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First we chatted on milkboys, and we found out, we live in the same city, just an Arrondismement away. He is still electrified when reading me or chatting. Gosh, I didn´t know, one could fall for s/body by just reading him. ´kay, some guys have a fine writing style, as me(?), but what makes us attracted to others?Does our txting have an influence on the picture one gets from us? I think, it´s a bit weird, exept for peepz., who know each other IRL. And it´s getting weirder if peepz only im´d or whatever. Can someone tell me, what a psyciological impact writing style has on other peepz.? Laters, Pilgrim


Baz said...

Don't really know the answer to how it works, Pilgrim. But it does seem to. Maybe a combination of what's said, and how its said?

Why do some people "hit it off" irl? I know there are other factors irl - body language, eye contact etc., but why shouldn't it work in a virtual environment?

Can't offer you a scientific / pschycolocigal explanation tho.

You left a comment for me about problems from day 1 on blogosphere? Not clear what they are? More details please, I'll try to answer.

naturgesetz said...

I think it is more a matter of the content than the style. Something you say just makes the person feel connected. But I suppose style might be a part of it too. I think I'd be far more likely to be attracted to someone who wrote something engaging, or deep, or poignant — something that resonated profoundly with me — if it were written in standard language than if it were done in text messaging abbreviations. For someone else, it could be just the opposite.

Baz said...

I agree with NG - probably more to do with content than anything else.

wrt last comment you left. Are you saying you can't leave a comment on torchy!'s blog, but you can on mine? Only difference I can see is that my blog (and yours) is set to comments as full page, torchy!'s is set with comments below post. It's all part of blogger, and I don't see why it should cause a problem. I can comment on torchy!'s blog.
Rather than using comments to sort it out, do you want to mail me instead. privatebaz@live.co.uk

Cheers, Baz