A Mass without you

Thx to all those in the blogosphere, who did compliment to Razz/Chris in their respctive blogs, but were too awkward to appear, only if it was crossing the Channel! Right Torchy?(examplary for the inglorious rest). My Priest notified me and gave me the condolece list, which showed only the names of his real friends, which will prbly. become my friends too by now. You peepz are great w/words, but lousy in doing! :-(


torchy! said...

Pilgrim, i think you are being a little unkind here. you met Razz and thereby had a 'real' connection with him.

i never met him in real life, much as i would like to have done. i already explained in my tribute posts that i actually had very little contact with him at all.

my feelings towards Razz were still sincere and were concerned with his suffering and the bravery with which he was facing his illness.

everything i said in my tribute posts was from the heart.

i am not a religious person, as i have already explained in several places, and i know very little of the workings of the Catholic church. i did wonder about the Mass that you were holding for Razz but to be honest i still have no idea what was entailed.

even though i am not religious, i have prayed and still pray for Razz and his family and close friends.

however, by coincidence, i learnt of Razz's death when i was in his home town of Brighton. to me that had a special significance and i feel i did my mourning there and at home over the next couple of days as i write the tribute posts. if i knew where his grave was, or if there was a memorial for him, i would definitely visit it to pay my respects.

i still think about Razz pretty much every day and i feel that i have remembered and mourned him in a way that is appropriate for my relationship with him.

having said that, i think it was a very thoughtful thing for you to have organised a Mass, and i wish more people had attended. for my own part, i had work and family commitments and for that i apologise.

best wishes to you

naturgesetz said...

Pilgrim — For some reason, this post never appeared on my dashboard until today. Your reference to Chris's friends who attended the Mass becoming your friends reminds me of something. On April 30, on behalf of another blogger, I forwarded two e-mails to Steven. One was for Chris's family and friends in Great Britain. The other was for Chris's American friends from university. Steven did not reply to acknowledge them, which is not itself a problem, except that I forwarded them from a different account than the one with which I had previously been in touch with Steven. So it is possible that they were somehow improperly classified as junk.

Are you in contact with Steven? Is so, would you do me the favor of asking if he received those e-mails? I would ask myself, but first, I'm not sure my e-mails are getting through, and second, the lack of response could indicate a decision on his part not to become involved in ongoing communication with me or most of the bloggers who know Chris only through the blog. So I want to respect his wishes: but if he did not receive the e-mails, it would be good to know it so I could try again.

I'm not looking for anything more than confirmation that they were received or that they were not. If you are in a position to do this favor for me, it would be much appreciated.