A little Aufklaerung

Well,most of my readers know Val, an almost 16yrs. old lover of mine, Rafiq is new to you,17 and like Torchy´s CB2, only a bit staighter I think, and my Gf., whose name might be a mystery forever, but she is a french actoress and model, and I won´t make her public!I might add my older Bro., but that´s our troup to Ireland, in England I will be alone in Brighton(Thx,Torchy!), maybe my Gf, will accompany me. the rest will stay in Londres, so Torchy and Baz, get over there to see some beautiful people! :-) Tadah Pilgrim


gomad.ch said...

Many thanks for getting us up to date. I was about to ask.

Baz said...

Over where?
Ireland, London, or Brighton.

torchy! said...

it might even be possible for me to come to london to meet you, depending on when it is and my other commitments.

however before that would happen, i would like to have an online chat with you, ie not via blog comments!