A phone call and a hat

The campus party was really cool, we had an indoors Bbq., due to the current consistent bad weather, two kegs of beer and assorted fancy drinks provided from the students bar, as well as a possibility to sleep over to prevent those not living on campus from drunk driving after the party ended. So I returned home at like 9am, after we had a very american breakfeast. At lunchtime I called Sam´s ´rents for a talk, and his mom told me, it would be possible whenever I want, so I purposed Sunday afternoon, cuz later today we are at the Audi Max to receive our master exam rolls and hats. After that we are expected to attend a dinner party thrown by the university. A pretty packed weekend, I admit. Anyway, have a great one you guys out there. :-) Laters, Pilgrim, Msc.nat.


naturgesetz said...

I hope the conversation with Sam's mother goes well. It's very good of you to try to help.

And the festivities sound like good fun.

Anonymous said...

Best luck!

Ouia, j'ai un blog, just follow the link from my name.... :)