ola, amigos! Took me some days to find a WiFi-Spot. So, a short update; weather is great, as to expect from the Islas Baleaeres in the mediterranean sea for the twats fom outter space. :-) ...on other terms, I wanna welcome Bob- CVN 70 as a new follower to my little blog. thx, man! :-) ...It´s still preseason, so not much to expect, but there are more reasons for ya, to be envious. I counted the last couple of days so many boys, who were like a 10 as many of you might see in a month. :-D ...Drinks were already cheaper in the last yrs., but still affordable, Long Island Ice Tea at a range from 5.80 to 10 Eurons. So long, you guys,laters. Pilgrim

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like UR doing OK - pix of all these 10s, prhps?

Well like the idea of Uncle owning decent restaurant!

Trying to keep it all going in yr absence but it's hard.