Blading Place Beaubourg

If you´ve ever been to Paris you certainly know the Centre Pompidou. Well, Beaubourg is only a stone throw away, a shopping mall of sorts, but w/great ledges to skate. So Fab., Val and me did. But as luck wanted, not 1/2 hr. later les flics arrived to give us at least a warning not to skate there and fined Fab and me like 100 Eu each! Them suckers!...Sorry for the rude tone. Then we went home via RER, a fast commuter that only stops a selected points. Anyway, while I write this, Val watches "Cheers"! on some sat.channel, and Fab prepares some dinner. ...Maybe I give you a later update, elsehow have a great weekend, but I guess, I give you a new post tomorrow. Tadah Pilgrim...comment please!Ou vous allez au diable!


torchy! said...

ou vous allez au diable? eek

bonjour Pilgrim, that sounds like a very expensive skating session. i think i would like to take photos of good skaters.

thanks for commenting on my blog, sorry it's taken so long for me to change the commenting option. it's really only a work-round though as there must be lots of blogs you are still unable to comment on.

and... i'm sorry, but i deleted the first post you commented on today. it's nothing you said - it pains me to delete any comment, but *thank you* for leaving the comment :)


Pilgrim said...

Eorchy!; I only said "Pilgrim at your guard, Sir!"...since you live in London, Oli Short lives tere too, and thru my voyage thru Ireland to Brighton, I certainly stop in London. :-)

Pilgrim said...

Stupd Pilgrim, can´spell his gods name; Torchy!

torchy! said...

lol. so that's what you meant. now i understand 'on guard'. but i don't live in London!

however, i hope you have a nice time in the UK when you visit :)


Pilgrim said...

What´s the difference, evening glory?

naturgesetz said...

I hope you learned your lesson.


(Well, you insisted that I comment, and that's the best I could come up with on the spur of the moment.)

Maybe next time you can go to the Centre Pompadour.

Pilgrim said...

Err, Joe, at the Pompidou there is a sign "Interdit de skating", that says all.

Adidas said...

Ah, so Val is with you? Very interesting!!!! Please tell us more!


naturgesetz said...

Well, apparently le skating is equally interdit at Place Beaubourg. So you might as well go to Place Pompier Doux.

Seth said...

that sucks getting a fine!!