Just a test

This post is txted on a Motorola V9i, while some spyware brought my laptop to repair. :-/ ...Happy B-day Lu, may all your wishes come true. Tadah Pilgrim


This to cheer up Sasha

Tomorrow is another day, Diva, Baby! Tadah Pilgrim

Sti.Petri et Pauli

Today a morning post on behalf of the Peter & Paul´s - Day. It is the most popular feast of any Apostles since the medieval ages, and the (State) -Holiday of Vatican city. As everybody should know, Peter was the first one chosen to follow Our Lord on earth. Paul, on the other hand was a merchant from Damascus named originally Saul, well known then for his hatred towards christians, until he, on a travel to Jerusalem, was blinded by God who told Saul, that he must not hate the christians, as this meant, he would hate His Son as well. In fear and pain Saul asked God for remedy and promised to seek the community as His servant, where upon God lifted his blindness. Paul, as he named himself after this, became eventually the last Apostle, and the only one, who never met Jesus on earth. He was the most powerful preacher of the Evangelium and an avid exeget. It is said, that Peter and Paul died at the same day.


Fresh from the shower

Well, we strolled through Dull-City, showing them the University/former chateau of the local king until 1866(hint to John), the former royal gardens, the rest of what allied Air Bomber squads left from the old inner city, then we walked in to a beer garden. Some cool drinks on a pretty warm day, french fries, having just a good time. ...now some answers; @John, as the word said "family estate" is a family owned estate(no further specification, you never know, who reads along)...@Torchy and Baz, I´m going to Brighton w/my Gf., the other guys will stay in London until we return. ...on tuesday we fly to Dublin via Heathrow. ...then, guys, welcome back to Jamsey from "Memyselfandmyhand-P", who showed a sign of life on Tom´s blog "The daily jizz", where he linked today, which means he´s back home. :-) Tadah Pilgrim

A coincidence

Today, 95 yrs. ago a bunch of serbian anarchists shot the austrian heir to the throne and his wife in the streets of Saraevo, which is known now as the immediate ignition to start WW I. ...on a lighter note, we are in Germany, me and my gal at mom´s, Val and Rafiq at my older bro´s appartment. The weather is better than expected, lunch was poulet au limon. A bit later on my Bro and I give the buddies and my Gf. a sightseeing of the city, though I don´t know what to show then in a pretty dull city. Laters Pilgrim


Some funnies for the weekend

A little Aufklaerung

Well,most of my readers know Val, an almost 16yrs. old lover of mine, Rafiq is new to you,17 and like Torchy´s CB2, only a bit staighter I think, and my Gf., whose name might be a mystery forever, but she is a french actoress and model, and I won´t make her public!I might add my older Bro., but that´s our troup to Ireland, in England I will be alone in Brighton(Thx,Torchy!), maybe my Gf, will accompany me. the rest will stay in Londres, so Torchy and Baz, get over there to see some beautiful people! :-) Tadah Pilgrim


The bluey and coming home

Thx, guys, for your worthy advices. Today, before leaving in to my summer break, I threw the letter to Sam in the postbox. It´s done! ...now we(Val, Rafiq and my Gf.) went to Belgium, to our family´s estate. Tomorrow we continue to go to my parents in Germany. I haven´t seen them since Easter, A short post for today, but I´ll keep you updated. Tadah Pilgrim...P.S., Torchy, who doesn´t like my little contribution to Chris?...P.P.S.S.@Benji, I once offered you my celly-no., but you refused. Do you really know, what you want from me?


Time to sort it out

The two days of absence here gave me a chance to do, what has been on my mind already for some time. I´m not sure, if the time is right or not, but I´ve come to conclusions on Sam. So I wrote him a letter(yes,w/ink on paper!) I only didn´t send it until now. In bref, I´m thru w/him. The reasons are obvious for you, my steady readers. It was a hard struggle to make this decision. He won´t be a part of my life anymore. Please, don´t come down too hard on my decision in your comments. Good nite, Pilgrim

M.I.A. - but back again!

