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Al Ayrajat

A jordan series about the israeli terror assault on the palestine city of Jenin from 2002. You can find excerpts of it on youtoube. Recommended and Emmy awarded!

Weird day

So, last morning I got to the Instute, did my expeted research on our brain, we named it Émile, after asong from Jaques Bél, a compatriote, who lived in Paris like me. Lunch, more studies, then off to training. So far so good! When I returned home, there was a huge bouquet of fleur de Lys of the expensive kind in front of our appartments door. I looked for a dedication card for Fabrice, and found one for me! It´s been from Val. Now, how gay is that, sending flowers to another boy?! I would like to put up a new poll on this subject. That´s all for now. And please, some more comments as on my last post, it´s not that difficult! Laters Pilgrim


Fab´s. b-day

I took a day off for his birthday, we had another brunch of  the better kind.  We had some clams and cheese, baguette uux ailes etc. Then we did a little comp. which he won(I couldn´t let him loose)! ;-) For dinner we wemt w/my Gf and a girl he likes to Hélene Darrroze, my fave cook and restaurant ealier this eve,., it was a great day for him(as he said). Tadah Pilgrim


Nice day

It was a bright day, and we, Fab., my Gf. and me had an outdoor brunch. Then Fab. and I went a bit rolling, trying some new tricks or altered older ones. I mean, one has to be good because the SlammJamm will be a first qualifier for next years WRC in Tehachapi, Ca. and it´s the last big european contest this year. What comes later is all in skatehalls, where events are necessarily smaller, but you should see the afterparties!:-D                            So long for now, we let the day end watching Lord of the Rings, some chips and redwine. Tadah Pilgrim                      


Winners and an apology

Yep, so we´ve beaten St. Etienne 23 to 17. I had five goals. For me it was the first match of the season for me, after all. We had a little party in our locker room, baguette sandwiches and beer.
This brings me to the apology for the awful typos in my last post. Never have 3 Long Island Ice Teas at happy hour, if you didn´t eat s/thing before.:-) Thus this morning I wondered that I actually received two comments on that crap!Thx!
Well, Torchy tagged me for this game Tyler brought up, but I consider not to take part in it. Sorry peepz, no private info about me in such a condensed form, let alone that I still don´t know how to put txt over a pic or between pics. Laters Pilgrim


Rugby et Val

Val watched my training this afternoon, thuogh I didn´t see him. I was plyaxing rugby! When we finished he waited at the door. We went for a drink and then wen home, So easy, Merchrche! :Es nada de todo a fare!....and for my peepz, we can mae it, being gay, bi like me or whatever,Short one for you, I gotta skate...p.p.ps., Jamsey, if you read me, you might grt me! If noz, oct.16-17 is Rampworx contest at Liverpool! Won´t you come over, m< sweetie? Tadah Pilgrim

A last training

We have a last training for the game tomorrow. A hard gun. We play St. Etienne, who were last years champion. Uummpf!!! Elsehow I had a job to help to develop pics of our brain from last week, but in slices. So, next time, you have pineapple slices, think of me! :-D Bbl. Pilgrim...Anon. from Yugoslavia, thx1 I do not have a MSN nor Skype! Doswidanje!


Don´t congratulate too early

Thx to all who congtratulated me on my lover, but hey! Read, what I had to say about Val before. I´m still thinking about his sort´a proposal. ...Then, there is an interesting discussion on Jason Carwin´s blog, go, read it too. ...I have not much to say tonite, I am tired from a day of work at the institute, and in the skateshop. Laters Pilgrim

A late post - for me

I latelely read so many angry or sad post in our community, that I start to ask me, what the heck is going on. Blake in sheer rage, Torchy disappointed, Rapha gone. What else must happen to make us all, be we bi, gay or whatever, happy or at least calm on current situations, Of cours, I named only a few, but it´s more widespread as I thought. Level down, you w/the minor probs, keep cool you w/the harder probs! I presume you all deserve better, but one can´t have all, we know that, but what does it help? And if anyone who follows me and really reads my blog, may find out, where this rather erratic quote comes from! :-) ...on a much brighter note, I met Val after training, and we went over to him, which seemed quite a drag to me, again half across the city, from 17th Arr. to 8th, then home to 5th. But it was worth it. Now I have officially a lover! Wooah! Tadah Pilgrim...p.s., more tomorrow.


