No lo tengo la culpa de ver te caer

First off a welcome to Oli Frost, a new follower to my little blog. :-) ...Phew, hard gun! Sam is a real good looking guy of 21, student like me, out to me(as I told you), but he drinks hard, though it´s his only vice. He has the hair I always wanted, longish blach, slightly curly, very cute. He still lives w/his ´rents in the 18th, in the middle of Arc de Triomphe and Tour Eiffel, a real nice neighborhood exept that the conciérge is more of a doorman.*g* Anyway, we met first at the mensa at Sorbonne IV Réne Descartes 2 yrs. ago. I was still the youngest student then, and he stood behind me in the line for lunch and told me not to take a certain meal, cuz it was badly cooked. Great entry, huh? So I took what he took for lunch. We met only for lunch for like a year, before he took a first step, inviting me to his birthday party, he gave me his addy, so I drove there, being amazed of where he lives and that the doorman asked me for my keys to drive my car into the garage. When I arrived at his appt.door, he received me w/a kiss, not the usual cheek to cheek left-right-left, but on my lips. I must insert here, that made me so embarrassed, that I basically had one drink, then left and headed home. But that nite I hardly slept, all the time Sam being on my mind and my feelings towards him. The following wks. I went to the UPMC-mensa, where he had no access. ...Laters, Pilgrim

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