Al-Anon is strange

Well, first of, I have to thank my 3 new followers, X!, Deadwing and Benjamin Assayag, who apparently has no blog, soyez bienvénus. :-) ...So, this afternoon I had an appointment w/a lady from Al-Anon, who was supposed to give me some advice on how to cope w/Sam. So far, so great! Turned out, she took me for him and started to tell me about their progams, until I showed her my ID card. Then she realised that only was meeting her on behalf of my friend. Things became a bit easier, she brought me coffee, then we talked about Sam´s situation and what I already had done. She gave me some info papers and an invitation to join a group meeting tommorrow, which I had to decline in favor of my rugby training. In fact, I don´t know, what such meetings would bring me. My life is already complicated enough to listen to the worries of others. On a lighter note, my term paper in physics went well, though this time I needed the full time. It´s pretty warm here, like 84F/29C atm. Melting time for overweight peepz.*lol* Laters Pilgrim ...P.S. Have a nice Holiday in GB and USA. :-)


naturgesetz said...

Maybe they will have a meeting at a time that is convenient for you. I would expect that in a city as large as Paris they would have many groups, with various meeting times.

James said...


Intervention and being the friend of someone with an addiction like that must be really hard. I hope you can be a good support and friend for Sam as he goes through this.

(And yes, I came out of hiding to do some commenting :P)

Micky said...

YR holiday knowledge is awesome! Living where we do (on a main tourist route through a pretty bit) we had to remain at home today for the madding crowd to do it's stuff on the roads.

I wish you better luck than I had, since you've decided to go down this brave route!

Baz said...

I don't want to fill your posts with unrelated comments. wrt tech. probs, I've left a comment for you on Techy Stuff.

Al-Anon; I'd recommend going to one of their sessions if possible. It will give you some insight as to how AA (as we know it in the UK) works. Yes, you will hear a lot of people with drink problems discussing their own situations. No one will ask you to take on any responsibility for them. Remember why you are there (why you first contacted AA) - you want to help Sam.

I'd say, try on of their meetings, see how they operate, decide for yourself whether its an appropriate option for Sam.

It's not an easy one, but I wish you well with it. You obviously care a great deal.

Baz said...

Have left two comments on techy stuff. might be closer to an answer.

Deadwing said...

thanks for the mention! i've got you linked on my blog. :)