A.J. is leaving

F.y.i., AJ from " Coming out (on the internet announces on his blog, that most recent troubs make him shutting it down So, go over to him and give him a last hooray!


naturgesetz said...

Thanks for the "heads up."

It's a shame that somebody threatened him and sent nasty e-mails. There's no excuse for that sort of thing.

But I'm glad I got the chance to give him a good-bye cyberhug, thanks to you.

Tom said...

THanks for letting us know Pilgrim.
It's a hard enough jobgrowing up, never mind doing it in the public eye. Those people who have made him leave know who they are I hope they feel guity. No one shoule b=feel like they have to go.
Neway on a lighter note, thanks for the link mate and becoming my 7th follower. I have already had a couple of people click from your blog. Doubtt they found it funny though. LOL