I´m certainly not the most sportive person alive, but I´ve been on 8 wheels since like 9 yrs. now, not this recreational rollerblading, I prefer the aggressive blading, and since my roomie is a blader too, we hang out together a lot. We mostly rip it at Bercy Skatehall or Ivry-sur-Seine Skatepark. My other sport is rugby, which I now play for 4 yrs. as a forward. It started a the Ligue de Lycées, now I play for UMPC, my university. You might find some footage of my rollerblading on youtube, including an interview of my roomie and me. So, of course, most of my buddies are rollerblader and rugby player, not the best of combinations. But since they are my buddies, they get along well for the most part. Footy only interests me in form of internaional matches like World-or European Cup. My faves as players are Thierry Henry, Nouri Sahin and adorable Cristiano Ronaldo, and I have met all three during the World Cup in Germany. ,,,and I surfboard. Tadah, Pilgrim

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Seth said...

Sounds like you certainly keep fit and active. :)