Al-Anon and me

CToday I was at one of AA´s Supporters meetings. It was a mediocre nightmare! Peepz., who have been addicted and have addicted kids, or ´rents, friends, like me, of addicted. I felt like an alien. There was the usual meet and greet, tell us your story and all the shebang! I really don´t know, why I did it. Was it to really support Sam, or just my excuse, to not have taken him serious enough? Wtf., I´m not going there a second time. I don´t need other peepz. probs. added to what I carry around. Most of my followers will know, what I talk about. AA Supporters suck as well as the issue itself. ...@Benji, merci! :-)*... and plz. some more questions, am I so odd?! Tadah, Pilgrim ...thx Torchy, for your comment recently!:-)


Anonymous said...

I can see why you would find it annoying to attend meetings. I honestly hate the program most of the time really. But for me it helps to have other people that I can relate to sometimes. I think that is the key, if you cannot relate to it; then it has no point. So often in the process of recovery people have to "whine" about their troubles in order to face them properly is all.
It's good to be supportive of Sam. But you can not abandon yourself in the process.

naturgesetz said...

I had hoped that it would give you some useful ideas about dealing with Sam. But from your description, it seems as if there will not be very much for you there. So I guess it was worth trying, but not worth staying with.

Back to work soon. :)

Anonymous said...

I really do sympathise. I've listened (usually for several hours at a time) while guys have slammed off AA meetings because they just weren't the type for them.


Felt the same thing myself about groups of people saying they were going to give up smoking. Only if I went to one of those would our dear Heal Service provide free nicotine patches, so those ended up costing MORE than smoking had done!

Still I was just the kind of guy that as long as my lover would support me I could do it. And did. Patches, headaches and all.

Now I just have to be careful not to drink too much to compensate!

Choose your poison!

Pilgrim said...

Micky, ya mean the NHS?

jay.osa said...

your not odd... it is not for everyone.

gomad.ch said...

OK, another question: How would you describe your relationship with Sam?

MartininBroda said...

You are definitely not odd, but my question is already used.

Baz said...

I thought you weren't going to go.
Glad you did tho', you're now certain its not a way forward (at least for you)
To save you asking the question, the answer is no, I've never considered AA as a suitable option for any of the young people I worked with.
Keep supporting Sam, just be there for him. Until he accepts there's a problem, I doubt that the rehab being forced on him will be effective either. Sorry to be negative about that, just based on experience.

Seth said...

Its a tough thing to support someone like that, or even handle some of the emotional stuff in the meetings. Kudos for tryin.