Passed out

Indeedy, I passed out somewhere between 5 and 7pm, probably due to drinkinng too few water. Fab called our doc, and when he arrived I was already back again, but my blood pressure was like 50 to 90. Not exactly high though. ...Big thx to Lunario, whom I now can comment w/out a new post. (Torchy, take him as an example!)...@Joe, not even age like Val would be to young, there is other reasons in the field.I don´t need a placeholder for Sam, what Val possibly consiered not only as an option....I feel so caught in a trap. Tadah Pilgrim ...p.s. I´m still way groggy, but feeling better. Only the contest in Cergy-Pontoise is a dream or a vid now. :-(


naturgesetz said...

Take care of yourself.

Beer is an excellent source of water.

Meat is good, too.

Same for fresh fruits.

torchy! said...

hope you feel better soon Pilgrim. take a look at my comment form now :)


Seth said...

there are better sources of water than beer!!
you need to take care, health-wise.

naturgesetz said...

@ Seth — Well, coffee is good. Over the course of a day one can probably get as much water from it as from beer, but it's probably not a good idea to quaff 0,5l of coffee in the amount of time one would normally spend on a half liter of beer. This time of year iced tea is good too. But unless you load them up with sugar, coffee and tea provide less energy (calories) than beer.

My grandfather enjoyed woodworking as a hobby, and we have a wooden plate/round tray which he made with the legend around the circumference, "Drink wine, let the water go to the mill." So wine is another possibility, but its higher alcohol content makes it slightly less valuable for simple hydration.

And of course when I mentioned fresh fruit, I should also have mentioned vegetables for their high water content.

Anonymous said...

Take care man!

MartininBroda said...

Have a good recovery.

MartininBroda said...

Btw. I’ve fulfilled my promise because of Rilke, for whatever it may be good for.