Time to sort it out

The two days of absence here gave me a chance to do, what has been on my mind already for some time. I´m not sure, if the time is right or not, but I´ve come to conclusions on Sam. So I wrote him a letter(yes,w/ink on paper!) I only didn´t send it until now. In bref, I´m thru w/him. The reasons are obvious for you, my steady readers. It was a hard struggle to make this decision. He won´t be a part of my life anymore. Please, don´t come down too hard on my decision in your comments. Good nite, Pilgrim


James said...

I guess if you feel like the relationship was destructive for you then ending it is the only option there is. As much as that might hurt both of you, it's the right thing to do if his interacting with you is causing harm.

MartininBroda said...

Pilgrim, frankly said I guess you are sometimes a difficult person (you are of course a lot more than that), but I have no desire to hurt you, just the opposite, you are responsible for your own decisions, but we have to make decisions (btw. I’m not good at this), honestly I don’t know what to say, I only want assure you my company and sympathy, whatever that may be good for. Good night.

naturgesetz said...

You have a perfect right to end the relationship if you conclude it is doing you no good. You have a duty to end it if you conclude that it is hurting him. Assuming in each case that you do not reasonably expect things to change soon.

It seems that his behavior distressed you, and it seems that possibly he felt too free to drink in your company. So I think you have decided wisely. It seems that it is best for both of you if you stop seeing him.

Still, I appreciate that you love him and enjoyed his presence. You were looking forward to continuing with him after his rehab. So I understand why this was a difficult decision for you to make — a decision you wish you did not feel you had to make — a decision which required strength for you to make. So kudos to you on being able to make it.

torchy! said...

i completely agree with NG, Pilgrim. maybe if he comes out of rehab a changed man you may reconsider in months or years to come, but there are no guarantees in life.


Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

Brother I'm sorry you had to make the decision, it's never an easy thing. Perhaps this will help him in some way to realize that getting healthy is for the best. Perhaps in the future he will become a healthy person that you can be around without issues. Either way it is good that you are being able to move on with your life and be healthy and happy. I wish for you joy.

torchy! said...

Pilgrim - you should be able to leave comments on the inmemoryofrazz blog now. please let me know if you have any problem with it.


gomad.ch said...

I do not think it is for us to judge your decision. I am certain you pondered on it thoroughly. To abandon a friendship is not an easy task. But I think by writing a letter you chose a respectable way of doing so.