Fact is, my laptop needs either Wifi or Wlan, but neither was to get between 22nd and today, due to a network override by students e-mailing their semester homeworks in. Since my nearest Wifi point is the university, I practically hung like a para in a tree. ...Big hugs and thx to Rapha, my sweetie for explaining his reasons. I hope, Joe NG is as relieved as me.(no pun intended) ...Woah, weekend is rushing in, and I gotta pack my suitcase and backpack for Ireland and England. So, who lives there should emigrate to the Falklands for like the next 3-4 weeks*g* Laters Pilgrim


What´s up w/Rapha?

I can´´t myself, but his currently last post had no commenting possibility)and this time it´s not my freaky system!) but also a good bye, that sounded like getting awol. :-( Please, hang in here, Rapha, my sweetie! Laters Pilgrim ...p.s., any infos?

A.J. is leaving

F.y.i., AJ from " Coming out (on the internet announces on his blog, that most recent troubs make him shutting it down So, go over to him and give him a last hooray!


Training day

For most of the day we(Fab & me, Val later after school) had the chance to test the parcours at Cergy Pontoise. Great rails, some nice ledges and some vert elements. Should be a great contest. ...@Joe, yep, France is a centralistic republic, but since the regions were reinstalled after like 200yrs., we have local(regional) jurisdiction as well,in Paris it can differ from arrondissment to arrondissment. Especially on public order and the likes. ...Does anybody know, which former soviet states speak arabic dialects? I just watch a movie on tv, in which some peepz talk a mix of russian and arabic. Tadah Pilgrim ...p.s., I´m open to suggestions for new polls. So far I only thought of age, undies or waist sizes...pp.ss,Why in hell do I get now each time I wanna do a post, a Windows ad, that my blog is privete now and I should enter my nick and a password? Any ideas?! ...p.s3,Benji, are you still alive? txt me!...was I too inprecise? More please!

Quick update

As I told you the other day of bladong at Place Beaubourg and getting fined for, turns out the fine is only applied on habitants of the arrondissment, due to some local law. We live in another one, so we will never pay this fine. Tell me about bureaucracy! :-D Laters Pilgrim


Blading Place Beaubourg

If you´ve ever been to Paris you certainly know the Centre Pompidou. Well, Beaubourg is only a stone throw away, a shopping mall of sorts, but w/great ledges to skate. So Fab., Val and me did. But as luck wanted, not 1/2 hr. later les flics arrived to give us at least a warning not to skate there and fined Fab and me like 100 Eu each! Them suckers!...Sorry for the rude tone. Then we went home via RER, a fast commuter that only stops a selected points. Anyway, while I write this, Val watches "Cheers"! on some sat.channel, and Fab prepares some dinner. ...Maybe I give you a later update, elsehow have a great weekend, but I guess, I give you a new post tomorrow. Tadah Pilgrim...comment please!Ou vous allez au diable!

Better again

Thx to you guys for the advices, but alcoholic beverages as well as caffeine is only dehydrating. Just plain mineral water is always the right choice. ...Martin, read your comments! :-) ...on a much lighter note, my participation in the 100 pour cent- Contest isn´t a question. Now(provided w/a bottle of mineral water) I go to practize my latest tricks. Laters Pilgrim


Passed out

Indeedy, I passed out somewhere between 5 and 7pm, probably due to drinkinng too few water. Fab called our doc, and when he arrived I was already back again, but my blood pressure was like 50 to 90. Not exactly high though. ...Big thx to Lunario, whom I now can comment w/out a new post. (Torchy, take him as an example!)...@Joe, not even age like Val would be to young, there is other reasons in the field.I don´t need a placeholder for Sam, what Val possibly consiered not only as an option....I feel so caught in a trap. Tadah Pilgrim ...p.s. I´m still way groggy, but feeling better. Only the contest in Cergy-Pontoise is a dream or a vid now. :-(

