Hangover and other inconveniences

Ola, el mundo! Phew, what a nite to celebrete V-E-Day! ;-) Hardly anyone of the ten of us was up before lunch. The mother of one ducht boy asked us over for a brunch, very nice lady. Even it was only a 2room Appt., she managed a fullfledged brunch. I feel like I gained like 3 lbs.! :-/ Early afternoon we went speedboating, great thing if ya do it the first time. Sam et moi are now at the WiFi-Café, otherwise I could not txt to you guys; btw., thx to Micky and Joe por los antes comentarios. :-)Weahter is a bit chilly today, though convenient for me. Ideal for sailing or windsurfing. Wavesurfing is not evev possible in heavy wind .-( Gotta go to Arcachon. :-) One plan f or summer, if Jamsey won´t give me more reasons to go to Ireland!( Read me?) Anyways, hasta manana! :-) Btw, Lunario, how come you have the spanish signs on your pc? Tadah, Pilgrim


Anonymous said...

OOOOOH I could call U names!

Speedboating indeed!

I hoe U didn't frighten any birds!

Grief! I'm green w/envy!

Enjoy you, you . . . you PERSON you!

Anonymous said...

I don't have the signs on my keyboard, always do them by key combination. ;)

Have fun!

torchy! said...

sounds like you're having a blast Pilgrim, i wish i was there too :) sun, sea, sand, speedboats, sexy speedo boys and... :P


Pilgrim said...

Sry, Torchy, no Speedos, most boys wear the good ole shorts.