M.I.A. - but back again!

Fact is, my laptop needs either Wifi or Wlan, but neither was to get between 22nd and today, due to a network override by students e-mailing their semester homeworks in. Since my nearest Wifi point is the university, I practically hung like a para in a tree. ...Big hugs and thx to Rapha, my sweetie for explaining his reasons. I hope, Joe NG is as relieved as me.(no pun intended) ...Woah, weekend is rushing in, and I gotta pack my suitcase and backpack for Ireland and England. So, who lives there should emigrate to the Falklands for like the next 3-4 weeks*g* Laters Pilgrim


MartininBroda said...

I was almost concerned, a disappearing post, a silent pilgrim (!), so: Bon voyage.

gomad.ch said...

Enjoy the holidays. Seems to be almost a tour d'Europe

Tom said...

Mate hope you drink lots of Guniess in Ireland. Are you going to stalk the Torch when you get over here? Glad to see you are still around.

Benji said...

Welcome Back !!

naturgesetz said...

Enjoy the trip. Be sure to spend lots of time in Co. Monaghan, where at least one of my 16 great-great grandparents, James White, was born (probably two, as he was married before he left Ireland).

Just kidding about "lots of time," but if it's not too far off the track, you might take a little detour.

As a Pilgrim, you'll undoubtedly want to visit Knock, Croagh Patrick, and various of the other places of pilgrimage, so understandably your time in Monaghan, if any, will probably be brief. But from the pictures I've seen it looks like pleasant countryside. The Whites came from Donagh parish in the north of the county.

Lunario said...

Having to rely on WLAN/WiFi sucks. I had to rely on it for a while and there were always problems with connectivity or transfer rates.

Enjoy your holidays! :)

torchy! said...

glad you're back again Pilgrim and i really hope you have a good time on your travels.

are you going to post an itinery before you leave, or maybe post during your travels?

and if you'd like to mail me sometime, please feel free :)

do i gather you're going to be visiting Ste in Brighton? if so, and if it's appropriate, please convey my condolences to him. thanks.

bon voyage

James said...

Wb. :)