Delayed and powered

Well, my training was delayed due to the exams of our final again L´Ecole Militaire. We will fight them next week, when all finals are done. Meanwhile I can bring my tuxedo to cleaning.(phew)! Thx to all, who congratulated me for the occasion. I could get used to it.*lol* You guys make me feel boosting towards my doctorates, which will not take place for another two yrs. Hope, those of you my age, can succeed as well, even if not baptised w/an Iq like mine. No questions on my Iq now!... Sam sent me a rehab-approved snailmail to excuse for what he did to me, as if he had. The card read more like dictated. He isn´t allowed to call me, no celly, no laptop. Is detox really this hard?(Question to Sasha) ...saw a cute boy on the training ground, well built, tall, slim, black hair, but unfortunately just 14 or 15, a bit too young, even you might disagree. :-p ,,,@Baz, no need for stress, I can live w/it, but you can explain me, how I can put paragraphs w/out numbers in my posts, it´s urgent since I only have like two days left! Laters Pilgrim...Benji, please give me a note of life! :-)


Baz said...

1st, Contgrats on your results.

2nd, don't recall mentioning stress anywhere - remind me!

3rd, don't really understand what you say about paragraphs without numbers. Why only 2 days left?


Rapha said...

can I help you?

if you use Blogger in English:
-on Blogger main page (dashboard), click on 'settings'
-click on 'formatting'
-on the options below, look for 'convert line breaks' and choose 'yes'
-click on 'save settings' by the end of the page

if you use it in French:
- click on 'parametres'
- click on 'mise en forme'
- on 'Convertir les sauts de ligne', choose 'oui'
- click on 'enregistrer les parametres'


now, when ur posting, use 'enter' once to a new paragraph, or twice to a new paragraph with an empty line before it! =D

no more numbers bothering you!


Micky said...


Tuxedo? Wow, formality.

I like (and make) curries too!

Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

I wish to add my congratulations to the list of others first. As to the question, yes from what I understand it really is. They essentially are re-training you to think differently. Though I honestly think some of the techniques could be considered brainwashing. I personally didn't do this type of rehab, because I would have wound up telling them to shove it and walked out. I'm the sort of guy that if I'm told I can't or shouldn't do something. Well it's going to be the first thing I go do. Too rebellious and all that. Glad he's getting help, though it's up to him to apply the lessons for himself. It's not easy but it can be done.