Misunderstandings afoot

I found the sardonic tip of Martin where to look for more pejoratifs towards german, thx! :-p ...Lunario related my refal to speak german to the Great Famine and the englsh speaking Irish, epnymous fail! :-p ...Sammi has not the background on me to judge my decision. ...To make this clear; it was no decision, but the mere absence of possibilities to speak german. So I talk arabic to many of my friends, french is my native language, english first foreign language, spanish second, german third. And now I´d like to know who of you with mutilingual upbringing speaks permanently in a third language he/she harly knows correctly to spell a word in?! Think about it, before you hopefully answer me. ...My negative view on Germany is not just rooted in the two 4yrs. uninvited visits by the germans, but also by some things that happened especially during WW II to my paternal family. But I won´t go in to details. Be sure, it didn´t improve my image of germans when I learned those things. Laters Pilgrim


Dr Mandragora said...

Without knowing more detail, and at the risk of putting my foot in my mouth, it is difficult to judge another people by the actions of their soldiers during war.

It is safe to say, battle, death, killing other beings, bring out the worst in mankind. Of course, this does not excuse horrendous behavior, but is also suggests that their actions are not typical. What country's soldiers have NOT committed crimes in wartime?

However, I do not judge others , and you are within your rights to feel anyway you wish.

MartininBroda said...

First I don’t wanted to comment, but anyway on this important day. As I indicated my mother became an orphan after the Russians captured Danzig, her father was not even in the “Wehrmacht” because of health issues. OK, her family was guilty, they were Germans, although they couldn’t vote for Hitler (in 1933 Danzig wasn’t a part of the “Reich”), actually they were against him (only this part of my family, other not). But I won´t go into details too. And to tell a weird story, one of my very few really good friends is a Russian Jew and he knows similar stories. I guess I should tell this. Good night.

Mr. Urs said...

Although it was Napoleon who turned my ancestors from Swiss subjects to Swiss citizens, I've shown little gratitude and have never learned French properly. There are languages that work for one and others that just never do. Talking about French, didn't you once promise to post selected poems by Rimbaud?