A post for Benji

You was my love on tinychat, but you´re gone. You want to see me, you have to work more on me than Val! If you want me as a friend, take it easy! Pédé meant someone you mentioned before, and Joshua is the one to kill our "Friendship".Bon nuit Pilgrim


Mickle in NZ said...

Completely off the topis of your post......

Many thanks for visiting my blog.

I waited to comment until I knew the result of the 1st rugby test over here tonight between France and NZ - France won! I don't follow much sport, but am happy with this result.

Too many people here put the "All Blacks" and rugby up on a pedestal and will treat this as a tragedy. Silly, silly people, is far more to value in life. Enough rambling from me...

I hope the rest of your weekend brings good food and wine, and happy company (truely),

Michelle and Zebbycat in Wellington, NZ

Mickle in NZ said...

topis? try the word "topic"

Benji said...

i don't understand, if you don't want to be my friend (yet) how can you love me ???
And why did you were aggressive on my blog ? i didn't made anything to you. Plus, it's completely unfair, i think i'm allowed to have a boyfriend.
I try everything to be your friend, so it's definitely not my fault :P
by the way, i'm on the chat.
Do you have skype otherwise ??