So much help & offers, thx!

It´s true, on behalf of this I want to thank Torchy, Baz and Wkboy! So, I will pm you, Baz a.s.a.p., Wkboy, Hotel was already booked yesterday, sorry, and last but not least Torchy, thx for the map, if you know how to enlarge it to print, I´d be grateful to know. Well, that´s it atm., gotta go to rugby training like every tuesday. Bbl. Pilgrim... oops, thx to Seth for the encouragement. :-)


Slammjamm XI 2009

That´s the name of the first big contest after my injury. It takes place at Rampworx skatepark in Liverpool, Oct. 16/17th. Can you give me some input about the city, because I usually stay a day or so longer to do a bit of sightseeing and as far as I know, there will be nobody from the Posse, exept my Bro., who in this case is only few help. And I need to know how far is it from John-Lennon-Airport to Aintree, wher my hotel is?! Thx in advance. Laters Pilgrim

An advice to Torchy and our part of the Blogosphere

Regarding the comment Torchy left me on "Eid al Fitr"(the only one), I have to admit, that I once read the qur´an for the purpose to gain arguments in religious disscussions. Since, there are peepz who regard me as a muslim. I´m far from it, but explaining a muslim where he goes wrong in his sight of Islam is always fun. :-) ...Torchy, you please never go w/your co-worker to the friday prayers, because there are some rather simple phrases and - bang - you are a muslim. It´s so simple and has nothing so prestigious as a baptism of even adults. On the other hand, if one cares a bit and avoids to go into a mosque, one is safe. But never ignore the others faith as it will only stir interreligious relations. Bbl. Pilgrim...P.S., this doesn´t mean to have muslim friends!


Eid al fitr - Ramadan´s end

On this occasion I have an invitation to this islamic feast for lunch and dinner. Ok, lunch is done, dinner at 8pm CET by Rafiq´s family. It´s the first day after Ramadan, when you can eat again in plain daylight and do what you want to do, smoking publicly again, sex, candy bars, and what not. One of Islam´s highest feasts, like our Christmas. Children get presents from family 3 days in a row. But due to our western culture the big day is mostly Eid al Fitr., since kids have to go to school, parents to work or occupation. And I feel really honored to be invited as a christian. :-) Tadah Pilgrim...tell me your experiences w/moslems since 9.11., will you?!


On frequent request, me skating 2008

Hope to fill your need w/this nightly shoot from a promo of BE-MAG in 2008 and deffo bye till tomorow!

Only winners are popular

As I txted the other day, today was a local streetcontest in various places. Like run the city!*lol* In 4 of 6 places Iwon and therefore became a total winner w/95.3 against Stephane Alfano! YAY! ...I want to thank you all for your comments on my last post, probs. never had so many comments. That doesn´t mean you shouldn´t comment anymore,:-) of course! ...and many thx to my new fan Merche for her(to me) absolute adoration. I´m just a normal human guy! My knowledge comes mostly from my Dad. ...To my german readers, do you like this saxonian language? I find it just bleah! My reason for this? One of the participants was from Dresden and though I can understand german, I couldn´t understand him. ...Well, I´m off to a last bbq. and the afterparty! Tadah Pilgrim


Ewww, real human brain

Today we had to dismember a human brain from a head we got from La Salpétriere for reseach on Alzheimers. It was awful to hear a saw cutting off the headplate to open. I mean it was my first encouter w/a body part, that might play a key role in my future scientific life. Anyway, I didn´t vomit, another girl(whoelse) fainted briefly, but asked for what had been up w/this brain of approximately 80 yrs. old, I remembered what I was told on brain plaques. And this was a severe case. Turned out, it was an unannounced first test and I got like 98%. Looks, I can make my settings in time that way. :-) ...on a lighter note; thx you all who commented on my last post. Be sure, I´ll take care! Tadah Pilgrim

