Gone with the wind

I love this phrase "Tomorrow is another day"! ...Maybe I should install a Twitter account.*lol*


Anonymous said...

just came over to say hi!
btw... the phrase is indeed awesome...
thats what keeps me hoping for better days =D


Cole said...

hey. i think you should read my message on my blog. im going around to everyone he plugged to. if you have any questions or comments my emails natkingcole93@aol.com

naturgesetz said...

I sometimes like to vary it.

Tomorrow may be another day.

Hopefully, tomorrow is another day.

They say tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow has every chance of being another day.

or after midnight — Tomorrow is another day, sorta.

very late — I've got to go to bed so tomorrow will be another day.


Jonathan said...

Probably one of my favourite life quotes, haha.

gomad.ch said...

Shakespeare might had disagreed:
What is love? 'tis not hereafter;
Present mirth hath present laughter;
What's to come is still unsure:
In delay there lies no plenty;
Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty,
Youth's a stuff will not endure.

Benji said...

i'll follow you !!!! i have one too xD

Benji said...

I didn't told YOU to look the picture, but everyone on my blog don't worry :P
And i'm at right on the picture ^^
And i wanna see you in paris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey pilgrim! (dat sounds really odd to me!) anyways, sorry, im useless at replying to comments, infact i never really do, when people wanna talk to me they usually msn me! Anywyas d/w! Em sorry, but no, i wont be going to paris as much as i would love to, its my favourite city ever!

Plus, i see to sides to that saying:
1) yay, there always tommorow
2)jesus, you fucked up today, and your never gonna get it back!

haha, thats two ways i think of it! :D

thanx for all the comments you give and I'll try to send some back! :)


Seth said...

A twitter account would probably be good for you since you are a very active (frequent) poster.