100th Post

Well, yeah! As time goes by, i´ve reached this mark, but I won´t do some hundred-things-about-me-thingy. ...I was in mass today, on behalf of Corpus Christi, then back to the shop., we hadn´t closed today at least we opened from 11am thru 3pm CET. And as luck wanted, I escaped Val today, only to find my celly bombed w/sms from him. I carefully read and deleted them after.(Be warned, Benji!) I simply wanted my day not let get spoiled by any brat. Roomie made dinner, chinese beef au végetables. ...And now, as an excuse for a really random post, I´ll give you a pic. Heck, I somehow can´t put pics under my txt! Any ideas? Laters Pilgrim...p.s.can you guess, who the guy in b/w is?...the champain is for you guys, cheers! :-)...p.p.s.s. do I have to carry you over here to comment?


Baz said...

Congrats on ur 100th post.

What do you want it to look like tho' - something like i've just posted on my techy blog? Go have a look, and let me know.

Luv, Baz

Baz said...

What's Bauanleitung? mean?

Yeah, I could transfer it to your blog, but only if you made me an author of your blog.

Basically, upload the images first - they all go to the top anyway. Enter text. Click on an image, and drag it down to where you want it to be. Play around with it til you get it looking right.

Alternatively, create the post offline in a mail client like oulook, using file attachments. Have a look at my first post on technoblog, and "mail" to blogger


Pilgrim said...

If you want, I promote you to my co-author. :-)

Baz said...

It's a nice thought, but you don't know what other crap / shit / garbage I might post!

Srsly, just try and play around with what i've suggested. u'll get the hang of it.

Luv, Baz

Anonymous said...

100th post...hurray!

I have no idea who the person in the picture is...

Tyler said...

*pops cork off champagne*

yay! great job making it to 100!

and you can move the picture by going to the "edit html" tag, then copy and pasting the picture code and pasting it wherever you want it-- you could try dragging it; but i find that a lot more difficult

gomad.ch said...

Congrats for the first 100. What is the next goal?

Is this your roomie?

MartininBroda said...

Originally I wanted make my congrats yesterday, but I fall asleep at the desk, that’s not an allusion to a boring post, it’s literally true. I’ve decided than (2 hours later) better going to bed. So my congratulations now, it was always interesting and mostly entertaining.

Benji said...

Fabrice Guyont ??? xD it's written on the link of the picture :P
I haven't understand the part of the post you want me to read. And pédé is an insult. Well it became one, actually. Gay is better to say gay. Exept if you want to say it as an insult. Anyway, i haven't understand. Can you explain it to me ??? And also, why did you said "give the boot to this josh" ??? why are you mad at him ???

torchy! said...

congrats on your centenaire, Pilgrim

(is that actually a French word? lol)


Pilgrim said...

Thx Torchy! but please leave Benji alone!

torchy! said...

leave Benji alone?