A coincidence

Today, 95 yrs. ago a bunch of serbian anarchists shot the austrian heir to the throne and his wife in the streets of Saraevo, which is known now as the immediate ignition to start WW I. ...on a lighter note, we are in Germany, me and my gal at mom´s, Val and Rafiq at my older bro´s appartment. The weather is better than expected, lunch was poulet au limon. A bit later on my Bro and I give the buddies and my Gf. a sightseeing of the city, though I don´t know what to show then in a pretty dull city. Laters Pilgrim


Anonymous said...

Cheers, have fun. Is it close to the border? I'm seeing Alsace Lorraine for some reason. Am I far off? I found the song Diva baby by Nickolai and posted it.

Pilgrim said...

Too bad, we´re like 450 mls. north-east of you. So you like Nikolai too? :-)

Anonymous said...

Aye he's cute and talented as well.
Sorry, was asking if you were near Alsace, not meaning to imply I'm there. I only wish I were. I'm still stuck in Ohio. Much farther away in reality. Though if I had half a chance I'd be on a plane in a moment.

Mickle in NZ said...

It is all "far away" from NZ. Yet that shooting in Sarajavo resulted in thousands of NZers going off to the Great War in Europe.

The one member of my family, Thomas Mcknight, was lucky enough to survive (he was in the many troops at Ypres). I didn't know Great Uncle Tom well, but I did meet my Grandma's big brother.

I know this isn't where your post was/is heading, but is where my thoughts have headed as a result of your post.

Please have a very happy and relaxed time this summer. I feel very happy to know you, and incredibly flattered that you want to know me (and Zebbycat)

Hope you have a super fun summer, Michelle/Mickle xxx

(Zebbycat = pretend snooozling, waiting for me to join him in our bed)

naturgesetz said...

Care to tell us what the "dull city" is?