Short update

The doc declared my leg offically as sound and in good shape. So no more driving across the city for physio, rugby training next week will be to the full extent and on Saturday I do a local street contest, where I will wear an elastic manchette for safety reasons. Tadah Pilgrim


The result of my little quiz

So, thx to Liam for nada! Anon was wrong, so was Jamsey. John was closest in this, mentioning either Bob or Dave. In fact Dave is it! And this is a pic I found in the net about Dave these days. I know they big in the nineties in Europe, I even attended a concert of them, sponsored and accomagnied by Dad. Shortly after they broke up, Today all I know is Dave was on Canadian Idol, but didn´t make it. Bob and Clint are still musicians, had some singles released in 2005 or so, Scott is a producer s/where in Asia. And I´m off to the doc now, last review of my injury. Yay! Laters Pilgrim...P.S. Dave has NO sock in his undies!


A little quiz

Who of the four is gay? :-)


Finally Gaggle has done s/thing good and changed the comment schemes on the blogs I wasn´t able to comment. Ain´t it great?!...Baz, thx but now your help is not needed anymore. Tadah Pilgrim


Can you serve?

On sunday I was at church, not unusual, but we had a substite priest celebrating mass. As it turned out, he is a Jesuite. So after mass I approached him and asked right away, how I could become a laicist brother SJ. He told me to come over today and talked w/me for like two hrs. this eve. And as it turned out, it´s easier as I or you supposed. I must finish my studies, then I can do evening courses to learn what it means to me to serve Him, to do my work in His name, to devote my life towards Him. ...on another term, I still have physio, so please don´t clap too early. Laters Pilgrim...please comment, esp. John.


I´m fortunate

The day was rather eventless exept that I rollerbladed the first time after ripping that muscle. Later I met w/Sam, and we had some coffee and I told him my decision, to be friends w/him, but nada else. It was an informal date, no big deal, just giving him the answers he seeked by his questions. ...Val mailed me he wants to see me, but I´m still somewhat hesitant. That´s it for now. Tadah Pilgrim...p.s-, just watching "The Enron Story".


9 - 11- 2001

We remember!

9 -11- 2001

I was an 11yrs. old freshman at boarding school. When we were informed what had happened, I shrugged my shoulders. It was not until a couple of yrs. later when I watched a french documentary that the authors made accidentally, while in Manhattan, and showed the full disaster, horror and heroism that was displayed by firefighters, police officers, Red Cross, Red Star of David and even Red Halfmoon units! It made me weep. And to those creeps who see a smoking gun everywhere behind WTC 7 are just nutcases! Laters Pilgrim


Rugby training started

Today was the first training. I was only a bystander coming right from physio. The coach has put up a new training schedule, so Val was not there watching me. I couldn´t help it, I missed him there. Later I smsed him our new times and he txted me back that he missed me since we parted in London. On the other hand the new times suck because I used to play cards on tuesdays, which is from now on impossible. Physio was cool w/the electric stimulation of my leg muscles. A great surplus, it reduces my nightly cramps. ...A correction of my last post; I meant of course a 9 to 5 job. :-) ...In terms of Sam, no decision yet, there is too much to consider. I keep you updated. ...it´s late now and I should already be in bed. Laters Pilgrim...and please comment.


