What´s up w/Rapha?

I can´´t myself, but his currently last post had no commenting possibility)and this time it´s not my freaky system!) but also a good bye, that sounded like getting awol. :-( Please, hang in here, Rapha, my sweetie! Laters Pilgrim ...p.s., any infos?


Baz said...

Sorry Pilgrim, don't know why Rapha has done this. His last post certainly seems like a "goodbye".

It is possible to disable comments on new posts, still leaving commenting available on previous posts. Blogger does allow this, but it has to be a conscious choice.

I've just tested it on my techy blog, and left a test post that you can't comment on.

Sadly, it looks like Rapha is leaving us.

naturgesetz said...

I hadn't noted the goodbye in that latest post until you pointed it out.

This is a shock since he had said something in the previous one about feeling encouraged to continue by all the international readership and love.

If he is truly finished with the blog, one can only hope that he feels secure enough now in real life that the blog has served its purpose.

God bless you Rapha.

Rapha said...

Baz, Natugersetz and sweet Pilgrim:

Thank you all for caring! Your care was by far the biggest reason which made me think for such a long time before making the decision. I'm not happy either.

There's not much to say now. I'm shutting the blog, but I'll still be here, reading and commenting.

Thanks again, my friends, for being so lovely. =)


torchy! said...

hey Pilgrim, i was just as concerned about Rapha's last post as you. i didn't want to leave a comment here speculating though, until i'd made contact with Rapha, which i have now done.

i have another concern now (as does Rapha), and that is that you seem to have gone awol now.

hope everything is ok with you Pilgrim. post soon.

à bientôt

Baz said...

Hi Pilgrim,
Thanks for your comment on my techy blog. Glad to see you back.

I think there's some bloggers out there who were concerned that you'd gone AWOL!

I'll be back! with a vengeance. Feeling really good right now, back within a couple of weeks. Hope you're going to blog even sooner.

Lotsa Luv, Baz