Berlin is in Germany

Yep, I´m in Berlin for the Winterclash Comp., but it´s rather an amassing crowd on rollerblades and I get e-mails by the second from german, french and other european bladers as well from americans ,where I am! But if you can reunite with half your immediate family you got more to do than meeting everybody you either met unrecognized or by default. My older bro. is here as well, and my dad for the Berlin Film Festival. So of course everybody has to stay back. At the moment we sit in a restaurant, waiting for dinner and talking about the most recent events. Family stuff and a bit of politics. Tomorrow is the big day of our contest, while dad can "enjoy" the movies! :-D  I´ll rather stop here, otherwise my soup gets cold!  Laters Pilgrim


The snow has gone

It took me half an hour for a way I use to walk in ten mins. to the institute. Paris is either watery or icy. Small wonder at 10C. Last tuesday training was aborted for the "slippery when wet" conditions. On the other hand that gave me a chance to catch up with my doctorate, so I´m at about 400 sides. 500 are required. Wih me luck! ...on another term, Val hasn´t been around for quite a while, seems his coming out was not so well received by his rents! Heck, what coud I do, if necessary? ...Elsehow I´m fine! :-)   Tadah Pilgrim


No title but snow

Have you all a nice week! I´ll be back, when my impetus returns. Tadah Pilgrim ...P.S. please comment!