From my older Bro

He mailed me, that he was excluded from his studies by the students council of his university(also referring to Lunario), but he insisted and went in, only to find his Prof. and a handful of students in class. "Scheisse" (O-Sound). Laters Pilgrim ...Good Morning Canada! Happy B-day Ty, live long and prosper! :-)


Tyler said...

thanks pilgrim! :D

naturgesetz said...

Is it Scheisse because somebody was there or because there were not more.

I find it interesting that Europeans seem to have the idea that a one day strike, especially a general strike, is supposed to force the authorities to capitulate to the strikers' demands. ("Oh my goodness, they're striking! We have to do what they say.")

Pilgrim said...

Joe, this seems not to be a one day thingy, but a general strike on schools, at least what I gather from my Bro and German evening news.