Eid al fitr - Ramadan´s end

On this occasion I have an invitation to this islamic feast for lunch and dinner. Ok, lunch is done, dinner at 8pm CET by Rafiq´s family. It´s the first day after Ramadan, when you can eat again in plain daylight and do what you want to do, smoking publicly again, sex, candy bars, and what not. One of Islam´s highest feasts, like our Christmas. Children get presents from family 3 days in a row. But due to our western culture the big day is mostly Eid al Fitr., since kids have to go to school, parents to work or occupation. And I feel really honored to be invited as a christian. :-) Tadah Pilgrim...tell me your experiences w/moslems since 9.11., will you?!


torchy! said...

for the first time ever, i'm sitting next to and working with a muslim guy.

he's very devout and has been telling me about his experiences of ramadan.

it's interesting, and he's a really nice guy. every now and then he suggests that i go to friday prayers with him.


naturgesetz said...

Shortly after 9/11 an interfaith group had a couple of get-togethers with the imam and several members of a nearby mosque. It was all courteous enough and the participants got a bit of understanding of Islam, but there were no long-lasting contacts.