Ibiza enter les meses

Seems, thhat there is a lot of gays here, I had to deline 2 offers! ...Otherwise, this island is great! :-) ---take a holiday here, especially Jamsey! I´d love to be w/Mr. Easygoing! :-*** ... not mucho more to say, exept to Lunario much luck! :-) I commented all, I thought worth it so far. Sorry, if i´ve overread somone! :-( Hasta la proxima vez! Taadah, Pilgrim


Anonymous said...

You're turning DOWN propositions?

Oh reallY!

There's so many green eyes around here of folk who'd like even ONE proposition and your batting them away like there's no . . .


Sebastian/school/dutch/ said...

lol your english is getting good


Anonymous said...

¡Muchas gracias, Pilgrim!¡Espero que pases unas buenas vacaciones que te diviertas mucha!