From my older Bro

He mailed me, that he was excluded from his studies by the students council of his university(also referring to Lunario), but he insisted and went in, only to find his Prof. and a handful of students in class. "Scheisse" (O-Sound). Laters Pilgrim ...Good Morning Canada! Happy B-day Ty, live long and prosper! :-)

Rugby and Val

Yay me! 5 goals in a training match! It was a great time, where I can forget all m< troubs. But no! Val found our actually secret training ground and approached as soon training was over and we had showered and dressed in our normal clothes. He invited me again for a lateRR dinner and a drink, but this time I beat him w/asking him what his age actually is. He told me, he´s going to be 16 this year in july! So, he´s not too young, Herr Naturgrsrtz! :-) Anyway, to me he is only a friend, Hope, he understood my wallon accent! Tadah Pilgrim...P.S. Torcy, I can´t answer you!


Some Funnies for you

New poll

This time I want to know if and how much you smoke. Not, that it is accusing anybody, it´s just for the record. Please vote! :-)

To Lunario

I watched the german "Mittagsmagazin", where they had some infos about your "strike". IMO it´s idiotic, since your country is the only one were one discusses tuition fees and paying for books! Here you can get a credit, if you are poor enough, depends on net-income. In university it´s the same. But germans hardly can accept EU-standards. P.S., if you had this full page comment system, I had answered you directly. Same goes for Torchy! Laters Pilgrim


A wonderful weekend

Saturday was pretty crammed w/touristy stuff, Ste´s Grandpa insisted on going to see Paris from above, meaning the Tour Eiffel, and I told him, he would have a much better view from the Tour Montmartre, just because it´s the only place where you can´t see the ugly Montmartre-Tower. Well, we did both and the old man went d´accord. Of course, Tour Eiffel was much more of a thrill, we waited like lightyears to get in to the elevator. Seems, not only Ireland and USofA started summer vacations. ...Anyway, today their trip ended w/an invitation to brunch w/Ste and Grandpa at a Bar-Brasserie near their Hotel, then I offered to bring them to the airport in my car. By now Ste and Grandpa are on their way home, Ste invited me over, if I could make it, so I told him, I coulg combine it w/my trip to Ireland. We´ll see. Laters Pilgrim


A post for Benji

You was my love on tinychat, but you´re gone. You want to see me, you have to work more on me than Val! If you want me as a friend, take it easy! Pédé meant someone you mentioned before, and Joshua is the one to kill our "Friendship".Bon nuit Pilgrim


Weekend ahead!

@ Joe, of course, Val is too young, I mentioned that already earlier. But he forced me, not vice versa!...This weekend will be like totally devouted to Ste and his Grandpa. They arrived last eve in the city, so Ste smsed me this morning, if and were we could meet. I purposed the Place de la Sorbonne, where they arrived like lightyears before me.*g* Anyway, I asked, where they wanted to go or what to see in particuliar, so we first went to the Louvre, which took the rest of the day. Tomorrow we´ll go to the Tuilléries and Opéra Garnier. the old man in still pretty alive and kicking for his 84yrs. of age! :-)...Btw., Gomad was zhe only right gun on the question, who the b/w guy is! Congrats! :-) Tadah Pilgrim


100th Post

Well, yeah! As time goes by, i´ve reached this mark, but I won´t do some hundred-things-about-me-thingy. ...I was in mass today, on behalf of Corpus Christi, then back to the shop., we hadn´t closed today at least we opened from 11am thru 3pm CET. And as luck wanted, I escaped Val today, only to find my celly bombed w/sms from him. I carefully read and deleted them after.(Be warned, Benji!) I simply wanted my day not let get spoiled by any brat. Roomie made dinner, chinese beef au végetables. ...And now, as an excuse for a really random post, I´ll give you a pic. Heck, I somehow can´t put pics under my txt! Any ideas? Laters Pilgrim...p.s.can you guess, who the guy in b/w is?...the champain is for you guys, cheers! :-)...p.p.s.s. do I have to carry you over here to comment?


