Rugby et Val

Val watched my training this afternoon, thuogh I didn´t see him. I was plyaxing rugby! When we finished he waited at the door. We went for a drink and then wen home, So easy, Merchrche! :Es nada de todo a fare!....and for my peepz, we can mae it, being gay, bi like me or whatever,Short one for you, I gotta skate...p.p.ps., Jamsey, if you read me, you might grt me! If noz, oct.16-17 is Rampworx contest at Liverpool! Won´t you come over, m< sweetie? Tadah Pilgrim


Dr Mandragora said...

I am very glad that you are back in shape, Pilgrim, and running after the buff boys in rugby shorts again.

Umm, and just a question, you aren't still taking pain medication by any chance, are you?

Mr. Urs said...

Is this a good preparation for the big game? Your body & mind have to be focused.