What my Doctor means and my new courses

My doc means I´m too sensible for the massages, and I told him, wtf., I´m not sick! After all he gave me recipe for electric massages, even it was already more convenient already the first time. Now my leg seels well again! ...John, I gotta think about your most good questions. Sorry for another short post, but the Sam-thing is to be well overthought ²all... Wkboy, your comments are always welcome, and always welcome! :-) ...My new schedule looks like a 5to9 job, I have 2hrs. per week on mondays as conference class, to talk about my practice. That´s all! Laters Pilgrim


Date and a good laugh

Sam asked me out last evening, and we went to my café de choix, Les Deux Magots fot a lengthy talk, if I would take him back after all. He is clean and sober now and started his juristic studies now. It seemed, as if he was all of the guy I met some years ago. That makes it a bit difficult for me to decide. ...On a different note, I couldn´t sleep last nite because these dry massages(minds off the gutter!) on my leg always give me cramps like hell. I took magnesia pills but they worked only little better as bananas, as you paramedics told me. ...Then, before I fall asleep, I want you to thank David for his hilarious two posts. I coukdn´t hold me laughing! :-D Laters Pilgrim...and please comment, or do I have to carry you to comment!? :-)


132 € is enough per month!

This one is a german prob. It seems, that especially in Berlin they every now and then come up w/new ideas how to cut down the cost for jobless peepz. So, a german tabloid refers to some professor, who apparently said that the amount noted in the header is sufficient(Source:ArteTVlive/Bild) .I can´t help it, though I don´t have to live by the so called Hartz IV, which is officially 359€ per month. In my view it is not even near a minimum wage, even if the state pays the rent and health insurance. But this is Germany. In France there is a similar thing going, but not comparatible. As for the rest of EU or rest of the world I don´t know. And for you, living in Berlin, tonite there is a public? firework of the Pyronale, the european champioships of fireworkers. Have you all a nice We. ...Martin, thx for the comment...and David deleted his Blog Game post after being 11 comments behind Mboy!

You scare me

On the one hand no one commented on my last post, on the other I get 3 new followers. Or were you all busy to look at the race for comments between David and Mboy?*lol* ...However, if you comment, do it first on the last post, before you comment here. Please comment! :-) Laters Pilgrim...p.s., last standing Mboy 31 - David 20


Fail and first physio here

I slept in like 10am CET, when Rafiq rang on my celly to wake me up and remind me that it is friday. I was convinced it were saturday. So I sort of speed showered while having my morning coffee and darted towards PMU. The office closes at noon for the weekend and I needed my confirmation on my courses. Phew. ten minutes before they shut down I entered and got my papers. Later this afternoon I had my first appointment in the new physiotherapy and they explained to me very detailed, what they intend to do for my leg, at least nothing that will kill me immediately. Tadah Pilgrim


My Wish

...that David would aquire a a windoows comment scheme at least, same for James, Jason and Tyler(Forsaken03). But we can´t have always what we want! We know it, but we can´t do nothing about it.Translation Christa Wolf, german( to english).I find it disappointing. that I have to log in each time I enter me blog since recent.I can live with it, though it´s annoying. In the end we are one family, one blogosphere! Laters Pilgrim...please comment! :-)

Misunderstandings afoot

I found the sardonic tip of Martin where to look for more pejoratifs towards german, thx! :-p ...Lunario related my refal to speak german to the Great Famine and the englsh speaking Irish, epnymous fail! :-p ...Sammi has not the background on me to judge my decision. ...To make this clear; it was no decision, but the mere absence of possibilities to speak german. So I talk arabic to many of my friends, french is my native language, english first foreign language, spanish second, german third. And now I´d like to know who of you with mutilingual upbringing speaks permanently in a third language he/she harly knows correctly to spell a word in?! Think about it, before you hopefully answer me. ...My negative view on Germany is not just rooted in the two 4yrs. uninvited visits by the germans, but also by some things that happened especially during WW II to my paternal family. But I won´t go in to details. Be sure, it didn´t improve my image of germans when I learned those things. Laters Pilgrim


Not another war

Today is the 70th anniversary of the german assault on Poland. I can´t say which war was more cruel, since Belgium was visited by the Boches twice in the last century for each time 4yrs. So, we have no good meaning of germans still, my Dad even wasn´t allowed to speak german in Kindergarden until my Grandma moved back to Germany and he eventually learned the language, which I still refuse to speak though I can understand it and even speak(with a hard accent). Laters Pilgrim...sorry for the weird post last nite.