Job and Val and a kiss

No, I didn´t mean the unfortunate guy from the bible, but my job as an employee in a inline-skate & accessories shop. The day was pretty uneventful, some random customers, all way good looking, but not like my fave Sam. Here the prob starts. He, being off to rehab in Bretagne, I get sort´a vulnerable towards Val, who ever so occasionnaly walked in, while I was looking for some bearings for speedskates. So I hardly noticed him coming in. When I was taking the speedskaters cash, I saw him, ever so beautiful, and almost gave the girl her money back.Oops!...Then we were alone in the shop, the owner trusts me, me behind my cashiers-bar, he on the other side, saying "Salut". So far, so good. I greeted him back. Then, all of a sudden he leaned over my bar and kissed me on my lips. I was so "Oumph!" This was the first time a boy kissed me! When he withdrew, he asked me out for tonite, me knowing that we still have classes in school.*evilgrin* So I told him, we could meet right after 22h CET, knowing, that the shop opens that long only on weekends. He said it´d be oké, he would be there then. I doubt, that his parents will let him go out that late w/out compagnie! I mean he is just gonna go to become 15! Laters Pilgrim,,,P.S. How about some comments?

To Cole and Ryan

I write this w/a bit of a bitten tongue. It´s like 1 1/2 yrs. ago, that my beloved Grandma got killed by a reckless driver. But with this in background I can feel much more, how you, Cole, must be affected by this accident to Ryan. I can feel w/you. Please give him my most heartfelt well wishes, if you are able to see him. Propz from a sad Pilgrim. May The Almighty Lord be his savior.


Gone with the wind

I love this phrase "Tomorrow is another day"! ...Maybe I should install a Twitter account.*lol*

Happy Birthday

...dear Mac, happy birthday to you! Live long and prosper. :-)


A normal day again, phew!

So, the big bash in Normandy has ended. Everydays life is back, I was to training this afternoon. Almost froze my ass off, having only like 58F/15C today. But I´ve seen the cutie from last week on the side off the training ground. I found out his name is Val(in short. After we had finished, on our way to the changing rooms, he said "Hi" w/a big smile. I was like melting away, when he asked me, when our final is, so he would support my team and me. I gave him the necessary info, then followed my team. When we left, Val waited some yards away from the exit. He invited me for a coke and a burger, so we went to Burgerking. He had a lot of questions as I sheepishly answered, at least until he asked me, whether I like him. I guess I never gulped down a burger so fast you prbly. never have seen someone do. Then I nodded slightly and "Au révoir!"...awkward me! ...On another topic, the lebanese polls went good, as Saad Hariri´s party of Sunnites and Christs won the majority of seats in the parliament.YAY! Laters Pilgrim ...P.S., four of the pics of D-Day commemoration were shot by me, the others were from Detroit Post, or was it Denver? Anyway!


Reminders of two days

First off I welcome Boy from Brisbane, Wat-so-eva and Ronnie as my new followers. :-) Bye Micky, who left recently. Well, Ste and his Grandpa joined me for a commemoration at the cemetary of St.André-d´l Eure/La Cambe to visit the grave of my granduncle, who fell later in august 1944 near Dieppe. After that we lunched together, then they had to leave for a meeting of the veterans of 4/7 RDG. Me is back home, after two days of commemorative things. Roomie is also back, so we will have a nice eve. Tomorrow I bring my laptop to a repairshop, since my Realplayer dos everything except playing. Oh, and for the EU-votes, here the Parti Socialiste won approximately :-) Tadah Pilgrim ...P.S. that was my tip too!



For those, who are interested, there is either Cornelius Ryan´s "The longest Day" or in german Paul Carell´s "Der laengste Tag, as well as the memoirs of an RAF-officer Ryan Brown, who was in the bomber, that killed Glenn Miller!

