To Lunario

I watched the german "Mittagsmagazin", where they had some infos about your "strike". IMO it´s idiotic, since your country is the only one were one discusses tuition fees and paying for books! Here you can get a credit, if you are poor enough, depends on net-income. In university it´s the same. But germans hardly can accept EU-standards. P.S., if you had this full page comment system, I had answered you directly. Same goes for Torchy! Laters Pilgrim


torchy! said...

pilgrim: can we try to get you fixed up?
can you name 1 blog you can comment on?
and you can't comment on either lunario's or mine?
can you mail?
do you msn?
what browser do you use?
what os? windows/mac/linux?

i'm not a guru but it should be possible
à bientôt

Pilgrim said...

Torchy, I can only comment on full comment pages. Could you live w/it and you can use comment control.

naturgesetz said...

It's really quite simple.

At the end of each of Lunario's posts is a link that reads "[Nr.] Kommentare"

All you have to do is click on that., and you will get a box in which you can type your comment.

Below it are the words "Kommentar schreiben als:" with a button in which you can put your identity. Mine says "naturgesetz (Google)". Beside that is a link for "Abmelden" which I don't think I've ever clicked. Naturally, you'll want to be "Pilgrim."

Next is a line with buttons for "Kommentar erstellen" and "Vorschau" followed by a link that reads "Per E-Mail abonnieren" I like to click on the link for e-mail notification of further comments, but it's strictly optional. When it works you get a box that says "Follow-up comments will be sent to [name]@[address]" sometimes there is a glitch and you get an error message of some sort. Ignore it.

Whether or not you have clicked on the e-mail link, click the "Kommentar erstellen" button. You should then get the Wortbestätigung box, and when you've copied the letters, just click the "fertig stellen" button, and your comment gets posted.

If you get an error message from trying the e-mail link, continue with Kommentar erstellen. You'll get another error message inviting you to try again. Hit the e-mail link again, if you're using it, and this time it will work, then the Kommentar erstellen, and it will work properly as well.

It's really not difficult, if you just keep going if you get an error message.

Good luck.

naturgesetz said...

Or is there something about the system in France that prevents you from doing that?

naturgesetz said...

Does the comment box appear when you click the "[Nr.] Kommentare" link at the bottom of the post?

If so, where do you get stopped?

Pilgrim said...

Joe, I get stopped as soon I enter comment or preview.

naturgesetz said...

Does it give you an error message?

Pilgrim said...

No, it doesn´t even react.

naturgesetz said...

That's baffling.

Lunario said...

Sorry, I just saw your post.

I changed the comments window into a Pop-up window. Could you try again whether it works now?
If not, that's weird... do you have JavaSprict turned on? If yes, I don't see any other reason why it could not work.

By the way, does anybody know how to change the link text? For then I could make them English (that would prolly ease it for non-German people).

naturgesetz said...

@lunario — I checked the settings section on my blog and didn't find anything that would let me change the language of those things. It probably depends on what country's blogger you are using.

Fortunately, the buttons and links appear in the same position, so we can figure out which ones to use from where they are, even if we don't know what they say.