Safety first

well, first off, welcome to Todd X, who obviously doesn´t have a blog yet, and Mac. Thx guys! :-) ...Then a big Hello! to Benji, who traced me down from Milboys. :-)...´kay, here the news from the front; 3hrs. of sleep in my bed, another 2 at a class. Still tired but fighting it w/lots of coffee cuz end of this week I gotta do my defense of my first term paper. At least I can relax by reading over my current theme. So, no worry! :-) Next week will be a bummer, cuz I write my physics term paper(same procedure). ...On a happier note Sam sms´d me, that he wants to see me tonite. Dunno what to think of it, since he outed himself just some days ago. Anyway, we´ll meet in a public place, and what could be more public as "La Séléct", a café already visited by Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Djuna Barnes and the likes. The cuisine isn´t too high standard anymore, but it´s one of the must-see-places for touristes. :-D Safety first! Laters, Pilgrim


Micky said...

Oh - just try to think the best, treat him a little bit special like y r friends, and that's all after you've given a trusted friend the key to yr chastity belt!

Well, OK - enjoy the not so hot food anyway, if U can!

Pilgrim said...

Micky, he even took no chance when possible, I wonder, if it was the island or just me, being reluctant?!

naturgesetz said...

Take good notes and let us know how it goes with Sam.

Benji said...

XD you don't answer XD so i guess you don't want to keep contact ? anyway if you do, tell me please !! We miss you !! and i still wanna see you in paris :p
So here's is one of my mail ^^
i don't tell you my real one because i don't give it to you alone here :p
pleeease answer !!