D-Day commemoration

A good english friends grandpa was at the first wave on Gold-Beach 65 yrs. ago and I accompany him and his grandson during this weekend at Arromanches, the first town liberated in France over to St.André-d´l-Eure/La Cambe, a german war cemetary. Laters Pilgrim ...woah, and I don´t even an Iphone, but a Motorola V9 :-)

The longest day

...was actually presumed to appear after midnite.



Today is really odd, no classes anymore, roomie off to England for a video-shooting, Gf. has a modelling offer and I sit here in my room, doing nada, cuz weather is also a spoiler. Maybe I should call one of my buddies for an appointment later today. Gosh, I miss Sam. Laters Pilgrim

The longest day

This post is dedicated to the forces who liberated France, and later Belgium and the rest of western Europe starting D-Day 65years ago. Thank you! *saluting*


Delayed and powered

Well, my training was delayed due to the exams of our final again L´Ecole Militaire. We will fight them next week, when all finals are done. Meanwhile I can bring my tuxedo to cleaning.(phew)! Thx to all, who congratulated me for the occasion. I could get used to it.*lol* You guys make me feel boosting towards my doctorates, which will not take place for another two yrs. Hope, those of you my age, can succeed as well, even if not baptised w/an Iq like mine. No questions on my Iq now!... Sam sent me a rehab-approved snailmail to excuse for what he did to me, as if he had. The card read more like dictated. He isn´t allowed to call me, no celly, no laptop. Is detox really this hard?(Question to Sasha) ...saw a cute boy on the training ground, well built, tall, slim, black hair, but unfortunately just 14 or 15, a bit too young, even you might disagree. :-p ,,,@Baz, no need for stress, I can live w/it, but you can explain me, how I can put paragraphs w/out numbers in my posts, it´s urgent since I only have like two days left! Laters Pilgrim...Benji, please give me a note of life! :-)

A result and some answers

Since I was asked for my physics defense result, I passed w/like 92pts out of 100. My second Msc.nat. ...@X!, no, I don´t do the Perez Hilton of our community, I only read the most blogs more rational than emotional. Now off to rugby training. Laters Pilgrim...P.S. Rapha <3


Trouble in paradise or The way to hell is paved w/good intentions

I know, I know! But what goes on in our blogosphere in terms of drama and disaster turns my real life trubs in to a comedy of sorts. AJ almost deletes his blog due to some misunderstandings, K reacts to it in his usual Shakespeare King-sort of dramatic way, stirring things even more. Recently Jake and M-boy broke up - result; a shattered mirror and 56 or so comments, only few understood Jake´s point of view, me among these few. I mean, ain´t we a community, that should stand together?! Instead we take party for whoever it might be, causing the other to feel even worser. Jake and M-boy are exepted, since I read them earlier today on "Jakes Home". As a little reminder, A,J, and Matt, When they split, of course everybody stepped in against Matt, almost none understood or even tried the same on Matt - result here, one deleted his blog, the other is awol. Blogosphere starts to become the written version of MTV´s The Real Live! Peepz, git a life IRL! Tadah Pilgrim

Recap of the poll

Well, 1 didní´´t like it, butI can guess who, "2 weren´t interested in me, ´kay, 7wanted me for whatever, 8 think, I´m intelligent. thx foor this kind and positive votes! The rest may pss off! Good night, peepz.! Propz Pilgrim


Left behind

First off, thx to Martin and Tyler,my new followers, feel welcome! :-) ...You are one day offline to learn and all the shebang, and one after another bites the dust. Jake is Awol, M-boy said infinitely bye, and now Matt from "Life" is in the line. Remember, boys and guys, it´s still spring! :-) ...As for me, Sam has been transferred from La Salpétriére Hospital to a rehab somewhere in Bretagne. So, one fewer in the ranks of probs. And I´m sort´a happy, giving thx to all who commented on my sunday post. You are real online buddies! :-) Well, and to console you, who miss Matt, I have his celly-no., and will try to contact him, but not before tomorrow eve, since I have my defense this day. Now back to repeating. Special Thx and propz to Jamsey! Laters Pilgrim ...Joe, plz. take a look on your comment on the 75th post answers.