a loctaion, eating for free at his restaurant. What more do I need? Maybe this is a bit self centered, but hey!, who´s not at times? Sorry for ranting, but whose life is it. Have all a nice sunday´s eve! Tadah, Pilgrim


Hangover and other inconveniences

Ola, el mundo! Phew, what a nite to celebrete V-E-Day! ;-) Hardly anyone of the ten of us was up before lunch. The mother of one ducht boy asked us over for a brunch, very nice lady. Even it was only a 2room Appt., she managed a fullfledged brunch. I feel like I gained like 3 lbs.! :-/ Early afternoon we went speedboating, great thing if ya do it the first time. Sam et moi are now at the WiFi-Café, otherwise I could not txt to you guys; btw., thx to Micky and Joe por los antes comentarios. :-)Weahter is a bit chilly today, though convenient for me. Ideal for sailing or windsurfing. Wavesurfing is not evev possible in heavy wind .-( Gotta go to Arcachon. :-) One plan f or summer, if Jamsey won´t give me more reasons to go to Ireland!( Read me?) Anyways, hasta manana! :-) Btw, Lunario, how come you have the spanish signs on your pc? Tadah, Pilgrim


Estaba Jet-Skiing

Well; aside of No10.Boys, we was jetskiing for the first time in m y life! Amazing experience! Really classy in the Mediterranean! :-) How is you guys doinn´at home w/out vacations? We have a big holiday tomorrow, Jour de la libération! My newly won friends(british,ausssies,belgians:-),swiss) are all looking forwards tomorrow. Hope i´ll be having a big party! So, excuse me for then, may be more blotted as the other day. Laters, Pilgrim


Ibiza enter les meses

Seems, thhat there is a lot of gays here, I had to deline 2 offers! ...Otherwise, this island is great! :-) ---take a holiday here, especially Jamsey! I´d love to be w/Mr. Easygoing! :-*** ... not mucho more to say, exept to Lunario much luck! :-) I commented all, I thought worth it so far. Sorry, if i´ve overread somone! :-( Hasta la proxima vez! Taadah, Pilgrim



ola, amigos! Took me some days to find a WiFi-Spot. So, a short update; weather is great, as to expect from the Islas Baleaeres in the mediterranean sea for the twats fom outter space. :-) ...on other terms, I wanna welcome Bob- CVN 70 as a new follower to my little blog. thx, man! :-) ...It´s still preseason, so not much to expect, but there are more reasons for ya, to be envious. I counted the last couple of days so many boys, who were like a 10 as many of you might see in a month. :-D ...Drinks were already cheaper in the last yrs., but still affordable, Long Island Ice Tea at a range from 5.80 to 10 Eurons. So long, you guys,laters. Pilgrim



First off@ Lunario, what village are you from? Your comments are certainly appreciated, but a bit dull in my mind. :-) ...Later tonite I go to Ibiza, the Island beeing dubbed as the gay island. When I was there first time, I found nada of that, only masses of Royal Army families and masses of dutch peepz. Despite that, my uncle lives there, leading one of Ibiza´s best restaurants. :-) So I can eat well for free:-D ...I´ll meet my Dad and actual mom there, hoping to have a nice time. My older bro uses to be a resident Dj at one of the clubs at San Antonio in September for BFBS. I don´t know, what chances for a Wi-Fi Spot there is, but I find one, I´ll update you from the island. :-) So long, peez., I´ll still be around for like 3hrs.

Info from Dad

It was supposed, that Nazis would meet in his city, but the Court d´Appelation ruled them out! So, Dads day was a calm one. I mean, wtf. have those brown hordes to do or say in Germland? Fuck them!!!

Leaving the stress behind

We, roomie, gf., and some of the peepz of our house sit in the backyard, have a Bbq., and german "Einbecker Mai-Urbock", a strong, dark beer speciality from Germland, yummy stuff, but pretty pricy here. 1.50 a bottle of a 1/2 pint, refund included. We roast lamb(for me and halal), chicken breast for my gal(also halal); the others rely on porc.We also brought down a stereo, to prvide some music, and me, not too shy of my older bro, put some Cd´s of his in. Response so far,"Trés bien! :-) Laters, Pilgrim

Workers Day

I just want to remember everyone, that today is the International Workers Day, holiday all over Europe , and prbly. in most other countries(exept the US), as far as I know. Originally founded by the 2nd Intérnationale on their founding congress in Paris 1890. 2yrs. later it was declared to be the "Feast day of the workers of all countries of the world"! So raise your fist, join the column and shout out loud "Red Front"!

Thanks Jamsey

You made my vacations! Luv ya for it! :-) I(we) will make it end of june! Mind to meet? I´d seen your pic, then, and you ir my type! :-)